Feb 02, 2019

I think my neighbour is a witch


My name a ruby hardy I am ten years old and this is a story of my life I have one sister and one brother called nakarla and Ethan I live with my mum and dad I have one rabbit called Lacey one dog called Bonnie one yabboe called blue three harmait crabs called shy ceakey and buddy and a cat called milly that’s a lot of pets this year I am doing a fishing comparison with my dad I have all the money I am paying my self my dad owns Hardy’s garage here where I live my life s grate I go to school and I am in year five with my best friends who I have had since I was little called daisy and Ella our teacher name is miss robbinson

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  • You certainly have a lot of pets. Please let your readers know how the fishing goes. Do not forget to include full stops and commas so your readers can take breath when they read your stories. Well done 👍


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