Feb 02, 2019

Little writer part 2


Hello everyone I know you want to start the story but I know I was not making stories in a long time. Now I can only go on my iPad on Saturday and Sunday.

Little writer AKA kalob the koala 🐨 he was bored he had nothing to do but one day a girl named Kaly was writing a story on his app and everyone loved her story’s so she made a app. Kalob saw the app and got mad 😡. Who would do this yells Kalob with anger. He looks at the app and he liked it a light bit. Kalob had to do something so he knocked at her door and said hey you better watch out you stole my life of stories. Well yea you should be happy you inspired me yells Kaly. They got mad and said we should fight said Kalob but Kaly yelled that is not right we should talk it out. So they talked it out and and combined there apps and made a better one the end. Moral do not fight talk it out

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