May 12, 2019

The most amazing Grandma and friend


My grandmother's name is Elzbieta, she is a nice and cheerful person. She has short, white hair and blue eyes. Despite her age, she looks very good and always nice.

I like to come to my grandmother Elzbieta, although it is far away because it is in Europe then I can spend time with her. Whenever I come to her, I try to help her with her daily duties.

Grandma loves flowers and gardening. She owns a beautiful garden in which I love to relax and have fun. Together with her, we like going for walks to the forest and picking up mushrooms or blueberries, raspberries and wild strawberries. In winter we ride on a sleigh on the snow.

I love my grandma very much because she is loved and always tries to help everyone. My grandmother is a lively woman, although she finished 67 this year, I really like talking to her on personal and everyday topics. She always has some advice, she always comforts and hugs me.

And even if I need to be reprimanded, she will say it in such a way that a person will think about their actions and always grant my grandmother the right.

My grandma is the best in the world. She cares for the whole family, despite her age. My grandma's a great cook - bigos (Polish dish of sauerkraut and meat), dumplings, desserts and other different dishes can conjure up such dainties, which the whole family makes disappear. When I was little there would somewhere, by chance have sweets for grandchildren - now the youngest relatives enjoy it.

Despite her age, she is a very modern grandmother. Many of my friends say that they talk to my grandmother like a teenager. Grandma is not afraid of technical innovations. She has no problem knowing her cell phone, she can download a video or a film if she does not have the time to watch it on TV, she is even on social media! That is why we can talk with Wi-Fi, we constantly keep contact even if we can't visit each other. 

I remember when I was a little girl, I taught Grandma to do different things for eg. crafts. There was a lot of laughter and fun.

I love my grandmother very much. From my childhood, I remember that it was only good noodles with strawberry sauce. She taught me that you must not laugh at others and you have to respect people. I still remember a story whose title was "cat and monkey". We read a lot of different stories together.

I love my grandma and thank her for teaching me many different things that are useful to me now.

Once, when I become a grandmother, I would like to be a grandma like MY grandmother.

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