May 14, 2019

A wolf or other


Chapter one


It was a dark night without any clouds blocking the full moon "please can we have an hunter to investigate the old shed we are hearing claws on the door" said Radella over the phone "yes we can send someone"said the hunter hirers "the only person available is Nigel and his partner Benedict " "okay" said Radella "you can send them over". Ten minuets later the bell ringed, Radella opened the door Nigel came in and said "can you show us where we need to investigate?" "okay" said

Radella ,scared. She showed them the old shed, Nigel and Benedict turned the corner of the shed and the first thing they saw was the door scratched off its hinges and ripped clothes Nigel stared at the sky and looked all terrified, he looked at Radella and said there is a werewolf loose, Radella gasped and ran back into the mansion to tell everyone, they all listened and ran to hide.



Everyone was hiding except Nigel, he was going to search for the werewolf, he knew it was a werewolf.


 Benedict stuck with Nigel to help him search, they went back to the old shed to check, still the ripped clothes "hey Benedict where do you think the werewolf is?" "I don't know" then suddenly there was a scream "it came from inside" said Nigel "lets go!" said Benedict, so both of them went inside to check, they went to the room upstairs then on the floor they saw...Radella!!! "Oh no" said Nigel "we cant loose you but the only words came out of Radella was "t..thank you f...for helping" and she died Nigel was really sad but there was no time to waste because there was another bloodcurdling scream but this time outside"lets go to the church, its near" said Nigel, so off they went to the church they opened the doors and to their surprise there on top of the seats was Rigby and Lbis hanging off one seat, this was becoming a bit out of hand so Nigel and Benedict raced back inside the mansion.Benedict and Nigel spread out to tell the others to come to the roof. They all met at the roof and hid, they heard the door open and howls it was the werewolf, Nigel quickly got out and shot an arrow on the leg of the werewolf, the werewolf was slowed but it was coming toward Nigel, Nigel quickly dogged the attack and pointed the bow at the werewolf the werewolf backed off until it suddenly fell off the roof.

Chapter 3

the surprise

 When the werewolf fell unconscious they quickly went down and tied it up with a chain. In the morning they went back to the wolf and to their surprise the werewolf had escaped the chains and the arrow had been pulled out leaving blood trails, they realised it was really strong o they had to wait until night again. It was night this time it was way darker than last night, luckily Nigel had spare lights for everybody. Then Nigel and the others really silently opened the door and headed outside Nigel shined the light on the blood trails on the ground they all followed it and found it led back to the old shed they all looked inside and found...

Chapter 4

The missing clothes

THERE WAS NO RIPPED CLOTHES IN THE SHED!!! Seemingly the werewolf took the clothes last night so


 they waited in the church where they saw the dead bodies of Lbis and Rigby. Nigel dragged the bodies at the entrance to lure the werewolf in, Nigel put a net arrow in, ready to shoot the werewolf. Every one hid behind the speaker holder waiting for the werewolf to come in. The door opened up with the same bloodcurdling howls and snarls Nigel jumped up and shot the arrow at the werewolf. The arrow went flying straight for the chest, "perfect shot" said Nigel as the bow in mid air transformed into a net it captured the werewolf fair and square. Nigel got his bow and hit the werewolf with it, the werewolf fell unconscious Nigel and the others picked up the werewolf and carried it into a cell with a metal door, the werewolf was wearing the clothes already so Nigel closed the door.

Chapter 5

The werewolf escapes...AGAIN!!!

In the morning after his breakfast, Nigel went to check the werewolf but the first thing he saw was the door just like the old shed broken off. "Oh" said Nigel as he stared at the cellar, Nigel wanted to know how to stop it and went to the guest room (where the computer


 was)and researched how a werewolf transforms and found out if the full moon shines on the person they transform, so Nigel went to the cellar and hammered planks on the window so it was dark and made a antidote and he fixed the door . Then he waited until night. Meanwhile he looked for clues that will lead to the wolf, but he had no luck finding. There was only one thing to do...wait.

Chapter 6

The last night

It was night, Nigel went into his car and got out three weapons: a crossbow, a gold crossbow and a double arrow crossbow. "Hey everybody I need three volunteers" everyone's hand went up Nigel picked Benedict, Melvin and Oakley. "Okay you three" said Nigel "heres the plan I have already told the others the plan, the others set a trap, they will put some meat at the front door and lead and put some inside, the werewolf will come in and we will inject the antidote" "good plan Nigel" said Benedict. So off they went werewolf hunting, they stayed inside while the others set the trap, when the trap was set they went to hide while Nigel,


 Benedict and Melvin pointed their bows at the door. 5 minuets later they heard howls, and the door opened as soon as it happened all three shot their arrows the arrows hit the wolf and injected the antidote. "It will take some time" said Nigel. Everyone was cheering and everyone was happy.

Chapter 7

The reveal

In the morning Nigel did his last job... reveal the werewolf. "Gather everyone" said Nigel "lets reveal the werewolf"everyone came, when they went to the werewolf, they found out the werewolf was Rufus. They told Rufus what had happened, " I am really sorry" said Rufus upset " "its okay" said Nigel "we forgive you" "you have been cured" said Nigel "thank you" said Rufus "I owe you one" "hmm... maybe you could fix the damage you caused" replied Nigel "okay" said Rufus "I will". After the things were fixed, Nigel and Benedict waved bye and left, everyone was happy the werewolf was gone, and now they can live happily. At night no one was scared not even the full moon scared them, then suddenly "scratch scratch" then a howl followed through, "uh oh" said Melvin telling everyone "I think the werewolf is back".



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    This is my own story but I am doing this on different devices.

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    Luna Campbell

    Do u play roblox?

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    i play roblox

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