Jun 05, 2019

Mission Impossible |part 1|


Mission Impossible |part 1|

Stacy- Brunette, Pretty, Intellegent, Popular, loves to help people

Samantha-Blonde, smart, not so popular, quirky, nerdy, loves nature

Nora-Red head, smart, quirky, not so popular, nerdy, loves animals

Stacy was just recruited to do a mission. In this mission she had to rescue a girl who had been kidnapped ten days before and hasnt come home since. Agent Parker was what they called her in office. Today she was informed by her boss that she would not be doing this mission alone but with two other girls in her grade. Nora and Samantha.

When Stacy found out who they were she was devistated. Since she was the most popular girl in school she couldnt be seen around with "them"! After school Stacy headed to the station to talk with Agent Gregor, her boss. She needed to try switching partners. As she was about to start complaining Samantha and Nora walked into his office.

Hi, My name is Samantha but you can just call me Sam, says Samantha. Hi, My name is Nora but you can call me Nora, says Nora. Sam and Nora blurt out with laughter because of how Norra introduced herself. Hi girls, my name is... She gets cut off by the girls when they say: We know who you are not only are you the most popular girl in school but also thebest agent of our year!

Yea, says Stacy...As i was saying My name is Stacy but please call me Agent Parker when we are on missions. We don't need our enamies knowing our names or else they could track us down. So what are your field names, Ask Stacy. Sam answers with: Well we are still new and don't exactly have field names yet. Girls do you think I can talk with Agent Gregor alone? They answer with a yes and leave the room

So You want me to work with THEM... You know i can do much better on my own, Shouts Stacy. And if anyone why "them" This is so unfair! look, says Agent Gregor I thaught you might need some help on this mission and these girls aren't as clutsy as they look when they are out there with you, you will see that i was right to pare you up with them.

Thank you for reading my new series! be sure to stay tunned for the next stories that will be coming up!

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    Jun 05, 2019 05:52 PM

    Shayna Bhattacharjee#awsomeandbestwriter❤️💎

    OMG this was awesome sooooo good thanks so much! awesome writing ! i so loved it ! i mean , i am so happy that u did this cuz this was awesome ! i mean, i love spies and u know, girl groups where the popular is actually good ! i mean in most movies and stories the popular girl is snobby and obnoxious but this one was actually good! thanks for taking my request! so sorry for not publishing the second part of urs but i promise it will be out by Friday max ! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! =D <3

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  • Author
    Jun 06, 2019 07:02 AM

    Jessica Bezuidenhout

    No problem! I'm glad you liked it! And its ok take your time! it can be a while till creativity flows!

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