Jun 13, 2019

The Dance Tryouts


Clara and Bella always were best friends.They did everything together.They went to the same school and dance class.Mrs.Clark ,the dance teacher announced that they would be doing a dance routine.There would be 1 solo .She said all girls interested in dancing the solo could stay after class for tryouts.the tryouts were Thursday June 13th.

When Clara went to Bella's house after dance she said she would go to the tryouts.Then Bella said if Clara was going , she would be going.

The next day,Mrs.Clark saw the entire dance group at the tryouts.She said it would be hard to pick ,because everybody danced so well.

All of them had to dance to a ballet music.There was a girl named Summer Gidre.She danced so beautifully at the beginning as if she was America's number one dancer.But when the music came to the end ,she was doing a twirl on 1 foot and slipped.She was very sad to have blown her dance,but did not show it.

Finally it was Bella turn.she danced and then fell down while doing a plie.She got her score 8.5 and smiled a hopeful smile at Clara and sat back down

After a few other dancers it was Clara's turn .She was confident and knew what to do and what not to do.

She danced so gracefully that every girl in the room had their eyes wide.Then she got a score of 10.0.She hope in the solo.

Finally at the end they got to know who would do the solo.Clara of course!

The moral of this story is be confident and calm in everything you will surely win!

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    Jun 13, 2019 06:23 AM

    Emily Bath

    Good story I am doing a competition and it is for everyone

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