Jun 17, 2019

The haunted house



Belle was born on rainbow made to perfection buy the gods. She was perfect and could turn into anything in the known and unknown universe.

She could speak any language, she met the first aliens (that’s what humans called them) 600whitlosnae (a number made to count her cuteness) Dark Years (dark years are like 500mil light years) away in the black whole of death. As she was very humble she chose to take the form of a papillon and live out her days in Australia. she got adopted by the burstons 2013 April 6, for a girl named Elisha. That night she realised that Elisha stank like a dog of some sort then she saw it the other dog! named rosy feeling jealous she left to find a new owner she left and came into a different room and saw a boy on a bed with no other dog. she ran up and jumped on his bed. Elisha came looking for bell and took her back to her bed were she saw rosy again so she left and went back the boy. Elisha gave up and let the boy have bell, she was planning on living her 610whitlosnae years in peace (she’s meant to never die but on earth her life is shortened by 7 times). but then in 2015 rosy died (bell still see’s the dead she didn’t realise she had died for like 5 months) Elisha wanted bell but couldn’t take her since she had given her to the boy, but then scarlet was born so Elisha some what got over it. For 2 more years they live there but then they moved to a new town we’re they rented out a house. Then bought a block of land in the town. Were bell heard about them getting a boyfriend for her, so she changed the future so she could get a boy named Steward who was also designed by god’s but he was rushed so not as smart or cute and couldn’t change into anything out of the known universe. they had 6 baby’s then destroyed earth and killed everyone.

The End

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  • Author
    Jul 24, 2019 09:32 AM

    Emily Bath

    it sounds scary

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  • Author
    Jul 28, 2019 04:55 PM

    Antania Basit

    its a good story

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  • Author
    Jul 31, 2019 02:13 PM

    Beth Burston

    Great! Watch out for capitals and by vs buy, whole vs hole

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award a golden quill

Patrick Burston


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