Jun 20, 2019

A Field Trip Gone Wrong


Once upon a time there were two BFFs named Tim Duncan and Elgin Baylor. They were best friends. One day, Elgin and Tim decided to go on a field trip.

Tim agreed. They packed all their food and went outside.

"Wait, Tim. Something's going on," said Elgin.

"Elgin! We we want you to help us. It is an emergency," said their friend Wilt Chamberlain.

"More of a basketball emergency. Because there is a basketball net stuck on his foot," said their other friend Johnny Moore.

"Johnny and I were playing basketball and having a great time. Johnny Moore scored 27/50 from 3-point line. I scored 49/50 from the 3-point line," said Wilt.

"I lost 116-104 in the basketball game. Wilt did much better," said Johnny.

"Definitely sounds like they need me, Tim," Elgin replied.

"Go ahead. Bye. After all, only you can repair a basketball emergency," said Tim.

"Sorry, Tim. But I cannot go on a field trip with you right now," Elgin said. "But we will do our field trip next week, okay?"

"Okay. Bye," said Tim, feeling disappointed.

"What happened, Tim?" asked David Robinson.

"Oh, it is nothing, David...I was supposed to go on a field trip with Elgin today, and he had to cancel. It is already packed and ready. I want to go with you to a field trip, with lots of food. What do you say, new BFF?"

"Really? I am your new BFF?" David Robinson said excitedly.

"Yup. Let's go," said Tim.

When they arrived at the place where the field trip was, they had lunch first. They ate lots and lots and lots of food until they were so full that they felt like that their tummies were about to explode.

When they got home, Tim decided that he would have another field trip tomorrow with David, his new BFF.

Elgin groaned. He knew Tim got a new BFF. So he decided to get a new BFF, Sean Elliott.

Sean and Elgin went to the same place David and Tim went.

"What are you doing here?" said Tim angrily at his old BFF, Elgin.

"I am having a new BFF field trip. I will never be your BFF ever again," said Elgin, angrier than before. They sat on the benches and started eating.

The four of them were having too much fun but it was clear that Tim and Elgin were still mad at each other.

"Will you apologize to each other for talking angrily?" said David.

"You are right. I am really, really, sorry, Elgin, I was talking to you so angrily. We will always be BFFs," said Tim apologetically.

"And I'm sorry I was angry at you. I promise we will always have special memories," said Elgin respectfully.

So Elgin and Tim gave each other hugs and high fives and continued their field trip together with David and Sean.

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  • Author
    Jun 22, 2019 09:44 AM

    Omar Josef Guerrero

    This is so good, Timmy! A basketball story with heart. I love it!c",)

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  • Author
    Jun 22, 2019 11:38 AM

    Jayleen Gunduza

    I love the story Timmy

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  • Author
    Jun 22, 2019 11:54 AM

    Ivy San Diego-Guerrero

    Love this story, Timmy! I like that it's a story about friendship! It's very touching, too! Keep writing please! 😊

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  • Author
    Sep 14, 2019 12:49 PM

    Imaiboon Chawalitruangrith

    Great job! For an eight year old... 😏

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  • I love this story, Timmy! It shows your passion for basketball and your fun-loving nature. I also love that you wrote about friends who had to apologize to one another and become best friends again.c",) Great story!

  • I love this story, Timmy! I like that it's about friendship! It's a very touching story, too! Keep writing please! I'm sooo proud of you!!!


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