Jun 29, 2019

The Underworld Chapter 2


Isla will love to go to the underworld.

But even so, very few people have entered the underworld. For it is in the town hall and it is in a protal. It is highly protected, and only some people have the guts to go in the portal. The portal looks eerie and it certainly is. It's a swirl of blue and black, splodges of yellow and dark purple. Two huge, buff guards are literally stuck to the portal. They wear jet black suits, shiny glasses and slim, frail hats that look like they're about to crumble. They stand next to the portal and hold ruby red scanners, (they hold them to check if you're ready). They have the same cold stares on ther faces and the same humongus noses. Maybe they could be twins, or just really queer guards that decide to dress up as eachother every day. Yeah probably that.

The town hall is an ancient, sacred place with lets say, good service. They have scrumpcious, wonderful snacks baked evey day upstairs where the bakery is. They have puff pastry, fig rolls and birthday cakes. You can even smell them from the ground floor! They have giggling, witty ladies that like to chat about in the bakery, baking deserts at the same time. Isla had been in the town hall several times, but never took notice of the mysterious portal. There's an old lady at the counter who checks you in to go to the portal. She is a thin lady and looks like she's going to crack any moment like a porcelain figure. She wears glasses that are tied around her neck with a golden chain. She has a long, colourful dress with baggy sleeves. She likes to wear this dress every single day. It seemed like she was born decades ago, for the wrinkles on her face looked quite obnoxious.

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    Jun 30, 2019 12:38 AM

    Emily Bath

    Good job. I have a competition that will end tomorrow it is called only 2 days to go. Can you please enter my competition

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