Jul 14, 2019

tony and his mega robot


One day there was a twelve year boy tony which was outside of the town where he found a very big robot. He said WOW! a robot. He got inside it by the secret tunnel. He was surprised that the robot has new hitech technologies. Then there was a message on the screenboard. He pressed the enter button and there was a picture on the screen, it said , I am Ryan. I invented this robot for helping the people around the world. It is super robot. Do you see that belt over there if you wear it you can control the super robot. There are many fighting gadgets in the robot. There is a special lock which only you can unlock. Bring your friends to help you. Then the message disappeared.Tony bought his 2 friends, Tyler and Laris. they were very intelligent. They said that as Tony has found it he will use the super robot.

He started the robot and then they were off. They looked around and saw wonderful tree, beautiful flowers and melidious bird. Then there they saw that there was in an attack. They quickly came there and fought with the evil creature and saved there city!!!


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    Jul 24, 2019 07:11 AM

    Emily Bath

    good job

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award a golden quill

Atharv Garg


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