Jul 26, 2019

My Favourite Sports


I adore sports a lot. You can ask my friends how much I love it . My favourite sports are running, swimming, badminton, football and archery. At running, I am the fastest runner in the class and if it weren't for me we would get at least the last place instead we had the second place, as for badminton I just started learning but my coach said I improved a lot so I played for my inter-house competition, which means playing within the school and I got third placing for it. As for swimming, in the inter-house competition, I got two gold, two silver and a bronze. And for football,

I only play that game at Physical Education or after school. There is a lot of more stuff I like but for now, I won't share it with you yet.

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    Mar 27, 2020 12:19 PM

    Divyana Mahasree

    Thanks for those who read my stories. I appreciate that

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