Jul 28, 2019

Tiny Wings


tHi there. I'm Artemis and my life changed over the course of one afternoon. Let me tell you about it.

tI was reclining atop a wooden bench in Central Park, New York, when I felt a little something perching on the tips of my fingers. As I brought my hand up, I gasped. "Wow!"

tIt was a little green dragon, scrabbling for purchase on my fingers.

"Now wait what?!" you ask. Yes it was a real live dragon with wings and everything. Now, don't inturrupt me from now on.

I tipped the dragon gently into my left hand and brought it up close to my face to observe it. It tripped around my palm, sniffing all the while. "You're cute," I said as it put its talons on my face."But what should I name you?" As I looked into its sea-green eyes, something sparked at the back of my mind. "Marina," I whispered.

tMarina reared back, evidently pleased with her new name (I'd decided it was a she). She pranced arond my hand, blowing smoke rings. " This is incredible!" I rose from the bench and popped Marina into my pocket. She protested, blowing smoke rings threatheningly and growling softly. "Don't set fire to my jeans now. We're going to find you a home."

tWe arrived at my house. I went inside and set Marina on the kitchen counter."Stay," I told her and went to find some cotton-wool.

tA few minutes later, I was back in the kitchen armed with the cotton-wool, the bottom half of a match-box, and a smile. I set to work, lining the match-box with the wool, the placing the rest in such a way that Marina could burrow underneath when it got chilly. When I'd finished, Marina leapt in at once and tramped the wool down. She jumped up and down with happiness. I laughed, but my mind turned to other things. "What do dragons eat?" I mused. As if answering my unspoken question, Marina flew to the window box and devoured the young shoots of my herbs. I smiled.

tAnd that is the story of how i got my dragon. After I accquired Marina, I began to notice the little, scurrying forms of other dragons making their way through the grass, hopping through the trees, splashing and diving in the rivers, lakes and ponds,and swooping and diving through the air. Marina has taught me so many things.

t She has opened my eyes to the dragon world.

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  • Author
    Aug 01, 2019 11:41 PM

    Emily Bath

    đź‘Ť. I love đź’• your story so much

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  • Author
    Aug 05, 2019 11:52 AM

    Imaiboon Chawalitruangrith

    Thank you!

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  • Author
    Sep 16, 2019 12:21 PM

    Ethan Tan

    wow, l mean its so cool!!!!!!!!.

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