Aug 21, 2019

About our holiday


Rana : Hey Div! Come lets go down for lunch.

Divyana : Ya, ok.

Rana : Divyana, where did yo go for the holidays

Divyana : Oh, I went to Melaka. Where did you go?

Rana : I went to Legoland. It was awesome!😎

Divyana : Wow!😍 How many days did you stay there?

Rana : Three weeks!

Divyana : Are you serious!😮

Rana : Yup! And no doubts about it.

Divyana :Your family rich.😗

Rana : No!All my family members agreed to pay together for the reunion, that is why we went

: together.

Divyana : Oh!

Rana :How long did you stay in Melaka?

Divyana : I stayed there for 3 months.

Rana : Ya, right!

Divyana : Ha ha, I actually stayed there stayed there for 4 weeks. Anyway, can I please ask one

: more question?

Rana : No! It is my turn.

Divyana : Please?

Rana : OK, what now.

Divyana : Did you like the food over there?

Rana : Honestly, I only liked the cheesy wedges.

Divyana : Your turn to ask. Or should I ask more?

Rana : No thank you! What did you do in Melaka?

Divyana : We went to the the Portuguese settlement and after that we went to these hotel called

: Cowboy Hotel. The next day, we went for shopping and at night we went to see Santa. He

: gave me and my sisters each three sweets instead of presents!Did you go to the water-

: park?

Rana : Yes, I did. Oh and Div, what is the time?

Divyana : Oh no,we better go up now! It is already 12:40

Rana :Oh no!😨

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    Aug 29, 2019 12:25 AM

    Disha Ramachandran

    Nice writing.

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  • Author
    Dec 19, 2019 07:42 AM

    Divyana Mahasree


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