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This is the story of Jollota Hassop,who had the most peculiar incident ever.

On Jollota's fourteenth birthday,an old woman came begging at the door. Jollota's mother took no notice,but Jollota felt pity for the old woman and gave her some cents. The old woman searched in her bag,and fished out a very small bottle. She laid it in Jollota's hand,croaking,"if you drink one drop of it,all your wishes will come true."

Jollota was a rather foolish girl;she still believed in fairy tales,even at her age. Thinking of getting all her dreams true,she thanked the old woman, and rushed into her room,springing as happily as her rather large feet would let her.

She quickly got out a teaspoon,and,laid the bottle on her desk,thinking of all her lovely dreams coming true. Then,she slowly picked up the bottle and the teaspoon,and carefully poured exactly one teaspoon into the teaspoon. Then she quickly poured all the contents of it down her throat.

The big incident happened at her birthday party. Jollota was feeling rather queasy;all her friends wondered why she was so unhappy at her own party.

Her friends decided to arouse a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey to cheer her up. When it was Jollota's turn,she slowly staggered towards the board,while her mother fastened a strip of cloth on her eyes. Her father handed her the donkey's tail.

Jollota felt as if she were about to burst. Her chest felt heavy,and she felt as if she was going to throw up. She staggered quite slowly to the board.

No one knew what quite happened next. The strip of cloth that was bound around Jollota's head slowly started to loosen;and with it,Jollota's head,legs,arms and body started growing smaller.

If you had been on the site it would have looked like that someone was deflating Jollota like a balloon. But what was really happening that she was growing smaller.

Jollota's mother screamed as if the house was set on fire;her father was shocked and standing rooted to the ground. All of Jollota's friends were shouting out the ages Jollota went by.

"Look! Jollota's thirteen!"

"She's past twelve! Oh,there she goes!"

"Oh my goodness! She's a girl of ten!"

"Would you believe it? She's no more than eight!"

"She's a mite of six! Oh,just you look at her!"

"She's less than four! Whatever is happening to her?"

"Look at her! She's a toddler of two!"

"Oh! She's one years old!"

"Now she's a plump baby of eleven months!"

The ages were moving more fastly now. In a moment the months were flashing past.

"What a fat,roly-poly baby! She's six months old!"

"She's not even four months old!"

"She's two months old -what a red face!"

"Oh my god! She's.....She's......She's a NEWBORN BABY!"

The last was from Jollota's mother,who frantically tried to snatch her up,and all but succeeding.

Now,with an unusual pop,the child was gone.

So if you ever get things from old peddlers and such,you can never be quite sure just what might happen to you.

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    Afraz Shaik

    good moral

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