Oct 08, 2019

The house


Once upon a time there was a boy named Carl who was really brave and beautiful. When he was in school he use to keep on draw pictures of houses. After seeing his report everyone asked , what do you want to become after growing up? In front of everyone he said he wanted to become a builder. Everyone were in shock and after that everyone laughed at him as everyone thought he would say more bigger stuff such as doctor, sports player or a scientist. When he was in college everyone use to bully and tease him al as he wanted to become a doctor. After all that bulling and teasing he resigned and finally his dreams came true he became a builder. When he builded his first house everyone were amazed of him as he built a house also know as the love maker house. After everyone seeing it , everyone asked the same question, what is the difference between a regular house and love maker house. He guided everyone. He said that first you should enter as usual and then do not touch these machines or you may get badly hurt. He said that there is only one difference and you can also live here. While you are living here happily and someone gets really angry on someone else bring them to these machines . Keep the angry person on the right machine and who he is angry on person on the left machine. Let the machine touch their heads. After that leave them for 15 minutes and after that they will come back happily but do not remind them about the time when they fought. After this Carl became really popular and this keep on continued in Carl’s life.

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