Oct 09, 2019

Poverty widespread and discrimination


Ever seen a slump with hundreds upon thousands of people living it? Have you ever been bothered by the fact that they have to suffer without money when we could easily lend them some. Poverty has widespread these days across the world any where you go you’ll see people without food and water.

First of All, every human deserves to have basic needs like food, water, and shelter. 12.3 percent of humans have to struggle every day for basic needs. This is most prominent in the central Africa republic here many families has very little money to live on.

All the kids of these families will not have enough financial support to go to school so to help their families they must work for money. These days poverty is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Let’s help these unfortunate souls as they are also people just like us.

I suggest the UN to take notice of poverty and take action. In countries and regions where their is lots of poverty, facilities should be built to support them. Another big factor to helping people in poverty is the general population of people. People should be generous enough to donate to foundations that give money to poor families.

In conclusion, poverty is just around the corner and us humans have to take a stance against it and help these unfortunate and needy people. Let’s bring back humanity.

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    Oct 15, 2019 01:20 PM

    Afraz Shaik

    more info than story still very very very good

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