Oct 09, 2019

Spy Academy


                     CHAPTER ONE

                          A DISCOVERY


Sarah and Jane were strawberry blonde twins, identical twins. They were 8 years old and very proud of being identical so always wore the same type of clothes. The only way to tell them apart was that Sarah always wore the locket her parents had given her when she was born. Jane had her ears pierced. They had bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sunshine and beautiful tanned skin. They lived in a small cottage hidden away in a forest along with their mom, dad and their 15-year-old sister Ashley. They hardly saw Ashley though, which is quite unusual for children who do not go to school. When they were little, they missed her quite a bit, but now they have got used to it. Sometimes Jane thinks that Ashley is hiding from them on purpose just as a prank, but Sarah, being the wiser one of the two, insists that they haven’t known her for long enough to judge her.

“Ash might just be a secretive person or maybe she’s sick or something and she can’t stay at home” Sarah always said. But Jane’s response was always, “Yeah well, why wouldn’t Mom or Dad just tell us that? Why are they so secretive about her? I mean we are their children, so don’t they trust us?”

It was true though; Mr and Mrs Roberts were very, and I mean very secretive when it came to Ashley. The twins would go up to them and say “Mom, Dad, where’s Ashley?” This is how they responded: They shared a look, mumbled something and answered in a ‘don’t worry, voice: “She’s alright,” then they usually walked out.

But on one of these days when the two children asked about Ashley, Jane noticed something she never had before about her parent’s tone. As soon as she had some free time, she shoved Sarah into their room.

 “Sarah, I think mom and dad are keeping something from us!”


Sarah looked surprised. She never ever thought her parents would keep something so, so, well important from them. I mean, it was their own sister they were talking about. But it was a little strange that they would keep something from them about their own sibling. So, she answered:

“You mean about Ashley?”


“What did you notice?” Sarah asked.

“Something about their tone. I… I never noticed it before but, I am certain they are keeping something from us!”


“I just can’t think what!”

“Neither can I!” Sarah said glumly. “But I can say that I noticed that tone too!” she said looking on the bright side.

Jane smiled then she got up and went to the door. She closed it and came back.

“Just in case someone feels like eavesdropping,” she said as she sat down.

 “So, what do we know about Ashley that mom and dad could keep secrets about?”

“She is never home?” Jane suggested.

 “No, no we already know that,” Sarah protested, “What else?”

“Gee, who made you queen of mysteries? Can we just think about it for a second?” Jane said pushing her sister’s shoulder gently.

“Har-dee-ha-ha” Sarah said irritated. “I was just being logical!”

“You call that being logical?” Jane said making a noise that Sarah couldn’t decide if it was a laugh or a snort.

“Yes, I do,”

“Well, well, Miss Logical, or have I mistaken you for the Queen of Mysteries?” she said, laughing as if she was the greatest comedian in the world and had just told the funniest joke ever.

“Oh Jane, stop it right now,”

“Yes, your majesty,” Jane said rolling on the floor and laughing so loudly that Sarah had to cover her ears.

“Jane please, it’s annoying and we haven’t solved the case of Ashley,”

“Well it wasn’t my fault we started this. If you would just stop and listen to my idea, then maybe we could have got a little further in the case. You didn’t even let me finish what I was saying!”

“Well I was just thinking that it wasn’t a good idea because we already knew that”, Sarah said angrily, “Oh, and maybe if you just wouldn’t call me Miss Logical or Queen of Mysteries then it wouldn’t be that bad after all.”

Mentioning ‘Miss Logical and The Queen of Mysteries’ Jane started laughing so loud that Sarah literally had to stuff a pillow into her ears.

Once she finished laughing Jane said, “You’re right Miss Logical, I get it, but can you just listen to what I have to say?”


“Well it could be why Ashley isn’t home for example she could be a treasure hunter, so she is always out looking for treasure,” Jane said.

“But why would Ashley want to be a treasure hunter if she is a girl?” Sarah asked.

“I haven’t really worked that part out,” Jane said, “But I guess girls could do what boys do. Also, maybe it’s just a hobby, and it was just an idea.”

“I see your point, but do you think that it’s the reason?” Sarah said.

“Well my reason would be that you would be away a lot if you were looking for treasure, and I mean it might not exactly be treasure that she is finding, it could be antiques and if it is you would have to travel a lot. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, I see your point again,” Sarah said.

“Another thing,” Jane said, “Ash was always interested in geography and that kind of points right into our direction.”

“Actually, Jane that isn’t such a bad idea after all, I think we should find the treasure!” Sarah said loudly. “That is if you want to?”

“Of -course I do silly, since when does Jane Roberts miss an adventure?” Jane replied

Sarah giggled then replied, “And Sarah Roberts doesn’t miss an adventure either! Let’s get going.”

They burst out laughing.

“Jane where do you think the treasure is?” Sarah asked after she stopped giggling.

 Just as Jane was about to answer, the door opened. In came Mr Roberts.

“Hi girls. I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I thought I better came say goodbye. I have to go away for a bit but you will eventually see me again.”

“Where are you going?” Jane asked.

“I think I am going to leave that one to you two to solve, Okay?”

“Uhm hum” Jane said.

“Dad why can’t you just tell us? You’re being secretive again!” Sarah said irritably.

“Yeah. It’s exactly like the Ashley case, secretive parents”. Jane said.

Mr Roberts sat down.

“Girls, you understand that families have secrets right, well this one is just between your mom and I. You will eventually figure it out. Okay?”

“Okay” they said in unison, because that’s what twins do!

“Can I have a hug?” He said holding his arms out.

“Yes” Sarah said as she jumped into her father’s arm. To be honest, it looked more like she was strangling her dad, not hugging him. Besides Jane, Sarah was very close to her parents and got emotional when one of them went away. But after a few minutes, that felt like a few hours to Jane, Sarah let go of her father. This time Jane jumped into Mr Roberts’s arms.

“I’m really going to miss you Dad.” She said.

“Me to!” He replied. Then he walked out of the room.

“What a bummer.” Sarah said in a tone that was obvious she was trying to be a little cheerful but failed epically.

“It’s Okay Sar-Bear” Jane said using the nickname that her mom used when Sarah was a toddler.

“It’s not Okay, and please don’t call me Sar-Bear.” She replied.

“Fine, Sar-Bear.” Jane said.

Sarah made this growling noise that she makes when she’s angry. Then she spat out…

“Jane Wane” the name that Jane hates to be called.

Jane was about to jump on her sister but fortunately their mom came in.

“Sorry if I’m disturbing you girls, but I just thought I’d bring you these cookies that I baked. I know your sad that your father is going,” She said handing the cookies to Jane, “but you know he’s coming back.”

“We know!”

Ting-a-ling-a-ting. “Oh boy the cake”. Their mom nearly screamed.

“I’m sorry girls but if you want cake for lunch, then I’ve got to go.” She said running out the room.

“Thanks for the cookies” Jane said reaching into the basket.

As she nibbled on the biscuit Sarah said…

“I think we should get back to the mystery.”

“I agree.” Jane said as she popped her second biscuit in her mouth.

Sarah ate a biscuit too, then said…

“Well, if we’re going to find this treasure then where are we going to look?”

Jane stopped chewing her biscuit. “I actually don’t know”?

“Well in movies and stories, it is always in a simple place I was thinking we should start in the’…

“GARDEN!” Jane interrupted.

“Exactly” Sarah said proudly! The two children hurried of to the shed and got out two spades. Then they went into the garden and started digging and digging and in minutes there was about five or six holes in the entire place!

“I can’t find anything” Sarah said.

As Jane was about to reply, she suddenly tripped on something. She got up and saw a quire rock that had PUSH engraved on it!

“Hey, uh, Sarah, yeah I think we found the treasure.” She said.

“Really?” Sarah said running toward where Jane was.

“Push. Push. Push, oh come on Jane push!” Sarah said.

Jane was so mesmerised by the weird rock that she wasn’t concentrating. But when Sarah gave the little speech, she reached out and pushed. Unexpectedly they fell through a hole and found themselves in an underground tunnel! Inside there were some gadgets, computers, books and a desk. Jane went to the desk and found a book with her parent’s names on it, Andrea and David Roberts. Sarah nudged her, “look,” she said and pointed to a sign that said SPY Academy!

“Wait a sec, rewind, did I just realise that my parents are … SPY’S. Jane said.


“No way.”

“Sarah, Jane what is all this.”

“Uh oh, Sarah said, that’s Mr Wake-Field.”

“Come on.” Jane said. And they climbed out of the hideout.

Mr Wake- Field was their gardener and he had just finished his jobs in the garden. When he came back from his lunch break, he was horrified to see holes everywhere.

He repeated his question, this time pointing to the holes. Jane checked if the hideout was closed. It was. Now at least they wouldn’t have to tell their secret.

“We’re sorry Mr Wake Field we just were, well we just, we just, just…” Jane couldn’t think what to say without giving away their new discovery. She looked at Sarah who shrugged her shoulders, she didn’t have any idea either! 

“Well I am going to call your mother, Andrea….”

“NO! Please don’t, we’ll help with the garden for two, no, three months!” She assumed Sarah agreed because she kept quiet.

 “I suppose I guess I could live with that-’’ he mumbled

“Phew” the girls said.

“-if you clean up this mess,” Mr Wake field said as he went back inside. The girls nodded and started covering up holes. They were both thinking the same thing…

At least we can keep our secret!

































                                                   CHAPTER TWO



As soon as they had finished, they hurried inside.

“Mother, mother we need to talk!”

“Can we talk at lunch?” Their mother replied.

“Only if lunch is ready now.” Jane blurted!

“Well if you would like a nice lunch with lots of treats, then lunch is not ready now!” Their Mother answered.

“Okay, Okay, but as soon as you ice the last speck of the cake, lunch will start Okay?” Jane said.

“Yes, yes, alright honey.”

Jane sat herself on the couch and tapped her fingers on the pillow. “Come on, come on.” She kept saying in a whisper loud enough for Sarah to hear.

“Seriously Jane, we will get a chance to tell mom Okay?” Sarah whispered to her twin.

  “Oh, okay.” Jane said.”

 At lunch they nearly forgot about what they were going to say as there were such delicious treats such as cakes, buns, apples, scones, sandwiches and some delicious homemade lemonade. But then their mother reminded them.

“You seemed so desperate to tell me something.” She said.

 They children spent ages telling their mother about their adventure, never missing a detail!

“Yes, girls we are secret agents. We never told you because you were too young, but now you are ready for SPY Academy!”

“Spy Academy, AWESOME,” The twins said in unison.

“There’s just one thing that’s bothering me,” Sarah said, “That still doesn’t make sense, is that why Ashley is gone? And where’s Dad going, why is that little office underground? Mom there is still so more to the mystery then we think. Right?”

“No, your mystery is solved. I can tell you all the answers to your questions.

A. Ash is gone because she is at the academy.

B. Dad got called to do some work there and had to stay at the academy for a while.

C. The office is underground so that no one can know about the School. We are SPY’S remember?”


“Thanks, I get it now!”

“Girls you know what, go and pack your bags, your moving to the Academy TODAY!”

 The children were too flabbergasted to move. They were going to be secret agents, in a spy academy, with a spy mom, dad and sister it was too good to be true!

“Sarah, Jane are you going to Spy Academy or not? If you are you will need something to wear so you better get packing!” This time the twins got up, went to their room and started packing! They were so excited.

“Forget about the Ashley mystery, Sarah, we’re gonna be SPY’S. Jane said as they left the house with their suitcases. Sarah nodded and smiled. “I can’t wait” she said. Minutes later they were climbing through a trapdoor, in the little office the twins had found earlier in the day, into an underground passage way. Then, when they were safely into the academy, they were climbing hundreds of stairs, riding in several lifts and finally walking into their cabin at the best place in the entire world  SPY ACADAMY!

Now the twins were looking around this beautiful little cabin. Jane kept saying that she could hardly believe they were living in such a splendid little thing. Sarah said it looked like it had jumped out of a fairy tale and had decided to live here. Well I have to admit this was one delightful house! Although it was crammed in a little corridor with other cute cabins, the Roberts family had such a wonderful house that actually no one noticed all the other little houses. But don’t let me get carried away, lets focus on the Roberts cabin. It was a stone house with a big wooden door that said

‘The Roberts Family Home’

‘Where Dreams Come True.’

And in a big stone by the side of the house had the letters engraved on it

‘Cabin 298’.

When they walked in, they found themselves in a snug little passage way that had one door. When you opened it, you found yourself in cute Television room. The walls were painted a light brown and smelled of chocolate. In the room there were a few beige couches that matched the walls and an oak cabinet in the middle of the room. The Television was sitting on another oak cabinet opposite the couches. The room opened up onto the kitchen which was painted beige and was actually big for a cabin. It was a stunning kitchen the way everything was arranged. On the left-hand side of the room was an open part of the wall (kind of like an archway) that led into a lounge that was beige as well and was basically the same as the TV room but was bigger and was arranged differently. Also, this room was beige and the couches were light brown when the TV room was the other way around. (I hope this isn’t too confusing for you). At the Back of the room was an oak staircase (do you see how much this family likes oak) that led upstairs into another passage but this time it led into different rooms. On the left side, the first room, was Mr and Mrs’s Roberts. It was a big room with its own bathroom and walk in closet. Their bed was made and the rest of the room was spotless. The next room was opposite their room. Ashley’s. It was painted a light lavender-ish purple-pink white colour. Sarah really couldn’t decide what colour it was. Back to the room. Her room was spacious but smaller than Mr and Mrs Roberts room. It had a desk, an oak cupboard (obviously) and a bed. Onto Sarah and Jane’s room. It was next their parent’s room, but was separated by a bathroom that the twins shared. It was a beautiful beige colour and it was the same size as Mr and Mrs Roberts room because they had to share. On each side of the room was double bed and hung above each bed were their name’s in bunting. They had draws at the bottom of their beds and they stored their clothes there. (guess what the draws were made of-that’s right oak). Next to Ashley’s room was a bathroom of her own. And next to that was a laundry room. At the end of the passage was another oak stair case (how much oak can one person have-obviously a lot) The stairs led up to the attic, that comes in handy later on! And that is the Roberts cabin.



It really was a charming little place and the twins fell instantly in love with it.

“Sarah, I can’t believe we live here!” Jane said.

“It’s delightful!”. Sarah said in reply, her blue eyes twinkling. After they had looked around their new home, they ate supper and went to bed.



 “Sarah, Jane, come downstairs quick!” Mrs Roberts called early the next morning. The twins ran downstairs into the kitchen where their Mother was standing.

“There are two surprises that are waiting in the lounge.” She said.

Sarah grabbed an apple and walked to the lounge with Jane following. As they approached the room, Sarah started running. Jane ran too when she saw what her sibling was running to. The girls ran and jumped into their Father’s arms. It was such a sweet sight. Even though it had only been a day without their dad, it had felt like an eternity. After all the hugging and tickling and squealing had finished, Mrs Roberts spoke.

“Now for surprise number two.”

The twins looked to where she was pointing and saw a beautiful girl step out from behind the wall. She had orange hair just like their dads. Her face was like an angel with the same sparkling blue eyes as her sisters. She was wearing a shirt with pinks and purples of all shades and light brown shorts. On her feet she wore some sandals. She really was beautiful.

“Ashley!” their father said.

“Ashley!” their mother said.

“Ashley!” the twins said, running towards her.

“So, these are the famous girls I have heard so much about!” Ashley said squeezing Sarah and then Jane.

“Mom and Dad talk about us?” Sarah said surprised.

“Yeah, duh!” Ashley said in reply.

“What did they tell you!” Jane asked looking suspiciously at her Mother and Father.

 Ashley laughed then answered

Don’t worry Jane, they didn’t say anything bad about you, just how smart and clever and wise and pretty and adventurous and nice and gentle and-’’

“Yeah I think I get it!” Jane said interrupting Ashley.

 “Good save” Sarah mouthed, then asked…

“What about me?”

“You don’t have to worry either Sarah, they told me how charming and beautiful and clever and-’’

Sarah quickly thought how to stop her sister from talking all day long. She purposely dropped the apple she was holding, stepped back and fell backwards onto the floor. At once Ashley stopped talking, stepped forward and put her hand out. Sarah grabbed it and Ashley pulled her sister onto her feet.

“Are you OK?” Ashley asked.

“Yes, I’m fine” Sarah said fibbing. Even though she fell on purpose she hadn’t predicted that it would hurt.

“Um, kids,


The twins and Ashley lifted their hands up to their heads and started laughing. Mrs Roberts chuckled then said…

“I better go check on the breakfast, so I guess I will leave the sister reunion thing to your father, Okay?”

“Uh huh!” The three said in unison. As Mrs Roberts left, Mr Roberts said…

“Who wants to party?”

“Me!” Jane screamed and ran to the CD player.

“And me!” Sarah said switching off the light and switching the disco ones on instead.

“Don’t forget me!” Ashley said slipping her sandals off. The twin’s favourite song ‘CAN’T STOP THE FEELING.’ came on. The whole family, excepting Mrs Roberts, was dancing. They were having such a god time that they didn’t even hear Mrs Roberts calling “BREAKFAST.”

She had to switch the lights on before anyone realised what was going on. But they sure were lucky to have listened and eaten breakfast because Mrs Roberts had prepared such a feast that they would have regretted missing this breakfast a lot. There were croissants, juice, pancakes, oranges, bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes and honey.

“A reunion feast” their mother had said. Jane looked at Sarah, Sarah looked at Ashley, Ashley looked at Mr and Mrs Roberts, they knew that this new life,

Was going to be the best life ever!






























The twins were settling in to their new life quickly. They loved Spy Academy with all their heart, the life, their cabin, their training and their spy names. Ashley was Rash, Jane, Stealther and Sarah Arco, everything about Spy Academy they loved! There were a few things they missed like now they lived in a cabin in a corridor jam packed with other cabins compared to when they lived in a cottage hidden away with the forest as their garden, they also missed Brownie their dog and their friends, Allie and Izzie. They often forgot about their worries though as their new life was breath taking! One day Sarah and Jane were at spy class where you learn about all the different things that happens to a spy that doesn’t to a normal human. They were busy learning about spy dreams.

“So normal spies don’t get dreams, if they do it means it is a vision” explained the professor.

“Example please professor,” Jane asked.

“Well imagine you were a spy which you are, and you have a dream about a criminal flying away, then when you are on a mission that happens!”

 “Oh” all the children said and carried on with their class.

 That night Sarah had gotten to the family cabin and Ashley and Jane were fast asleep! They must have had a busy day, no one said a spy life would be easy! She went into the kitchen and greeted her mom then poured herself a glass of milk. As she sipped the milk, she thought about what they learned at spy class that morning. She was half confused and she half understood. It made sense because she had always wondered why she never got dreams but she still didn’t know why! But when Sarah fell asleep, she had a dream, a dream about her parents being taken away from them and being hidden in a secret hideout hidden somewhere in the forest where they used to live! The next morning Sarah was shivering as she remembered her dream.

“Sarah are you cold?” Asked Ashley when she saw Sarah shivering like mad at breakfast.

“No, I just had a bad dream” replied Sarah.

“Guys, I don’t mean to be eavesdropping but didn’t the professor say if a spy has a dream it’s a vision?” Jane asked.

 “Oh, I hope not”

Sarah said.

“Why,” Ashley said, trying to get back into the conversation. Sarah started telling her dream or as I should say vision while the others listened with their eyes wide open.

“So, do you think we should look into this or not” Jane asked, wanting more excitement.

“Well, if the professor was right then I think we should definitely try to do something because I really don’t want to lose my mom or dad!” Sarah said clutching the locket she wore that her parents gave her.

“Well when I learnt about visions and dreams, we learnt that visions come first, then it happens, so if we can figure out when this criminal is going to strike and where, we can save mom and dad before it happens then on the day he was supposed to strike we catch him instead.” Ashley said.

 “I think it’s a good idea.” Jane said.

“Um, Ash, Jane, do you really think people would want to steal Mom and Dad. I mean they are two of the most important people of SPY ACADEMY so why would they try to mess up the whole system?”

“Sarah, seriously, that’s the whole point of stealing them, I mean then why do it. What would be the point? If someone wants to steal mom and dad though, they have to mess with me! Jane shouted.

 “SHHHHHH,” Ashley and Sarah said, “you don’t want the whole academy’s attention, everyone will want to know what we’re up to and you never know who could be the criminal!”

 “You mean a trustworthy spy could be the criminal?”

“Like I said you never know!”

Everyone sat in silence, thinking about what Ashley had just said. They were all thinking who could be the criminal.

Ding, ding, ding, ding. “Oh, there goes the bell!” Ashley said breaking the silence.

“You can’t be going to school now!” Sarah blurted,

“and anyhow Jane continued, it’s Saturday!”

“Well things are a bit different at Spy Academy, Ashley replied, when you get to my age you have school on a Saturday.”

“What, why, Sarah asked, its weekend.”

“Well as soon as you turn 15 you start going to work on a Saturday as you need extra training.”

 “Still I don’t think it’s fair” Sarah objected. She knew Jane agreed as she just tried to make an excuse:

“but you need to help us with the mystery.” As Ashley was about to answer she paused and then said…

“I know what you two are up to, you’re stalling me. You were doing great, but you can’t fool me.” With that she gave a gentle kick to each twin and walked toward the door.

“Was that supposed to be a good luck with the mystery kick?” Jane asked teasingly. Ashley laughed then seemed to remember something.

 “I nearly forgot to tell you, our class is having a slumber party so I won’t be here tonight and probably not tomorrow either because I think I’m going to do a bit of alone sleuthing. She then closed the door.

“Well let’s get to business. First, we need to talk to mom and dad, but how do we know when their free.”

“I can help with that.” Sarah said and she jumped up and ran to her parent’s bedroom. She came back with a piece of paper.

“Look I found a time sheet. Now let’s see…” she scrolled down the sheet with her finger then stopped, “Aha here it is 13:00 FREE TIME.” She turned around to study the clock, 12:30. “Jane we got half an hour before we can see mom and dad.”

“Ok let’s get ready and then we’ll go.”

“Cool” was the reply. They spent the extra half hour getting ready and tidying the house. They did the dishes and they mopped, swept, dusted, polished, wiped and tidied. When they were done, they changed into their matching spy clothes then locked the house, scurried down the corridor and rushed down the stairs. As they stepped into the lift Jane checked her watch, 13:30, she nudged her sister,

“Sarah we’re half an hour late.”

 “I hope we can get there in time” she heard her sister say! Beep. The lift opened they ran into the parent’s study. “MOM, DAD we need to talk……” Jane stopped, her glance fell on a guy in the room. She could tell Sarah was thinking the same thing,

Who was he?





                     MATTHEW PARKER



“Kids meet Mr Matthew Parker, that’s Mr Parker to you.”

 Before they knew it, the twins were shaking hands with this Mr Parker person. He was middle aged and very tall, with short black hair, big green eyes and he had an uncomfortable grin on his face. He wore denim jeans and a blue and white striped shirt with a black jacket and tie. On his feet he wore unusually big black shoes. Their parents must have noticed their suspicions as they told the twins everything about him. They learnt he was head master of the second-best academy of spy history.

“So was this like an unexpected visit because it was not registered on the list you left behind” Sarah pointed out.

“Well it was kind of an emergency visit. You see Matthew here was supposed to only come on Friday next week to talk about the case the academy has been working on for about 8 years now,” their mother explained. The twins gasped, that was when they were born, that means their whole life their parents had been working on this case and they didn’t suspect a thing – no wonder their parents had been stressed.

“What is the case about?” Jane asked.

 “The case about the academy will. You see when the academy was made by Axel McAlister there was a bit of a muddle about a will. People were complaining that the will promised money to people who never got it. It’s kind of hard to explain but I guess I better. So, people pay us to solve crimes and mysteries. Once we are done, we leave a business card on a desk or something. It tells that we are secret and no one can tell about us. But one person told, we weren’t a secret anymore, we were heroes. That was great, at first, but then crooks, robbers and kidnappers knew about us. So of course, they made ways to avoid us. They got away with it and the Academy had no purpose anymore. So, our boss the great, Axel McAlister, decided that we should close down. Everyone complained so Axel made a plan. People were told that we had shut down, but actually we just moved somewhere else and carried on with our business. Now we only solve mysteries that we find, but those mysteries normally solve people’s mysteries. The academy still had problems because some spies wanted the academy to be known. So, kind Matthew over here offered to split the academy into two different spy schools. He would be the headmaster. His academy is called…  SECRET SLUETHS!” And everyone liked that. Axel had SPY ACADEMY and Matthew had Secret SLUETHS!

“Mom, what has this got to do with a will?” Sarah asked.

“I’m getting there!” Their mother said. “Right, so when a spy leaves the academy, they get paid a lot. But with half the academy leaving, we could not pay all of them so much. So, we paid the most important people the most and the rest got paid less. Now they were not happy at all. For the past 8 years we have been trying to pay them the right amount or at least try to explain the problem. It got so bad that we had to move again, this time underground. And we have lived happily ever after. But Mathew came around today and told us that people at his spy school weren’t happy. They were complaining 24/7. And he lost the will that says we are two different academies. That means if we don’t find it in a certain amount of time, we will have to become one group again. That means all the people who are protesting will be with us and that will be hectic. So, we are discussing what to do!”

“Mom where was the old place?” Jane asked gaining information.

 “Funny enough our old house!” Was the reply. “People said there were even passage ways that are hidden. But that’s just nonsense. For all the 20 years your father and I have lived in that house we haven’t found a single one. Right, now if you’ll just excuse us, kids, Matthew tells us the right thing to do is to join forces and have a huge protest to tell everyone the money is in the right hands, but to do this we need to sign these forms to confirm and to make it legal. Your father and I need to concentrate and we can’t have any distractions.”

 The twins started protesting at once, they didn’t trust him, I mean, would you? If you would go back and read how he was described, then you’ll understand it was a terrible idea to join forces and once those forms were signed, there was nothing to be done. This time it was the twin’s job to save their parents- not the other way round. But obviously with both of them speaking at once it just sounded like this…


“Sarah, Jane leave, now.” Her mother said sternly. The twins stood still.

“I said LEAVE!” Their mother said even more sternly. This time the twins obeyed. They stood up and walked towards the door.

“Well what do we do now?” Jane asked as they stepped into the lift.

“Let’s start by discussing this with Mr Manley!” suggested Sarah. Mr Manley was the academy’s detective and had taught the girls a thing or two about mysteries. Sarah thought he was a good place to start. Beep. The lift opened. Instead of getting out the lift, Sarah pushed the button that had the number 5 on it. Beep. The doors closed. The twins could feel lift going up to level 5. Beep. The doors opened.

 “Sheesh why can’t they make silent lifts, there’s been so much beeping today.” Sarah complained as they walked down the corridor.

“Well what if you were blind, you would depend on the beeping so you would know when to get out.” Jane answered.


“Sarah, aren’t we supposed to be working on the mystery!” Jane interrupted.

“I guess.”

 “No more distractions?” Jane asked

 “No more distractions.” Was the response. As the beeping conversation ended the twins walked into Mr Manley’s workshop.

“Hi girls,” Mr Andrew Manley said. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Sarah had a vision that our parents are going to go missing and we came to you to give us some ideas.” Jane blurted.

“Sounds interesting.” he said shaking his head to and fro, mumbling something to him self. The twins strained their ears but could only hear a few words house and secret passage ways. “If it is necessary could you please tell me more about this vision and then would you not mind if I ask some questions?” he asked.

“Yes, to the first question and-”

“We would not mind to the second.” Jane interrupted.

“Right so did the vision tell you whereabouts they got taken to?” Mr Manley asked.

“Yes.” replied Sarah.

“Okay, tell me everything about this vision.” Mr Manley asked. So, Sarah briefly explained her vision.

“Wow Sarah you have explained that so well that you have answered most of my questions.”

“Most?” Jane asked suspiciously.

“Yep I still have some, right here we go.”

 But you do not want me to tell you the questions though as if I had to type it wouldn’t have any punctuation. You do! Well breath in…


“Whatweretheywearingwhatdaywasitdidtheyleaveanycluesdidyouseexaclywheretheywentorwasitablurr,” he breathed

Whendidyougetthevision.” And then he looked at the twins who were staring madly at him until he said

“I guess your explanation was enough.” Then he said “Take this” and he gave them each a weird object.

“This is a recording machine. Then he added, “It is very handy.” Something suddenly made Jane check her phone. There was a message from her mother.

Your father and I are going out to tea in the town we used to live in. could Be back by four. Traffic is hectic so don’t expect us to be back by then but if we’re not back by five something has happened. Buy us supper by the academy café. It was signed mom.

She told Sarah to check her phone. The same message popped up. Sarah checked her watch.

“Jane it’s 3:45 we got 15 minutes till mom and dad could be home and we still need to get supper and do the last bit of cleaning so we have to leave now!” she said.

“Okay.” Jane said. They thanked the detective and left the room. As they did the trip to the café, they decided to have a roast dinner. When they got into the room, they set up the table with placemats, serviettes, cutlery and in the middle the put a bunch of various flowers. Then they went to do the dishes.
















            Chapter five

                    An investigation

The twins had finished the jobs and were now seated at the table. They were expecting their parents soon.

“Any minute now.” Jane said convincingly. The pair sat in silence. Every five minutes they glanced up at the clock. 4:30…4:35…4:4o…4:45….4:50…4:55….5:00….5:05…5:10…5:15….5:20….5:25…

“That’s it.” Jane stood up and walked toward her phone. There were five messages. Jane felt excited.

“One of these could be from mom or dad.” She said reading each one. The first one said ‘hi’. Jane checked who it was from. Ida.

“Nope that’s just an agent friend.” she said. Under that one there was a message from her mom. Jane’s hopes rose. It said ‘leaving now’. She checked the time … 4:30. That was about an hour ago. Jane felt worried. She quickly checked the rest. They were just emojis from Ida. She called Sarah who ran to where Jane was. Sarah listened to what Jane had to say and then checked her phone. She only had reminders about homework and exams.

“Jane maybe their stuck in traffic?” Sarah said.

“But they said traffic was hectic at four NOT five.” Jane shouted, tears running down her cheek, face was as red as a tomato. Sarah was trying to think of ways to comfort her sister who was quite a worrier. Eventually Jane stopped crying and said.

“Well it’s quarter to six and I’m starving so I guess we can give them 1 or 2 hours while we eat.”

 Sarah smiled; she was proud of her sister. She nodded and they walked back to the table, said grace and started eating. When they finished it, they washed their dishes and went to bath. They brushed their teeth and combed their hair. Then they went to bed. In the middle of the night Jane woke up. She looked at the clock. 12:45.

“It’s nearly tomorrow.” She said. Then she gasped. She ran to her parent’s room. They weren’t there! The bed had not been slept in. She ran to the kitchen. The door was still locked, and the leftover food had not been eaten. She was worried. She went back to sleep. In the morning Jane woke up and did the same tour she had done the previous night, this time exploring extra places. Sarah found her twin in the attic.

“Jane,” She said in a muffled voice, “come on their not there not here Okay.” Jane burst into tears. Sarah went down to the kitchen. She came back with a tray of food.

“Here,” she said passing the tray of yummy buns and hot chocolate.

“Thanks” Jane replied. Sarah went back to the kitchen and got her own portion of food. Then she decorated the attic with map’s, pillows, blankets etc. Afterwards she rearranged the attic. Jane was watching with eyes as big as potatoes and as round as circles.

“Do you like it” she asked Jane.


 “Do you know what it is?”

 “No, what is it?”

 “It’s our own headquarters for mysteries.”

“That’s so cool!” “Can we solve the mystery of mom and dad?” Jane asked.

 “Dah, they’re my parents too!” Sarah replied. “But let’s eat first Okay?”


Once they finished the delicious breakfast they cleaned up and thought very hard.

“Where shall we look for mommy and daddy?” asked Sarah.

“Um, maybe the, no, maybe um, ugh I don’t know.” Jane said giving in.

“Hmm. I’ve got it!” Sarah shouted. “The forest!”  Jane thought for a second and then she said;

“Yes, let’s get going.” They packed a picnic, some maps, paper to plan on, water to clean marks in walls, a kit that they got from class and finally the gadget Mr Manley gave them. Then they made the beds and tidied the kitchen. As they stepped out of the door, Audrey McAlister and her brother Michael came past.

“I see thy is going on an adventure!” Audrey said in her posh voice. The twins just stared.

 “In case ya’ didn’t hear wot my sista’ here was sayin’, are ya going on a adventure?” Michael said.

Audrey and Michael McAlister were the children of Axel McAlister the academy’s head master. Because of this they were very rich…. and I mean RICH. (Think of the richest person you know- and TRIPLE the amount of money he or she has. That is how much money the McAlister’s have!) Audrey was 16 and very sophisticated with long fancy words in every speech. She was very attractive with long silky blonde hair and bright green eyes with pale pink lips and rosy cheeks. But was always wearing make up and expensive clothes. Her hair was always up in a tight bun so you never got to see her real beauty. Michael was cool and teenagerly for a 15 year- old but extremely clever as well. He had blonde hair at a cool style and very out there clothes. He had quite an accent. The were always putting their noses into things they shouldn’t.

“Yes, we certainly are,” Sarah said, “And it is a privet mission. Then she added, “So privet that we can expel you if you stick your noses into it.” The McAlister’s ran.

“Well I don’t think we will see them again.” Jane said.

“Let’s hope not, that’s one thing we don’t need - distractions.” The twins were soon out in the fresh air. It felt wonderful to be in the cool breeze and warm sun.

“Let’s get going.” Jane said.

Sarah swung her bag off her back and took out a crumpled map. She straitened it out and let her finger search the map. Then she pointed to a spot.

“Here we are,” she said. Then she repeated the steps she had just done and pointed to another spot.

“This is where, well if my theory is correct, we should be heading.” Sarah said.

“Where exactly are we heading?” Jane asked.

“The shack, of course.” Sarah replied in a puzzled voice she couldn’t understand why Jane didn’t know. Jane caught the tone of miss understanding in her twin’s voice.

“Sarah remember that when it comes to mathematics, geography, history, biography, the other one, and you know the one that’s in our books, you know all the stuff that you do at school, your good at that. Me, well I guess I am the adventurous one.”

 “But Jane if I was not adventurous why would I be doing anything for this adventure.”

Jane was supposed to reply but something caught her eye. Sarah stopped talking as well and she looked where Jane was deeply staring.

“Sarah, do you see that.” The young detective pointed to a house on the hillside.




“Yes, if you’re looking at that house.”























Chapter six

Another distraction and a suspect


“If you are thinking what I am thinking then do you think we should go see it?” Jane asked.

“Well lets talk this over, if we go there ‘we’ might get distracted like ‘we’ normally do.”

When Sarah said ‘we’ she meant Jane as not only was Jane the worrier, she also was the less consentrated one.

“I know, I know but one teeny weeny little look won’t hurt, will it?” Jane said.

“I guess not.” Sarah replied.

“Well what are we waiting for?” Jane asked, running off at top speed towards the house.

Sarah folded the map neatly and swung her backpack onto her back, then ran off panting, trying to catch up to her athletic twin.

The house the twins had spotted was none other than their old cottage and the twins were dying to see the formor family house where they used to eat their mothers homemade food and help their dad with the gardening.

“Isn’t it wierd walking into this place again!” Jane said as Sarah walked in.


Then Sarah went into the lounge and looked around while Jane peeped into the bathroom. They kept doing this and soon they had seen the whole house.

“Jane I can almost smell food cooking in the oven!” Sarah said.

“Speaking of food I’m starved.” Jane said in reply.

So the two girls placed the food they had brought on the table and started nibbling on it.

 Once they had tidied up Jane suddenly spoke,

“Sarah we forgot to look in our room, so I am going to go take a look in it , do you want to come?”

“Okay” Sarah said.

They walked into the room and what a surprise they got!

“Ja, Jane I don’t think we left our room like this, do you think,” She swallowed hard, “Someone has broken in?”

“Um.. there is a big chance.” She looked at her sisters scared face, “But we don’t know for sure!” she said comfortingly.

When the girls had entered the room they had seen their duvet on the floor and all the chests open and the blinds were crumpled and the cubourds were trashed and all the pictures and frames were broken and smuged. In the middle of the room was a big blob of mud.

“Jane, I think I know. Someone hasn’t broken in, someone is living here!”

“How do you know for sure?” Jane asked.

“This room is trashed like a room would be trashed if a person is careless and when I said I can almost smell food cooking like mom used to, I actually caught a glimpse of a cottage pie in the oven.”

“Sarah I want to get out of here, this is creepy” Jane said.

“Me to!” Sarah said quickly before Jane even finished.

“Let’s go through the garden,” Jane suggested, “Its faster.”

Sarah didn’t answer but slid through the sliding door and made her way to the fence.

Jane followed but as she was closing the door she heard a shrill scream. One thought raced through her mind as her heart missed a beat. Sarah has been caught!

Jane ran to where the scream came from and there lay Sarah in a crumpled heap on the floor. She had fainted. Jane did not freak out as Sarah had fainted several times in the past. Instead she picked up her twins limp body and then saw what her sister had screamed of fright from. In front of her, thankfully standing with his back against her, was a man! Jane was about to scream when she saw that the man had ear pluggs in. Still she thought she better not scream. For a moment she didn’t know what to do espessially as her decision effected Sarah aswell, but then as if luck just fell out of the sky Sarah woke up. At once she followed Janes instructions and noislessly crept up to the gate and climbed over, Sarah looked back and saw that the strange man was Mr Wake-Field. They were surprised at why he would be there, but they didn’t dare say a word as he might hear them. But after running about one and a half kilometors the talking started.

“Jane what is our old gardener doing here?” Sarah asked.

“Don’t ask me!” Jane said in reply.

After a while they picked up pace and ran towards the shack, where they were supposed to go in the first place.

“Sarah, why are we going to the shack again?” Jane asked.

“To search. It seems like such a desserted little thing that I think would make a great hiding place for mom and dad.”

“Oh yes, thanks”

When the twins finally got there they had one more surprise. Inside who did they find but Ashley!

Around her were maps and pencils and paper.

“Ashley?” The twins said in unison.

 “Oh, um, Hi, um I wasn’t expecting you, um, oh girls it’s already five o ‘clock, er you know I’m starved, can um, you, um, maybe go home and make some supper and er I’ll be back in an hour or so?” Ashley said.

“Ash what are you doing here?” Jane asked.

“I’ll explain later”

“Ok what do you want for supper?” Sarah asked, not suspecting anything to wrong.


“Well, then we’ll be off!” Sarah said.

“Bye!” Ashley called.

On the way back the twins were talking their heads off trying to piece the whole thing together.

“It really is confusing,” Jane said, “especially with miss Ashley now.”

When the twins entered the academy they were as quiet as a mouse. But when they entered the sound-proof cabin, the talking started again.

Ashley arrived next and the Roberts family (or some of it) ate a quiet dinner. After dinner Ashley said she was going to have an early night. The twins then cleaned up, had a shower, cleaned their teeth and combed their hair then headed straight up to the mystery planning room also known as the attic and sat down to work.

“Jane let’s peace this thing together!”


Sarah and Jane got some paper. This what  Jane wrote…. (she misspelled most of the stuff)












                       DETECTIVE STUFF




·       Ashley

·       Mr Wake-Fieled

·       Mathyou Parkerr

·       A compleet stranjer



·       Sarah’s dreem

·       Nothing els reelly



·       Jane(me)

·       Sarah(twin)










This is what Sarah wrote… (with better speling)




                  Detectives Diary



·        Ashley

·        Mr Wake-Field

·        Matthew Parker



·        My dream








·        Sarah (me)

·        Jane(twin)





  “What do we do now?” Sarah asked as she wrote down Jane on her page.

“Maybe we could cross off the places on the map where we have looked?” Jane suggested.

Although Jane was a worrier, had a short attention span, was always hungry, was bad at maths, english, spelling and…(well you get the point), she actually had some good ideas every now and then.

“That’s a great idea Jane!” Sarah said. She went to went to a little draw and pulled out a map. She then went to a shelf and got two markers. A blue and a green.

“The blue is for where we have already looked and the green is for our next stop.” Sarah explained as she handed her twin a blue marker.

“Cool!” Jane said as she crossed out shack on the map. Sarah got a cusion, plopped it on the floor and opened the green marker. She circled house in green but Jane quickly crossed it out in blue.

“Hey, I just thought we could look there again for clues!” Sarah said.

“Sorry!” Jane said sarcasticly.

“Humph!” Sarah said as she went to get the typix. She then drew a big circle around house again and carried on looking. After a while she stood up and stretched her legs. She admired their work.

“You know what we should do next?” She asked Jane.


“Eat!” Sarah said smiling. As she walked to the kitchen she thought about what she had just said.

“Such a Jane thing to say!” She said to herself. As she poured the hot chocolate into the cups and grabbed some choc-oats her favourite biscuits, she thought how much she actually missed her parent’s. She wiped a tear away from her cheek and walked to the attic. As the girls munched on cho-oats, Jane said…

“I think we should disscuss today, Sarah.”


They spent a long time chit chatting about suspects, clues and (weirdly) how nice choc-oats were.It was eleven ‘o clock by the time everyone at cabin number 298 was asleep.











                                          Chapter seven

Mrs Bookley

The next day was raining and for most of the day excepting breakfest Ashley, Sarah and Jane sat by the oval window wishing against wishes that Andrea and David Roberts, their parents would just appear. But that was nonsense, the Roberts girls knew that but they still had hope.

“Well we can’t wait here forever staring into nothing, dreaming-no, we have  to do something.” Ashley said. “I vote we investigate a litle more.”

“How-have you forgotten it’s raining?” Was Jane’s reply.

“You don’t have to look outside- inside’s just as good.”

“Good point!”

Meanwhile Sarah was thinking of some kind of way to investigate but in a way that no-one would think was actually going to help.

“Sarah what do you think”

For a second Sarah was still thinking.


“Oh, um maybe we should see Mr Manley again?” Sarah suggested.

“Sarah you’re a genius!” Ashley said.

So the the Roberts girls went to Mr Manley’s study.

“Why, Hello. Before you talk let me see if I can remember your names.

Tall one you are – Ashley

The twin with the skirt and jacket - Sarah

The twin with the overalls and pony tail- Jenna,”

“Jane,” Jane said

“Jane then.” He said, “And I think your last name is Ronald.”

“Roberts” They said in unison.

“Well what did you come for?”

“It’s about the mystery,” Ashley said, “It’s getting more confusing every minute.”

Sarah and Jane shot her a mysterious look.

 ‘What did she know?’ Jane thought, ‘She was at party’s the whole night, so why would she now anything, or care to know.’

 Sarah was reading Jane’s thoughts, but agreed as they had seen her doing something odd in the shack the previous day.While all this thinking going on with the Roberts twins, Ashley was explaining what had happened from the last visit the twins had made to him.

“Very intresting!” Mr Manley said.

“What’s intresting” Sarah asked.

 “What Audrey has been telling me about your adventures.”

“Ashley!” Ashley said.

“Yes, yes.”

“Wait, Ash how did you know about are adventures?” Jane asked.

“I heard you talking about it last night.”

“YOU WEREN’T ASLEEP, YOU WERE EAVSDROPPING!” Jane shouted rushing towards her sibling.

Sarah leapt forward and grabbed Jane before she knocked over her sister. It was quite a schene.

 “Jenna, Sally what is going on.” Mr Manley asked.

“Sir it’s Sarah and Jane.” Ashley said.

 “Thank you Audrey.”

“It’s Ashley sir and why do you keep calling me Audrey?”

“Two reasons. A. Audrey McAlister and her brother just came and B. It is really hard remembering all the academy’s names.”

Sarah and Jane were having deep, quiet conversation on the fight a few minutes ago but when Mr Manley said that Audrey and her brother came by they were suspicios. Why were they there? They asked Mr Manley if he told them about their mission.

“No indeed I didn’t!” he said.

They twins heaved a sigh of relief, as they thought the McAlisters were only there on a quest to get information on the Roberts twins.

“Remember I am a detective so I know not to give to much information to suspicous people.”

 Then the young slueths remembered what they were there for.

“Mr Manley could you please tell us the best thing to do.” Sarah asked.

“Well Sally probably the best thing to do is-’’

“Sir it’s Sarah.”

“And Jane not Jenna.”

 “And it’s Ashley NOT Audrey.”

“Sorry, but may I call you by your spy names?”(do you mind if I do too?)

“We don’t mind, mine is Rash.” Ashley said.

“Mine is Stealther.” Jane said.

“And mine is Acro.” Sarah said.

“As I was saying, maybe you should visit the library and get some books on the North Forest, gadgets, tunnels and secret passegways that could be hidden.” Mr Manley said.

“Mr Manley you’re a jolly clever man” Rash said.

“A wizz.” Acro said.

“A smart guy,” Stealther said, “But why the North Forest?”

“Because that is where you are assuming your parents are, aren’t you?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“We’ll be off then.” Rash said.

While they were walking to the library Rash stared at Stealther with cold eyes. When they were out of hearing distince she was screaming at her and talking madly about the little incident that happened in the detectives workshop. She eventually calmed down.

“Sarah, Jane, I mean Acro, Stealther-’’

“Um please Ash, just call me Sarah.” Sarah said.

“Feel free to call me Jane.” Jane said.

“Ok then, this is what I was going to say;

Sarah, Jane, I.. I.. I know…I know why you did it, I.. I guess…I guess I just couldn’t understand at that moment why in the whole entire world why you would fly at me like that, but I realise now that it was because of yesterday. You know where you saw me in the shack, yeah you probably got suspicous. I mean it’s not a bad thing- I would of as well but it was just because, well.” She gulped. “I was jealise.”

 Sarah and Jane froze-Ashley, jealise, no that couldn’t be right- could it?

“What were you jealise about?” Jane asked.


“Come on.”

“I was jealise because, this is how it goes… oh I can’t say it, let me write it. So Ashley started writing

I was probably the best at everything in my class- except solving cases.

I tied and I tried but I just was no good at it.

Mom told me you two were good at solving cases like the time Jane helped with finding out were all the food went- or the time Sarah found out what the terrible stink in the house was.

She told me that we could help you solve a mystery.

When mom and dad went missing, I knew this was my chance.

But you were already on the case and you were probably going to solve it before me.

So I hid and went to the old shack to do some sleuthing on my own- but you decided to look there.

I’m sorry

“That’s ok!” Sarah said as they walked into the library. Even though Sarah was happy they were friends again, inside she was a bit confused. It felt like all they ever did was put suspects on her list and then take them off again.  

The library was outside the academy so it looked non spy-like. Sarah and Jane had been there before but had never suspected anything. Once they were in the library they split up and searched for a long time. The Roberts girls had unfortunately no luck.

“Ash there is nothing in the library except books about stuff we don’t need- what are we to do?” Jane said.

Sarah walked into the isle her sisters were in. She flopped down into a big chair and groaned.

“There is nothing I tell you, nothing.”

“We know!”

“Should we give up?”

“No!” Jane said.

Through the conversation Sarah found herself staring at a shelf that seemed different to the others. The next thing she knew she was walking towards the shelf. Sarah was wondering why she had done this move.

‘I mean seriously what could be so intresting about this shelf it was a shelf, just a shelf-an ordinary, very normal shelf.’ She told herself. But somehow Sarah just thought that this was a, well how should I put it, not an ordinary shelf. All of a sudden Sarah  decided to study the back and saw that in one part their was a different piece of wood. Before she did anything she decided to measure the side of the shelf then the inside. So she pressed her fingers along the way and counted the inches.

“Thirty-five inches on the side and-.” She quickly measured the inside-

“Only nineteen inches on the inside?” Why would a carpenter build a shelf with uneven sides she wondered? Then she thought that there were several reasons why this could happen. Suddenly Sarah realised she was letting here mind run free, she often did this – she would focose on one thing and then find herself thinking something completely different. She checked the measurments again. They were the same. It was all very very confusing. She kept thinking and wondered what to do. Then she thought. Now was the right time to check the back of the shelf. So she turned around and walked to the back, stuck her nails into the little piece of wood and pulled. After some time she found that the wood was giving away. She got excited and tugged harder. The processe once again took it’s time. Sarah never gave up but it was dissapointing when she looked through a little crack. It looked empty. A sudden thought came to her- if the wood had nothing behind it then she was breaking the property of the library, what if the carpenter just mistankenly added the wrong type of wood. But she swollowed the thought and kept trying. As the wood was about to give away her nails broke.

“OUCH!” she shouted. Ashley and Jane raced to where she was. 

“What’s wrong?”  Ashley said.

“Oh, nothing.” Sarah said.

Ashley looked at Jane and sent a secret sister comunication vision. She had learn’t this at spy school. Jane smiled. The message simply said…

Sar’ isn’t talking

I know she is hiding something

You’re her twin

Get her to talk



So, Jane simply sang….     



Sar-bear bear is shy

You can’t talk to her, go ahead

Sar-bear, Sar-bear, Sar-bear is shy

You can’t talk to her, go ahead and try


 Sarah didn’t get angry, to Ashley’s surprise, she started laughing. So did Jane. But then Sarah saw how baffled Ashley looked.

“Jane, explain to Ash please.” She said.

“Okay! So when we were about four, Sarah would be very secretive and I hated it. So I always’s sang this song and it would somehow get her to tell.”

“Oh, I wish I could have been there.” Ashley said sadly.

“Oh well, I guess I should tell you what I was doing.” Sarah said quickly changing the subject. At once Ashley concentrated on Sarah.

“So when you guys were talking I just found myself staring at something. I walked towards it.”

“What?” Jane asked.

“A shelf.”


“So my instincts told me that I should look at the back of the shelf and there it was. A piece of wood that was completely different to the rest. I tried to open it but my nails broke and that’s where you came in.”

“Sounds Detectivy!” Jane said.

“That’s not a word.” Ashley said correccting Jane. But Jane just shruggged.

“Girls, I think there is something behind that piece of wood, but I can’t get it now!” Sarah said looking at her nails.

“Don’t worry Sarah, I have the perfect spy gadget for that!” Jane said taking off her earings.

“Huh?” Sarah said confused.

“My earings! Annie told me that they are very rare and is the perfect spy gadget!” Jane said proudly.

 Sarah only belived her because she knew Annie. Annie was Jane’s best friend who happened to be a spy. Annie was also a know-it-all person so if Jane was telling the truth, then she belived her. Jane whipped her earings off and found a button. Sarah and Ashley crowded round her. Jane then pressed a button and out whirled about a hundred tools. She picked the spanner then pressed the button again and the tools went back into the earings. Jane put them back on her ears.

“Easy peasy, lemon squezy, pudding and pie.” Jane said giggiling.

 She went to the shelf and handed Sarah the spanner. She took it and slid it into the piece of wood. She tugged and, presto the wood fell out. Ashley, Sarah and Jane looked inside. There was a key inside. On it was a note. It said…




Girls, this is David,

Your father.

This key unlocks a book that will

Give you any info on mysteries you want.

It is hidden somewhere in this library.

To find it, read this riddle.


Ashley looked into the little hole and saw a piece of paper. She grabbed it. She read the riddle…

Lift the carpet,

with the unusaul patterens.

Press the button hard,

Until it flattens.

Then you shall find,

a trapdoor that is

one of a kind.

Lift it up.

Have a look,

until you see a little book.




Sarah grabbed the paper out of Ashley’s hands and turned it over.She was thinking that there might be another clue there. She was right! On the back of the riddle was a clue.




To make sure you

have the right book,

read the tittle on the key.



“I am confused.” Jane said as Sarah finished reading the clue.

“Aghh, Me too!”

But Ashley was busy thinking. She kept saying the riddle over and over again. Then, finally, she got the answer.

“The kiddie reading section!” she shouted.

“The what now?” Sarah asked.

“The kiddie reading section.”

“You mean the place where all the kindergarten kids come and read there books and do all there gross stuff like wiping the pages of Butterfly in snot?” Jane said.

It was true though. When Jane was in kindergarten and had to read in the kiddie reading section she had a tough time. (It wasn’t actually tough but Jane says it was). Her favourite book was called Butterfly. She wouldn’t let anyone else read it. But one day a boy named Phillip Stripps got hold of the book. Phillip is one of those people with really bad manners. Long story short- he wiped his nose with the book. And ever since, the kiddie reading section was now a nightmare to Jane.

“Well yes, that place.” Ashley said calmly. “It’s the only place that has a patterened carpet, so it might be the only place where the book is hidden.”

Jane sighed.

“I guess a better try.” She said. She turned around and walked to the kiddie reading section. She peeped in and came running back.

“I can’t,” She said, “I can’t!

“Why not?”

“There in front of me was Butterfly and guess who was reading it!”

“Phillip Stripps?” Sarah suggested.

“No, he’s in our grade remember! He won’t be allowed to read that book. It’s much worse. Ryan Stripps!”

Ryan was Phillips little brother who was four. He was much worse than Phillip.

“Philip or Ryan, I’m still going there.” Ashley said

“Me to!” Sarah said.

“Count me out. I am am going to prove that there is another carpet with a book under it.” With that, Jane turned on her heel and marched down the isle.

Ashley and Sarah watched her until she was out of sight. Then they walked to the kiddie reading section. When they got there they saw that the room was empty.

“Looks like Ryan has left.” Ashley said sarcasticaly, because she knew Jane was lying..


 When they found the carpet they were searching for a button but could not find it. They searched and they searched but they just could not find it. After a while Jane came back.

“I guess this is the only carpet with a pattern.” She said.

“Told you.”

Jane looked around the room.

“Where’s Ryan?” She asked.

“Not here!” Sarah said in mocking voice.

 Jane loked worried. She should of thought they would figure it out. She then knelt down beside Ashley and Sarah. They all looked together but neither of them could find a button. Eventually Ashley gave up.

“Can we give this a break?” She asked.

“I am quite hungry.” Jane said.

“You always are, Jane, you always are.”

 Jane just smiled.

“I think I’ll leave you girls while I go order some pizza,Okay?” Ashley said.

Sarah nodded and Jane said “Yep!”

The two girls looked for ages. Jane looked up at the clock.

“Sarah it’s 3:19. The library closes at half past three. We have only 11 minutes until we have to leave and I really really want to find this book.”

“Me too.”

At that moment Ashley walked in.

“I orded pepperoni and feta for Jane and feta, avo and bacon for Sarah.”

“Yummy” Sarah said.

“I can’t wait!”

“And I’m looking forward to a nice ham and pineapple pizza.” Ashley said.

“Um, completely changing the conversation, Ash we have a problem!” Sarah said.


“We only have a few minutes until the library closes.”

“Oh, yes I forgot to tell you, I was thinking, does the button we’re looking for have to be an actual button?”


“Like maybe it could be a picture of a button.”

“Oh my, yes that could work.” Jane said.

“Let’s try.”Sarah said.

So the three of them sat down and started looking for something like a button. A few minutes later Sarah shouted…

“I think I found it!” She said. Ashley and Jane moved quickly to where Sarah was sitting.

“Look, there!” She said. She was pointing to a letter in the corner of the carpet. It said B. Then beneath it in a diaganal line was the letter U. It kept going in this diaganal patteren until it spelled…











“You find it Sarah!” Jane screamed. “Well done!”

“Good job Sarah, but don’t carried away, we only have six minutes until the library closes. If we want to find this book we must hurry!” Ashley said.


They pressed the bumpy letters down and the part where the leters were opened up. There was a little door. Ashley opened it and saw the little book. It had a keyhole in it. It was a bit broken but not much.

Then she suddenly remembered the clue.

“Sarah do you have the key?”


“What does it say?”


“The book says slueth on it, I think we have found it!”

“Hip Hip Horay!” Jane said.

“Now let’s get this book home.” The Roberts girls went to the dest to check the book in. They went to an old lady who had snow white hair and blue eyes. When she saw the book she quickly took it away.

“Err, you can’t take this book.”

“Why not?” Sarah asked.

But the librarian had already put the book in her desk.

“Excuse me, we would like to take that book out please.” Jane said.

“No, you can’t.” She snapped.


“No, no, no, you can not!”

Ashley looked at her nametag. It said




“Please Mrs Bookley, can we take this book out.”


Ashley knew that it was going to carry on like this so she took a piece of paper & a pen from her hand bag and scribbled…

My children Ashley, Sarah and Jane, must be allowed to take out the book named Slueth.

She passed the note to the librarian. She told her that it was from David Roberts and he told them to take the book out. She knew it would work because everyone knows Andrea and David and they listen to them. She also wasn’t lying because he did say that on the key.

“Aggh, alright here you go.” She said.

Ashley took it and plopped it into her hand bag, then grabbed Sarah and Jane and rushed to the cabin. When they got there they ate their pizza. Jane and Sarah took Ashley into the mystery solving room and told her everything. They showed her the worksheets aswell. Then they rubbed out Ashley and added Mrs Bookley in her place. Then they disscussed the situation about the strange librarian. At 10:30 they went to bed.  


As they climbed in Jane whispered to Sarah.

“Tomorrow, we’ll go and explore the woods with Ashley.”


“Let the adventure begin!”











Early the next morning Jane woke Sarah up.

“Come on, we want an early start this morning.”

Sarah just groaned.

“Do you know what time it is!” She mumbled.

“Five ‘o clock.”


“Five ‘o clock.”


“Do you want to find Mom and Dad or not?”


“I’m going to go wake up Ash, Okay?”

“Yes, I think I’m going to get dressed.”

Jane had already ran out of the room.

“My silly twin!” Sarah thought as she pulled a pair of pants on. As she was putting on her denim jacket that matched her red shirt, Jane walked in with Ashley. Her first words were…

“Your not wearing that are you?” She said pointing to Sarah. Sarah sighed, she knew Jane was very into fashion.

“Jane we’re not going to a fashion show.”

“It’s not that, it’s just I thought if we found Mom and Dad, we would want to make sure we look our best.”

“No, Jane, we don’t and even if we do, it’s no point dressing up as that will just be a nuisance when we are climbing over fences or climbing trees.” Sarah said looking at Jane’s dress. Her hair was in a perfct bun. Sarah looked at her pony tail in a mirror. “Better adventure for me” she thought.

“Fine I’ll change.” Jane spat, running out the room. She came back wearing some cowboy boots, jeans and a faded shirt. Her hair was still in the bun.

 “Come on, do twins just squabble all day, we have got to find Mommy and Daddy!” Ashley said.


“Let’s go.”

So the Roberts girls went back into the North Forest. Sarah took out the map they had drewn on. She crossed out ACADEMY in blue. Then she looked at where they should look now. The pond ws their next stop.

“Girls, we’re heading to the pond.”

Ashley was running down the bank already.

“Looks like someone really misses mom and dad.” Jane exclaimed.

“I do!” Sarah said breaking into a run as she caught up to Ashley. Jane copied. Soon they were ariving at the pond. All of them looked for any clue to their parents dissapearance.

“I found something!” Ashley screamed, half an hour later. The twins ran to their older sister. Ashley pointed to some foot prints in the mud.

“Look at those foot prints, their huge!”

“Do you think it could be the footprints of the guilty criminal?” Sarah asked.

“I’m not sure, Sarah, remember the forest is lived in by other people.”

“I forgot.”

“But, those are rather huge feet aren’t they? I’m positive no one in this forest has such big feet.” Jane said, measuring them and putting the rusults in her pocket.

“That’s a good point!”

“Let’s follow them.” Sarah said.

“OK.” So the Roberts children folowed the huge muddy footprints. They passed some big trees and then a big flower patch. After a while they came to a pond. Then they passed some big trees and a big flower patch. Another pond came into view. Then they saw some big trees and a flower patch. Soon they saw a pond. They passed some big trees and a flower patch. But another pond came into view. And more big trees with a flower patch that followed. It kept going.




“Is it just me, or are we just going round in circles.” Sarah asked.

“I think we’ve gone on a wild goose chase.” Jane replied.

“I think this was supposed to happen.” Ashley said.

“Huh?” the twins said in unison, looking very identical with the strange look on their faces.

“I think the criminal has put a red herring here.” Ashley replied.

“So we’ve just been pranked?” Jane asked.

“Not exatly, pranked, I think we have fallen into a trap.” Ashley replied.

“You mentioned a red herring.” Sarah said.

“Yes, a red herring is something that will throw the detective-’’

“Detectives!” Jane corrected.

“Something that will throw the detectives off track.” Ashley said.

“Well, it’s worked.” Sarah said.

“Yep, it sure has!”

Jane was sitting on a rock nearby and mumbling something like:

                                         That darn criminal!

She was looking at the tree in front of her. Then she noticed a piece of pink fabric attatched to the tree. She called Ashley and Sarah over.

“Look!” she shouted pointing to the fabric. Ashley ran over.

“It looks like mom’s pink shirt.”

“Do you think she was here and that piece of her shirt got pulled of when she came pass?”

“I don’t think so. The way it is attatched to the tree is tyed on. Either our guilty criminal or Mom herself.” Ashley replied.

“I have a hunch!” Sarah said a few minutes later.


“I think, why would the criminal tye the fabric on? Wouldn’t that just lead us to them? Why take them then? So I think Mommy tyed it on herself. Maybe she left more of them on the different trees and it will make a trail that will lead to her and Daddy!”

“That is a good hunch, Sar’, but don’t you think that it could be another red herring?” Ashley asked.

“It was just a hunch.” Sarah replied.

“So what do we do now?” Jane asked.

“Look for more clues?”

“Found one!” Ashley whispered. Sarah looked to where Ashley was pointing. Her heart missed a beat.

                         She saw a shadowy figure moving through the trees!










Chapter nine

The shadow person



The Roberts children were scared. They werent just scared though, they were terrified!

“Quick!” Ashley whispered as she crawled into a bush.

The others folowed. The shadow kept coming closer until it was so close it wasn’t even a metre away! The children pressed their heads to the floor as hard as they could and held their breath. The figure came closer and then tawit tawoo. The figure’s head turned around fast to look at the owl. At that moment Ashley gave a gentle punch to each twin as a signal and wriggled away. When she was far enough, she stood up and noislesly climbed a tree. The twins followed making sure the shadow couldn’t see them as they climbed a tree. From their veiw they could see the figure turn around and march towards the pond. He was carrying something that looked like a parcel. As soon as he was far enough Ashley slid down the tree. She tugged at one leg of Jane and one of Sarah. They carefully climbed down.

“Let’s follow him!” Ashley said her eyes twinkling.

“We nearly got caught by our maybe-criminal just a few seconds ago and now you want us to follow it?” Jane said, her voice rising with every word.


“Count me in!” Sarah shouted.

“Count me out!” Jane shouted

Ashley put her hands on her hips.

“You not coming?”

“No!” Jane replied.

“Well, if we find Mom and Dad I guess I’ll just tell them that Jane wanted to stay behind.”

Jane jumped up.

“I’m coming!” She shouted. Sarah smiled at Ashley.

They followed the shadow at a distance. Soon they came to a familiar path.

“Isn’t this the path to our old cottage?” Jane asked as she stepped over an ant.

“It lookes like it, but don’t get excited, we’ve had to many red herrings to be absuloutly positive about anything.”

They walked along the path until they came to a cottage.

“I think Jane was right.” Sarah said as they came near.

“About the house?”

“Yep, that.”

“You don’t think our parent’s our in there, do you?” Ashley asked.

“I’m not sure, I don’t think so because we did look here. Unless the criminal or us took a wrong turn, I don’t think we were supposed to land up here.” Jane replied.

“Where is the criminal anyway?” Sarah asked scaning each and every nook.

“I don’t know?” Ashley replied.

They kept running around the place looking for the figure. Forty-five minutes later, they met by they stone where all the adventures began. The stone that had push engraved on it.

“I’ve checked everywhere!” Ashley said.

“I’ve checked every nook and cranny.” Jane explained.

“I’ve checked so many places, my legs hurt.” Sarah complained.

The Roberts children sat unhappily in the baking hot sun for about fifteen minutes. Then they heard a sound that didn’t match the chirping of birds or the whispering voices of the trees or the wind howling. No, this noise was very different. This noise was leaves crunching.

“That sounds like a person walking.” Sarah said.

“It does!” Jane replied.

They looked to where the noise was coming from. There they saw a body disappear round the corner. Before any one could say ‘follow him’ Sarah was sprinting over to where the figure dissapeard. The others followed. It had taken them exactly 9ms(milleseconds). But when they got there there, they were devastated to find out that he got away.

“That is incrediable.” Ashley said.

“No, it’s irratating.” Jane replied.

“How did he get away?” Sarah asked.


“So, um, now what?” Ashley asked.

“What’s the time?” Sarah asked.

“1:34.” Jane replied, looking at her watch.

“I have lab lessons at two.” Sarah said.

“I’ve got weopon class at quarter past.” Jane said.

“Quarter past what?” Ashley said.

“Two.” Jane replied.

“What about you Ash?” Sarah asked.

“Homework.” Ashley said frowning.

“So if we all have to do stuff, then why wait around, let’s just go.” Jane said.


“Let’s go, we can come back tomorrow.” Ashley said. And with that the Roberts children left the forest and attended their classes.


















Chapter ten



It was Saturday morning and Ashley and the twins were eating cereal.

“Are we going back to the forest today, like we said we would?” Ashley asked. Jane poured some milk into her bowl.

“Up to you guys.” She said. Sarah nodded and said…

“Sounds good to me.”

“Great , Jane, what about about you?” Ashley asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it.” Suddenly Sarah screamed…

“Jane!” Jane looked down and saw what her twin was seeing. She hadn’t stopped pouring the milk and now little orange flakes were dancing on the floor. Quick as a flash she put the bottle down and poured the milk in her bowl down the sink. Jane got out the mop and poured some hot water into a bucket. Then she mopped up the flakes on the floor. Then she grabbed a cloth from the draw. Sarah got up from the table and got a cloth. They knelt down side-by-side and wiped the remaning milk on the floor. Ashley giggled.

“It’s not funny!” Jane said irratably. But she and Sarah started giggling too. After a while they calmed down.

“If we want to look today, I think we better get dressed.” Ashley said pointing to the twins in their floppy pajamas.

“I agree.” Jane said. They went to their bedrooms and changed into some clothes. Sarah was wearing some beige shorts, a red top and takkies. Her hair was in a pony tail. Jane was wearing a blue floral jumpsuit with matching tackies. Her hair was down. Ashley was wearing a blue top with brown shorts. She had black tackies. Her hair was in a bun. Sarah packed a back pack of the same contents that were in the back pack last time. They set off.

“Where are going to look now?” Jane asked.

“Do you remember what the figure was carrying?” Sarah asked.

“Yes.” Ashley replied.

“It was a package, right, so if he was our criminal then the contents of it must be something illeagal.”

“Yes!” Jane shouted.

“Where are you going with this?” Ashley asked Sarah.

“Well, our maybe-so criminal took the package to the house-’’

“And you think it might still be there!” Jane finished.

“How’d you guess?”

“We’re twins, it comes naturaly.”


“Let’s go there then.” Ashley said.

So the children walked to the cottage. Half way there Jane started complaining.

“In just two days, I’ve walked nine kilometers, run four and climbed a tree. My legs hurt.”

“We’ll give you five minutes to chill.” Ashley said. Jane sat on a familiar rock. After three minutes she spoke…

“Isn’t this were we found the piece of fabric that was tyed on the tree?” She asked.

“Yes, but it’s no point looking at it, since we don’t know if it was the criminal or Mom who tyed it on, remember, that was our problem yesterday.” Ashley answered.

“This looks like Mom’s knot.” Sarah said stydying the fabric.

“Mom has her own knot?” Jane asked.


“In that case, I think we should follow Sarah’s hunch.” Ashley said.

“What was my hunch again?” Sarah asked thinking so hard her forehead wrinkled.

“To see if there were more of these that would make a trail.” Ashley replied.

“Let’s look then.” Jane said. So they looked for more and had luck.

“Sarah, your hunch was right.” Jane said pointing to different pieces of the same pink fabric.”

Soon they came to a path.

“Oh my gosh, I think this is the trail that leads to our old house.” Jane exclaimed.

“This is true.” Ashley said as she put her hands on her forehead.

“Come on.” Sarah said running. They all followed.

“Looks like we can get the package in any case.” Sarah said as she picked up a parcel by the front door.

“What’s that?” Jane said pointing to a piece of paper on the doorstep.

“It’s a note!” Ashley said as she picked it up. She read it to the twins. It said…


Hey Rodger

The package contains some things that will help the you know what.

I won’t tell too much in case someone else finds this instead of you.




“Whose Stan.” Jane asked.

“Dunno?” Sarah answered.

“But who is Rodger” asked Ashley.

“No clue.” Sarah replied.

“What shall we do with this,” Jane asked pointing to the package

“I can open up a locker in the locker room where spies keep all their clues.” Ashley offered.

“That’s a great idea Ash!” Jane said

“Come on!” Sarah said running toward the academy.

After they put the package in the locker, they heard a bell ringing.

It was followed by people screaming ‘fire!’















Chapter 11



“WHAT’S GOING ON?” Ashely shouted although it was only a whisper with all the noise.

“PARDON?” Jane shouted.





“ASH! JANE! STOP WASTING YOUR BREATH, PUT THESE ON.” Sarah shouted passing them each a pair of earphones. At once the noise stopped and they could hear each other clearly.

“What are these?” Ashley asked.

 “A spy gadget?”


“Um Ashley, Jane do really think that there’s a fire!” Sarah asked, looking at all the agents running past and screaming.

“Maybe,” Ashley replied as a girl that was about the same age as herself, rushed by. She had to grab onto a door, “It must be really hectic if Joe is running.” She carried on, pointing to the girl that had pushed Ashley over.

“Then it must be bad.” Sarah replied.

Joanne, or Joe, as you know her, was a black-haired girl that was fifteen. She was the bravest girl in the academy. (Obviously only out of the children). Everyone knew her. I mean, it was easy to recognise her as she was always dressed in shorts and old tops. Her hair was constantly in a pony tail.

“I think we should find out what’s going on!” Jane said.

“Me too.” Ashley replied.

“Not me,” Sarah said, “I don’t like the sound of fire.”

“Well, I want to go.” Jane said.

“Me too, but we can’t just leave our sister.” Ashley said.

“It’s Okay girls, I’ll find out in another way.” Sarah said, running off.

“How?” Ashley asked.

“I’ll ask Joe!” Sarah replied.

“Come on!” Ashley replied running in the opposite direction of the stampede of humans.

As they got nearer ‘Spies Pies’, the restaurant the temperature got hotter. Ashley checked her temperature watch.


“Jane, my temp watch went from 24 to 44 in just five minutes!” She said.

Jane didn’t answer. She started running away. Ashley looked back and shouted.

“Chicken! Thought you said you weren’t afraid?”

Jane still didn’t answer. All she did was run, strawberry blonde wisps of hair flying everywhere they could. It looked as if they wanted to escape her head! But as Ashley turned around, she wanted to run like Jane did. In front of her were huge red and orange flames flying in every direction. She tried to turn around, but someone pulled her in.

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed. She closed her eyes.






















“Where am I?” Was Ashley Roberts first sentence she said when she opened her eyes. A kind voice replied.

“In the hospital, honey.” Ashley looked up and saw a face that just made you want smile. It was like out of a romantic book, or at least, that’s what Ashley thought. Then she sat up right.

“The hospital?”

“Yes dear.” Then it all came flooding back to her. The stampede of people, the fire, being grabbed.

“Where are the twins?”

“Your sisters?”

“Yes, Sarah and Jane.”

“They’re in the waiting room, I can call them if you would like me to?”

“Later, for now, can you please answer some questions?”

“Of course, darling, what do you want to know?”

“First, your name, age and um hair colour.”

“Why my hair colour?” The nurse asked.

“Well, my aunty sounds like you and I really love my aunty and if you have the same hair colour, you could be my aunty.”

“Oh!” The nurse said laughing. “Anyway, my name is Gardens, Emma Gardens.”

“Aunty Emma!” Ashley shouted, hugging her aunt. 

“I didn’t know you were a nurse!” Ashley said.

“I trained, over the years.”

“Can I go on to question two?” Ashley asked, once the aunt and niece reunited.


“What hospital am I at?”

“Spy Academy’s hospital, ‘The underground surgery’.”

“Aunty Emma?”


“Can the twins please come now?”

“Of course.” With that, Emma Gardens turned and went to call the rest of the Roberts children. Five minutes later, a pair of legs scuttled into the room. Then two more pairs came. Two bouncing heads popped into view, as the twins jumped onto the bed.

“Ashley are you OK?”

“How are you feeling?”

“Have you hurt yourself?”

“Are you burnt?”

“Can you walk?”

“Can you talk?”

“Are you Okay with us here?”

“Must we leave?”

“Can I help with anything?”

“Or me?”

“Do want us to bring anything?”




“Hot chocolate?”

“Do you want us to calm down?”

“Are we talking to much?” The questions just kept coming.

“Whoa! Chill! The only thing I want to know to know is why you guys are so energetic?”

“Just been stress eating. Wait! Make that sugar eating.” Sarah said truthfully.


“Do you want us to answer any questions?” Jane asked.

“Yes, what happened?”

“When you thought someone was pulling you back, your top got caught on the door and pulled you back. Minutes later someone reported finding you on the floor, but you were to heavy for him to carry. Mr Manley came rushing and picked you up, and the next thing you knew, you were in this hospital.” Jane said.

“Oh.” Ashley said. Now everything made sense.

“Well, now that I’ve recovered, let’s get back to the mystery.” Ashley said.


 But Ashley was already standing up. She fell forwards but Emma Gardens caught her.

“Ashley, darling, you broke your leg, you won’t be able to walk on it for six weeks.” Emma said.

“Six weeks! But I can’t leave the twins on their own for six weeks!”

“I know you can’t, Ashley, you would have been aloud to go home if this was a normal broken leg, but you’ve caught pneumonia as well.” Emma said.

“A broken leg, pneumonia, ugh!”

“So, that is why, I am going to look after Sarah and Jane for you.” Emma finished.

“Yahoo, Aunty Emma’s looking after us!” Jane shouted.

“What about me?” Ashley shouted.

“Well, dear, you will be let out the hospital in five days but you will still have your broken leg.” Emma said.

“Ahh, all right.”


“Yes, aunty Emma?”

“I need to go now to look after the twins. Are you alright on your own?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Just call me if you need to.” Emma said, pointing to the telephone on the wall.


“Bye, Ash!” Sarah said, hugging her.

“Hope you feel better soon!” Jane said.

Then Emma Gardens and the twins left the room. After a few silent moments, Ashley closed her eyes, once more and fell asleep.





























Chapter twelve



The twins awoke early the next morning. They were going to go look for Mr and Mrs Roberts.

“They’ve been gone for 10 days already and we haven’t even a clue to where they are.” Jane said the next morning as she was drying her hair.

“That’s not true, we know they’re in the forest and we know that someone was delivering them something and we have suspects and-’’

“Yeah, we have suspects, our gardener, a librarian, a weird guy our parents are with and a person walking through the forest with a package. I mean, how much nerdier can you get?”

“Well, they are pretty nerdy suspects, but they’re our only ones as well.”

“I guess, but…?” Jane started to think of something to say.

“Well back to today, I’m not sure if we should go back to the forest, I mean, that’s the only place we’ve been looking.” Jane didn’t answer.

“Jane?” But no reply.

“Earth to Jane, wake up sleepyhead!”

“Sorry, um, yes I agree with you but your vision was in the forest so maybe we should just stick with it.”


“Well maybe it would be safer if we went with someone as Ashley is in hospital and Aunty Emma has been called away for a very important conference in America.” Sarah said.

“Oh, yeah, well we could get Joe to come with us. And even better. Aunty Emma’s gone for two and a half weeks, so, maybe Joe can stay with us and help us even when Ashley comes home.”

“I’ll go ask her,” Sarah said grabbing the keys, “bye.”

Jane waved then sat down to braid her hair. She loved looking amazing. She also wanted to be a fashion designer when she was growing up. So, she always tried clothes and colours and fabrics that people would think would never work. But it always did. Right now, she was wearing a lilac skirt with a denim jacket and a red top. Sounds terrible right? Well it actually was the best combination ever! Soon Sarah came back.

“Good and bad news. Which do you want first?”

“Bad!” Jane always started with bad. She liked it because she ends with good news which makes her feel good, rather than feeling bad. She never understood why Sarah asked.

“Joe has already been asked to help with a situation.”


“But the good news is that Teagan can help and that she’ll stay. She says she feels bad about Ashley because the only reason Ash is in hospital is because of her.”


“Well the reason ‘Spies Pies’ had a fire was because Teagan was helping out and left the oven on. The oil ran into it and caused a fire.”

“I get it!”

“So, she feels like she should help us!”


“Okay, we need to plan today carefully. We need exact times to be at exact places for things that must be just so.” Jane said pulling a stern face.

Sarah made a snoring noise. “What was that?”


Knock knock knock.

“Come in!” A slim girl walked into the room. Her red hair and hazel eyes caught Jane’s attention. ‘What a perfect model!’ She thought as she started dreaming of her future life.

“Earth to Jane!”

“Oops! Sorry!” Jane said.

“Sarah, Jane, what would you like me to do for you?” Teagan asked.

Sarah shot Jane a worried look. She was trying to ask Jane if they should tell her everything. Sarah didn’t know how to send a ‘secret sister communication vision’ like Ashley did, so it was hard for Jane to under stand it. Eventually she got it. So, she did the only thing she could think of.

“Teagan, um, Sarah and I have been talking about ‘The Trust Certificate’ and I was wondering if I could see yours.”

“Sure!” Teagan replied. She pulled out a piece of paper and showed it to the twins. Jane pinched Sarah who suddenly understood everything. If a spy had a ‘Trust Certificate’ and it had the right things on it, then it meant that she or he had been awarded it and could be trusted with anything. So, they studied Teagan’s certificate.



                              TRUST CERTIFICATE






Sarah thought that for once, Jane had a good idea. But just be sure she looked at her father’s one on the wall. The correct certificate is the same as another correct certificate excepting the name. Her Dad’s one said…







“We can trust her Sar’.” Jane whispered, as she noticed her twin looking at the certificate on the wall.

“You tell her.” Sarah said.

“Okay. Teagan, you ready for some extreme story telling?”

“Only if it’s told by extremely good story teller.”

Jane burst out laughing.

 “I’m serious! No offence, Jane, but if a story’s to boring, or the person telling it is, I get bored!”

“Don’t worry,” Jane said clicking her fingers, “No one has better story telling skills as I do!”

Sarah laughed.

“Well Teagan, should we get started?” Jane asked.

“Bring it on!”

“So, Sarah had this dream about our parents being kidnapped-’’

“Parent-napped!” Sarah corrected.


“Go on.” Teagan said.

“And then the next day they were!”

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t know we had a real mystery on our hands. Gee, girls.”

“Yeah and since Ash is in hospital and Aunt Emma is with her, we needed someone to help us.”

“So, you chose me?”

“Well, we were thinking about Joe, but she was busy so Sarah thought to ask you because your Ash’s BFF!”

“Cool. Could you please tell me how far you’ve got into this mystery? Just so that I know where to come in.”

“Sure.” Sarah said and started explaining all the clues, red herrings and adventures.  

“So, seems like you’ve tried the forest many times.” Teagan said.

“Yes and every time something new pops up, but never anything that tells us where Mom and Dad are.” Sarah replied.

“Where do the clues point?”

“The cottage.”

“Well why don’t you look there then?” Teagan said.

“Well, because, because, because we’ve already looked there.” Sarah said.

“Already looked there! Haven’t you guys been to any of the spy classes? That’s rule no. 1. ‘Always look again.’ Geez, kids, once isn’t enough. What if the criminal is hiding there now and here you are discussing why we shouldn’t go there? Please girls, listen carefully in class. You could of just missed a really important clue!”

Now Jane spoke up.  

“Teagan, we forgot Okay. We’ve just been super worried and forgot about that stuff. Sorry!”

“Ah, forget it, I just was worried that you wouldn’t find your parents if you didn’t look there and yeah, I got carried away.”

“Teagan, this is a very serious problem. Our parents are missing and they have been gone for over twenty-four hours. In fact, they’ve been gone for two hundred and forty  hours. Because that’s ten days.” Jane said.

“I know. And I’m going to do the best I can to help. I think I’ll stick with you through and through. Even when A’ comes back. (That’s what Teagan calls Ashley.)

“Right let’s get this day going. Today we are going to find Mom and Dad period.” Jane said.

 “I’ll go pack something to eat.” Sarah said.

“Let me do that.” Teagan said.

“Okay. I’ll gather some gear together.”

“I’ll look for those binoculars.” Jane said, pronouncing binoculars with an ‘ie’ at the start.

“Binoculars, Jane, not ‘bienoculars’.” Teagan said.


Everyone started doing their jobs. Teagan packed a lunch with sandwiches, chips, dainty cakes, cookies, fruit, water and soda. Sarah collected little gadgets and maps. And Jane found the binoculars. They walked out the door and who should they find, but Audrey and Michael McAlister.

“What are the means of this?” Teagan asked.

“Teagan, they’ve been snooping aroundus for a while. Maybe they have something to do with this.” Jane said.

“Well for all the people. Audrey and Michael? McAlister? These two kiddies? Nah.”

“Excuse me Ms, but my brother and I are not children. Or kiddies. We would like to be called Ms and Sir.”

“Whatever.” Jane said for Teagan.

“Yeah, whateva’ to you too. Why ya think we spyin’ on ya. Listenin’ and spyin, are two different things ya know.” Michael said.

“Excuse us but we need to be on our way.” Sarah said, shoving past the McAlister’s.

“It is not polite to push.” Audrey shouted, as Jane and Teagan followed Sarah.

“It isn’t polite to spy!” Jane shouted back. Teagan and Sarah giggled.

“You should have seen their faces!” Teagan said, when they were in the lift.

“Good one, Jane!” Sarah said.


They walked out and met Michael and Audrey.

“I thought you weren’t spying?” Teagan said.

“We, err, we decided to tell you that your joke was not funny.”

“Oh really? Well you’ve told us now, so, goodbye!” Jane said.

“Eh, you, yea’ you, we ain’t finished with ya. What ya doin’ snoopin’ around the ‘ole place?”

“Well Michael, you see, this place is called ‘spy’ academy. You do know that, right? So, we have every mean to be snooping around.” Sarah said.

“Excuse my annoying sibling.” Audrey said politely.

“Well we’ll excuse you all if you will just leave us on our way.” Teagan said.

“But-” Teagan had already left.

“Do you get the feeling that the McAlister’s are spying on us?” Sarah asked.

“Gee, well, I know we’re not supposed to be rude to the president of the academy and his family, but they are acting pretty suspicious.” Jane replied.

“Well, to me,” Teagan said, “It looks as if Audrey and Michael, are some new suspects.”



















                                             Chapter thirteen

Are the McAlister’s guilty?


Teagan and the twins were now out in the fresh air. They showed Teagan all the places where their mini adventures had taken place.

“Can you show me the cottage?” Teagan asked.

“Sure.” Jane said.

“All right, let’s go.”

“You go Teagan, I’m going to check something. Sarah, you go with her.” Jane said.


“Meet you at the pond in half an hour.” Jane said.

“Deal!” Teagan shouted back.

Jane had a thought on her mind. ‘What if,’ she thought, ‘I have a look at those foot prints again, because, maybe, just maybe, they could be Mr Parkers.’ She ran towards the pond, but, alas, the footprints were gone and replaced with mud. ‘Ugh, just when I thought I was getting somewhere.’ She said. But then it struck her. ‘Gosh, why didn’t I think of this before!” And she rushed off to the academy. When she got into the cabin she went straight to the lounge and grabbed the phone. She wrapped its wires round her fingers as she waited for the phone to be answered.

“Hello?” It finally said.

“Hello!” Jane replied.

“Secret Sleuth’s at your service.” The voice said. Jane could tell he was supposed to be cheerful, but he was not.

“Um, I’m calling from, uh, Fast Fix Repairs, which is, uh, a shoe company and, uh, we got an order from a Mr M. Parker and he forgot to give us his shoe size. Could you please tell me?”

“Never heard of that company.”

“Well, it’s new and we haven’t really been advertised much.”

“Oh well, he’s a size 12.5.”

Jane looked at the piece of paper that she had written down the shoe size of the footprints. It was about a 12 and a half!

“Thank you!” Jane never felt prouder. She had just discovered a valuable clue. As she put down the phone, she remembered that she was supposed to be at the pond. she quickly grabbed an apple and ran to the pond.

“Sorry I’m late!” She cried, as she saw Teagan and Sarah.

“And what were you up to?” Teagan asked.

“Oh, just figured out who are criminal is.”

“You what? No way!” Sarah exclaimed.

“It was nothing.”

“How’d you do it?” Teagan asked. Jane sat down on the floor and started explaining.

“Wow!” Sarah exclaimed.

“But are you sure he’s are criminal?” Teagan asked, kicking some rocks.

“Well, dah, it is his footprints.”

“Yeah but remember this forest is for everyone.”

“Teagan, Jane and I have lived in this forest for a long time. I can assure you that the person with the biggest shoe would be Mr Wake Field. And he’s only a ten.” Sarah said.

Suddenly they heard a twig break. Sarah turned to run, but Jane pulled her back.

“Come out!” She called. Out came a girl and boy. Or let me just say Audrey and Michael. Jane nearly fell over laughing. Audrey was not as fancy as usual. She was wearing sneakers, shorts and a T. shirt.

“And what, may one ask, is so funny?” Audrey asked.

“Let me break it to ya sis. Their laughin’ at ya outfit.” Michael replied.

“Enough. Audrey, Michael, why are you here?” Teagan said.

“I do not see why we cannot be here. This is a forest for everyone.”

“Well I think she means wherever we are, you are.” Sarah said.

“I will not take these insults. We have every right to be here as you do. Let’s leave Michael.” And with that, the McAlister’s left.

“Ignore them. Their too much of a distraction.” Teagan said.

“So, Teagan, do you believe me?” Jane asked.


“Remember the letter. It said there was a guy called Stan. Who do you think that is?” Sarah asked.

“Well we know that Matthew runs a business and he couldn’t have been in two places at once. And the letter said ‘from Rodger’. So, Rodger-guy delivered the parcel to a guy named Stan who is keeping Mom and Dad.” Sarah said.

 “Well done Jane! You have just figured out the first part of the mystery.” Teagan said.

“So, we know that Matthew and a guy named Rodger who is possibly his brother and Stan are suspects. But let’s not go to the police yet. At least, till we have solid evidence.” Sarah said.

“Your right. But, how do we get solid evidence?” Jane asked.   

“We spy on him.” Teagan said casually.

“And how are we supposed to do that?” Sarah said.

“Oh, we go to Secret Sleuth’s HQ and spy on him.”

“Just like that?” Sarah said.


“Ya can’t do that!” They heard someone say.

“Hello.” Teagan called. Jane saw two bodies emerge from the bush.

“It’s Audrey and Michael!” She exclaimed.

“Pardon me. We were just having a stroll, when we bumped into you. We are not following you.” Audrey said.

“Then why did Michael say we could not do that?” Sarah asked.

“Well he, he, he said I couldn’t enter the fashion competition to design their uniform at Secret Sleuths because I would embarrass him.” Audrey replied.

“A fashion show?” Jane said, excitedly.

“Yes, dear.”

“Now Jane, don’t get excited. We need to chat.” Tegan said, signalling the McAlister’s to sit.

“Why are you following us?” She asked.

“We aint followin’ ya!” Michael shouted.

“Oh yeah. Are you sure of that?”

“We are absolutely positive.” Audrey replied.

“Well you said ‘we are not following you’ when we hadn’t even said ‘your following us’. So that kind of proves it.” Sarah interrupted.

“Fine. We were following you.”

“Why is that?” Sarah asked.

“Because, well, we were told too.” Audrey said.

“By who?”

“Kylie and Todd.”

Teagan was quite while she listened to the McAlister’s talk. But when she mentioned Kylie and Tod, she jumped up.

“Kylie and Todd Flat?” She nearly screamed.

“Yeah. Why? Just some old kids who we happen to have had a dare war with.” Michael said.

“Teagan, you said ‘Flat’. Isn’t that your surname?” Jane said.

“Yes. Kylie and Todd are my Triplets. Except, there nothing like me. They are like five-year-olds in fifteen-year-old bodies. Just like Audrey and Michael.”

“What’s with this dare war thing?” Sarah asked.

“Does it help with why your following us?” Jane asked.


“Then I’m all ears.”

“Okay. So, one day Todd phoned to ask if we were up to one of our old dare wars.”

“Just like Todd.” Teagan muttered.

Audrey coughed.

“So of course, we accepted. Each family gave dares to the other. We said they must play a prank on Teagan-”

“So that was why Kylie put a mouse in my covers.” Teagan said.

“Yes. But they told us too put cream on my father’s hat. Except the next day, was a meeting and when Dad pulled off his hat, he had cream all over his head. We got in huge trouble. So, we asked for another round of the Dare War. This time we told them to sneak hot peppers in their Moms food. And of course. they decided to also give us a hard dare. They had heard that Mr M. Parker was into something sneaky. So, they told us to get involved. And that is why we are here. Mr Parker told us to spy on you because you were messing with his business. And I promise that’s all we know.”

“That’s all we know.” Michael repeated, as if to make sure they understood that.

“Well now that we know your guilty, you can stop spying on us. Otherwise, there will be trouble.” Teagan said. Audrey and Michael nodded. Then they walked off.

There was silence as the watched them walk away. Then Sarah broke the silence.

“With that over, should we get back to business?”

“Well, we know that we have to get to Matthew’s academy in order to spy on him.” Jane said.

“How are we going to do that?” Teagan said.

“Easy. I enter the fashion show.”

















              Chapter fourteen

The fashion show


“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Teagan asked as she slipped one of Jane’s outfits into a bag.

“Positive.” Jane replied. It was five days after they had the idea of the fashion show and Jane had been working on her outfits nonstop.

“You guys can’t fail me,” she said, “this is my opportunity to shine and solve a mystery. So, we can’t go wrong.”

“What’s the plan again?” Sarah asked.

“Jane and I will preform at the show, while you sneak around and spy on Matthew.” Teagan said.

“How come I have to spy on him?” Sarah complained.

“Because you are the, the, the, well, we just chose you and that’s that.” Jane said.

“We better leave or we won’t make it in time.” Teagan said, looking at the clock.

“Yes, we should.”

So, they put all of Jane’s uniforms into a bag, grabbed a snack and walked off.

“How are we supposed to get in?” Teagan asked.

“Eezy peezy lemon squeezy.” Jane said.

“Excuse me,” she said to the guard, “We’re here for the fashion show.”

“Where’s your ticket?”

“Here.” She passed a blue piece of paper to him. He checked twice and then once more just to be sure. Then he opened the door marked ‘Contestants only’. They walked in.

“Good work Jane.” Sarah said.

“Yes, amazing spy skills kiddo.” Teagan said. Jane hated being called a kid, but it was from a spy and it was a compliment. So, she didn’t even stare at her. Once they were in the changing rooms, Teagan started giving instructions.

“So, Jane walks on with me and shows the different uniforms that I’ll be wearing. In the meantime, Sarah, your going to put these on and sneak into Matthew’s box. Spy on him okay. Use all the techniques and try your hardest. If you get caught, um, just, signal us and we’ll all meet at the cottage.”



Teagan went into one of the changing rooms and Sarah went into another. She looked at the clothes Teagan had given her and sighed.

“So, she wants me to be a maid huh? Ugh.” But even she had to admit, that it was the only way she could get into his box without any suspicion. She sighed again and put on her clothes.  Then she crept into Matthew’s box…


Meanwhile, Jane was helping Teagan into one of the uniforms.

“How do you think Sarah’s doing?” Jane asked, as she buttoned up one of the uniforms.

“Not sure?” Teagan replied.

“Is this too tight?”

“Well if you still want me to breath, then yes.”

“Sorry.” Jane said, loosening the button. “Okay. You ready?”

“I think.”

“So just remember after we show this idea, we come backstage and change you into this one.” Jane said, holding up another uniform.

“Don’t you have to make alterations like you did on this one?” Teagan asked.

“When you tried them on yesterday, I made notes of what needed to be done and did them last night.”

“Okay. But can I ask one more question?”


“Why did you make so many uniforms.”

“Because I figured out that there were only two other contestants who were only going to do one each. I thought that it wasn’t going to be enough time for Sarah. So, since we were last, I made a lot to give her more time.”


A lady came rushing into the room.

“Your on in five minutes lady’s,” She said. The girls could tell she was rushing, “Please go stand over there so that you are ready.”

“Excuse me ma’am, but we haven’t got our make up on yet.” Teagan called after the running lady.

“Gosh, no you haven’t. For goodness sake, get some on.” She snapped, turning back to them. The children looked startled. She seemed to notice their nervous faces.

“Excuse my manners. I’m Sally States.” She said reaching out. Jane shook her hand and excused her. Teagan shook it as well.

“Well I think we should get some make up on you. Your up in four minutes.”

“I agree.” Jane said.

“Bethany!” She called. A young lady came running.

“Sorry. Looks like all the other make up artists are off sick. I’ve had to do everything.” She smiled at the girls.

“I’m Bethany Parker.” She said.

“I’m Teagan Flat.” Teagan said.

“I’m Jane Roberts.”

Bethany looked startled when she heard Jane’s name.

“Jane ‘Roberts’. Like the daughter of Mr and Mrs Roberts?”

“That’s me.”

“You have a twin right?”

“Yes, why?”

“No reason. She’s Sarah, right?”


Bethany gulped.

“Let’s get your make up on.” She said quietly. Three minutes later Teagan and Jane were ready to go.

“Wasn’t that Bethany weird?” Teagan asked Jane.

“Yes. And I think she’s being weirder right now.” Jane replied, pointing to Bethany who was making a phone call. They went up close, but far enough not to be spotted. They heard her say…

“Yes, the Robert twins are on the loose with another spy.” There was a pause.

 “Thank you. Good day bye.”

That was it. They decided to leave the matter until after the show. So, they scurried towards the waiting area. Then they heard the loudspeaker.

“And the next contestant is…… Jane Roberts!” That was their cue.

Jane pushed Teagan forward and before you could think of anything, Teagan was walking down the runway. Jane was bubbling with excitement. She couldn’t stand still. Soon Teagan came back and Jane helped her change into the next uniform. Then she went out again. It kept going on like this until all the outfits were finished. But it had only been ten minutes and adding the time that Sarah had left. That was only 20 minutes. Jane didn’t think that that was going to be enough time for her. So, she decided that her speech was going to have to be long.  

“Hello.” She said.

“Tell us something about your outfits.”

Jane was so busy making her uniforms, that she had forgotten to make her speech. But she just had to keep going if she wanted to find her parents.

“Each one is specially designed to be comfortable, but smart.” She then told them how she took time in every one and focused on every detail. She blabbed on about how she always dreamed of being a designer and this was her chance. She just talked and talked until she had nothing more to say about fashion. But she really liked this attention and started talking about her dog. Then she talked about her twin and all the adventures they had had together. And she kept going until she was exhausted.

“Thank you, Ms Roberts.”

“Thank you.” Jane walked off the stage. Teagan met her there.

“You were amazing!” She said.

“I couldn’t have done it without my amazing model.”

“I must say,” Teagan said, “Maybe your constant talking will have helped Sarah this time instead of annoying her.”

“Maybe your right!”


Sarah walked down the stairs into the basement. She was looking for some cleaning tools. ‘I can’t have a disguise and I just look a maid; I have to be one as well.’ She picked up a broom, a dusting brush, a cloth and a furniture cleaning can. Then she made her way up the stairs and walked to the back door. Then, when she was out-side she marched to the entrance of the place. She went through the door and luckily did not have to show a ticket because she was a ‘maid’. Then she made her way through the seats and up a grand stairway. She turned left and into a corridor. This was the place where all the boxes were. She looked at the fancy entrances and knew she was in the right place. “It’s so unfair,” Sarah thought, “All of these fancy people get an expensive box with the greatest view of the show. All we get is an old seat.’ Sarah looked around and saw several boxes. She wondered which one was Matthews. A shout rised from box no. 7. Sarah at once knew which box to go to. She could recognise Matthew’s voice anywhere. She picked up her tools and raced off. When she got to his box, she started sweeping outside. She strained her ears to listen.

“Your telling me what?” A pause.

“Good golly, find them. Yes, get the police onto them.” Another pause.

“If those twins are on the loose, you are to get them. Do you here me?” A pause again.

“Fine, good day.”

Sarah was startled. Did he mean her and Jane? The Roberts twins? She finished dusting and started mopping. She looked back at the door a dozen times. As she looked back a thirteenth time, she dropped the mop. It landed with a big BANG. The door flew open and Matthew stepped out.

“What is the meaning of this?” he shouted. Sarah didn’t know what to say. Matthew looked her up and down, then said,

“You’re the maid eh? Well I suppose I could let you in.” He signalled her to follow and Sarah went forward. She felt his dark stare. It was only then that she realised she was a little short. She had been always tall for her age, but she definitely was not as tall as a maid. She just hoped Matthew thought she was a dwarf.

“Well don’t just look at me, get on with your work.”

Sarah nodded and took the furniture polish and cloth and started cleaning the desk and its chairs. She tried to write down everything she saw on a piece of paper she had with her but every time she tried to get it out, Matthew turned around and watched her. So, she just tried to remember everything and started polishing again. After a while, the show started. Sarah kept looking through the huge window, but Matthew pulled her back each time and asked her what she was doing.

“This box is for very important people like me. We get a great view of the show. It is not a place for maids.” He said.

Sarah nodded each time and carried on with her work. She watched Matthew carefully. He did some odd things. He kept scraping at the wall with his fingernails. When Sarah asked to do this for him, he shouted at her and told her that it was none of her business. Sarah walked away. She realised that this was her chance to see Jane. She looked though the window and saw Teagan walking down the runway. She smiled. She watched everything until Matthew pulled her away and said…

“This box is for very important people like me. We get a great view of the show. It is not a place for maids.”

Sarah was getting irritated at this point. She wished she could just scream into his face and tell she wasn’t a maid. She just wanted to run out of this place and go home. But she couldn’t. At least, if she wanted to find her parents. So, she pushed the thought to the back of her mind and started dusting. Every chance she got, she watched Matthew. He was still trying to peel the wallpaper off the wall. It really was most peculiar.

Soon, Matthew walked out. Sarah rushed forward. She looked at the wall where Matthew was peeling. She saw a little bit of paper sticking out. Sarah pulled it and stuffed it into her pocket. Just then she got whirled around and faced Matthew.

“I knew it!” He shouted.

“I knew it from the first time I set eyes on you. Your one of the Roberts twins. Now, hand over my property.”

Sarah at once knew he meant the paper in her pocket. But she refused to give it to him. Not if he was the criminal. The one that had taken her parents and imprisoned them. Right now, they were probably tied up in a filthy place starving to death and he wanted her to hand over something that could be her only chance of getting back to them. She would never. NEVER. But if she didn’t……? Sarah didn’t want to think of what might happen. Matthew had a serious look on his face. A look that made Sarah want to cry. She was scared. She didn’t know what to do. She held onto her pocket as hard as she could. Matthew tried to grab it once but Sarah ducked. She tried to run but Matthew had secured the door when he disappeared. That was her only way out. She had to think fast. What would get Matthew to be distracted for long enough for her to grab the key and escape? What would? An idea hit her. She slipped her hand into her other pocket and pulled out a piece of paper the same yellowy colour as the paper in her pocket. It was the paper that she was going to right down what Matthew was doing on. But now it was going to be a dummy of the paper in her pocket. She held it out. Matthew snatched it. Sarah grabbed the key while Matthew studied the paper. She unlocked the door and ran out.

“That was a close call.” She said. She met Teagan and Jane by the front door. They asked her what she did but Sarah wouldn’t speak until they were safely at home. Then she changed into her normal clothes and told them everything.

Just as Jane said ‘wow’ for the millionth time, the doorbell rang. Sarah went to it and screamed. Jane and Teagan followed, each one thinking that the kidnapper was at the door. But when they saw who was there, they nearly fell over with joy. Standing right here was no-one else, but Ashley Roberts.

“Ashley! You’re here! Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” Jane was nearly screaming every word.

“I’m fine. Just got a broken leg.” Ashley replied, pointing to her foot that was in a cast.

“Hey A’!” Teagan said.

“Hi Teagan. You been looking after my sisters?”

“For sure. A’, your in for a treat. The amount of discovering we made within five days is bizarre! You better get comfortable because the twins are going to be explaining for hours.”

“I will. Now, let me get to the lounge.” With that Ashley hopped inside with a crutch in each hand.

Once they were there, Sarah explained every thing from the minute they left hospital, Jane putting her two-sense in there every now and again. Ashley listened with her eyes wide open.

“Sarah do you still have the piece of paper?” Ashley asked.

“Sure do.”

“Let me see.”

Sarah handed Ashley the paper and they all crowded round while Ashley read it aloud. Jane gasped when Ashley finished. It was a will! Jane grabbed it from Ashley and looked for something that she had in mind. She looked closely and saw what she was looking for. It was the will that said that Spy Academy and Secret Sleuths, were two different schools. Now every bit of the puzzle worked. She knew who the criminal was.




















Sarah, Ashley and Teagan huddled close to Jane as she explained her theory.

“So, who are our suspects?” she asked.

“Mr Wake-Field, Matthew Parker, Mrs Bookley and that guy walking with the package.” Sarah confirmed.

“Okay and now out of all of them, give me two of the most suspicious.”

“Well, Mrs Bookley is a librarian and she could have just not wanted us to take out that book because it was a bit broken. So, not her. The guy walking through the forest could just be walking through the forest. So, not him. I would say Matthew and Mr Wake-Field.”

“Well your answers are ½. Matthew is our kidnapper. Mr Wake-Field was just grumpy because he had lost his wife and he was only in our garden because mom and dad had asked him to do some more work in there. You were right about Mrs Bookley. But our last suspect is the man walking through the forest. He’s Rodger. And Matthew is Stan. That’s his middle name. So, there you go. Mystery solved.”



“Do you know where they are though?” Ashley and Teagan said in unison.

“Uh, no. I guess the whole puzzle isn’t complete. I’m missing a few pieces.”

“Oh no!” Sarah said, “It’s impossible. We’ll never find them.”

“Don’t lose hope,” Ashley said, smiling, “Even impossible say’s ‘I’m possible.’”

Sarah groaned.

“So, how’d you figure all this stuff out?” Ashley asked.

“Studied the book we found in the library. It helped me think logically. And I thought hard and everything and then when Ash read the will, it clicked into place. That’s the missing will mom was talking about. Matthew wants it so he can destroy it, so we can become one club again, so he can turn all our members into criminals like he did to his.”


“He turned all his members into criminals. Don’t you see, Matthew was a criminal himself, but when word got round about Spy Academy, he joined quickly, got everyone into his school, trained them to be bad guys and now he wants to take over Spy Academy as well. That’s why he took mom and dad. Because there Mr McAlister’s body guards and they basically run this place because Mr McAlister isn’t the most intelligent guy on earth. Mom and Dad help him make decisions and stuff. Without them, Matthew could easily convince Mr McAlister to join his school. That is why he took them. If we don’t move fast, he could do it. So, we HAVE to do something right away. WE HAVE TO!”

Teagan, Ashley and Sarah sat quietly for a minute, thinking about everything Jane had just said.

“Well what do you have to say about it?” She asked.

“I agree with Jane.” Sarah said.

“Copy that.” Teagan replied.

“Let’s do this.” Was Ashley’s words. So, they set off towards the forest, Ashley ten times slower than everyone, where they would decide where to look.

“I think we should look in the cottage again.” Ashley said.

“Yeah. Mom did say there were hideouts and stuff. Maybe their stuck there.” Jane replied.

“Race you!” Sarah shouted, running off. Jane got there first though and Sarah actually came second last. When they were inside, they looked at every nook and cranny. They tried to find a single clue to the whereabouts of a trap door or hideout of some sort. But, alas, they couldn’t find anything. They looked under tables, chairs, couches, beds etc. They looked behind cupboards, TV’s, doll houses etc. They looked in bedrooms, hallways, lounges, TV rooms, the kitchen and bookshelves. But they could not find one single tunnel. Not even one trapdoor. They were about to give up when Teagan suddenly screamed and disappeared. Ashley hopped to where she had vanished. Then, she too screamed and disappeared. Sarah and Jane looked at each other with horrified looks. They were scared. They had just lost their only protection. Ashley and Teagan were they oldest and the most skilled spies. Well, at least Teagan was now, because of Ashley’s broken leg. Sarah walked cautiously forward, making sure that she wasn’t going to disappear as well. Jane followed. When they got to the same spot, Jane gently tapped her foot on the ground. Nothing happened. She pressed it harder. Still, nothing happened.


“I swear this is the spot where Ashley and Teagan disappeared.” Sarah said.

“Maybe there’s a special way to do it.” Jane replied.

“Maybe your right.”

“Ashley and Teagan were both running when they vanished. So maybe we just have to run around.”


So, the twins ran around and around and around. But, still, nothing happened.

“Jane,” Sarah said, “Didn’t we run through these halls a zillion times when we lived here? We have never disappeared before.”

“Oh yes.”

“Every theory we’re going to have is going to be wrong.” Sarah said.

“What do you mean.”

“Because if it was tapping the floor, or running around, or walking in a specific way, we would have done it when we lived here. And like I said before, we have never just vanished.” 

 “Well, maybe, it isn’t a physical solution. Maybe it’s screaming, ‘cause Ash and Teagan were both doing that.”

“But we screamed a lot. Dad would tickle us and ‘we’ specifically you, Jane, would burst into a giggling fit. And that sounded like someone screaming.”

“Rat’s. Guess that’s that idea gone.”

“I like your idea though, Jane.”


“About the anti-physical solution. But I bet you thirty-dollars we won’t figure it out.”

“Well you better have it on you, because I know how to do it.”


“Watch and learn.”

Jane bent down. Sarah did as well.

“Alright, ready.”

“More than ever.”

“Okay, so, we never paid much attention to the floor, right?”

“No. It’s a floor.”

“Well, the thing is, Teagan was looking carefully at it and touching it, right?”


“So, I was kind of watching her. She gently pressed twice on the floor. I didn’t see what happened next, because I looked away. And that is when she disappeared, I assume.”

“What about Ashley?”

“Well, as soon as Teagan went, Ashley ran. Kind of. She kind of hopped. That wouldn’t have been enough time for the thing to close. So, obviously-”

“She just fell in!”


“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

The twins ran forward and Sarah pressed once, then twice. The fell through a hole and into a slide. It would have been so much fun except for one thing. The slide went in a spiral and the twins were very dizzy when the fell into a pit of balls. They climbed out and looked around. It was very queer. There were four corridors. The twins wondered which one to go in. they decided on the first one to the right. They walked for a very long time. Just as Jane was about to complain about her legs for the dozenth time, they came to room. In it there was a smaller room with long bars across it. They were thrilled to see two heads in it. Those heads belonged to Ashley and Teagan.

“ASHLEY, TEAGAN!” The twins said in unison.

“Shhhhh!” Ashley and Teagan said.

“Why?” Jane whispered.

“Or he’ll hear.”

“Whose ‘he’?”


“So, he was the criminal.”

“Yes. Everything Jane said was right.”

“And now you guys are stuck.”


“Are Mom and Dad there too?”


“Sarah, Jane, is that you.”

“Mommy, daddy!”

The family embraced. Well, not exactly. Andrea, David, Ashley and Teagan were behind bars. Sarah and Jane were not.

After a while, Sarah said that they ought to find the keys and get them out. Jane agreed. They spent a few minutes frantically searching. Then Sarah found them. As she was about to put them in the key hole, someone grabbed them from her hands and said…

“Not so fast.”

It was Matthew. He threw them into the dungeon and walked off. Sarah looked at Jane. They were captured!

























Chapter sixteen

Happily, ever after


“It’s not working.” Sarah Roberts said.

“Try mine.”

They Roberts family and Teagan, were working out ways to break the door. They tried Ashley’s hair clip, but it was to flat. Now, they were trying Teagan’s.

“Nope. This one’s just as bad.”

“Now what are we going to do.”

“Don’t give up girls,” David Roberts said, “We can still do this.”

Jane snuggled up to her mother. The dungeon wasn’t a very jolly place, as you might assume, but this one was exceptionally disgusting. It was all dry and rusty as if no when had been here for a very long time. The bed was broken and dirty as if no one had made it in a very long time. The paint on the walls was peeling as if no one had painted them in a very long time. The floor was dusty as if no one had swept it in a very long time. Cobwebs hung from the walls as if no one had dusted in a long time. No one had been there for a long time. It made Jane’s stomach flip. If no one had been here for a while, then why should somebody come save them now? After a while a guy came with a package. The girls besides Teagan, at once recognised him to be Rodger, the guy with the parcel. He put his package down and walked off. Mrs Roberts undid the string and unfolded the paper. There was some sandwiches and water.

“Eat up.” Mr Roberts said. “We only get one meal a day.”

“So, this is what was in that package.” Jane said.

“Ew, the food is probably rotting in that locker Ash!”

That brought up a laughing fit.

“Well, at least everyone is in a great mood!” Mrs Roberts said.

“And I will make that mood end.” Came a booming voice. Laughter ended. Everyone felt worried. Matthew was here.

“Let us go, Matthew. Think about it. Your plan is useless. Even without us, Mr McAlister will stop you.” Mr Roberts said.

Teagan knew that wasn’t true. Mr McAlister was not intelligent. I might have mentioned this before.

“Let us go!” Sarah shouted.

“No. And you know why? Because a super villain does not give up so easily. And I will get you for what you did to me.”

Sarah took out her recording machine that she brought with her. She knew she should get this on record.

“Eight years ago, I was supposed to be president of Spy Academy. But Mr McAlister was voted and I became file manager. FILE MANAGER!” He paused as if he remembered a tough time.

“Go on.” Teagan said.

Ashley punched her softly and shushed her. Teagan shrugged.

“It was OUTRAGEOUS. So, so, UNFAIR. How could they just neglect me like that.” He was shouting now.

“Mr Parker.” Teagan said. Ashley put her hand over her friend’s mouth.

“You! Shut your mouth. I will do the talking around here. Okay, so I wanted revenge. I was the one who spread the word about Spy Academy. ME! I thought that would make you out of business, but, what do you know, you just move away. So, I keep making trouble for you, but you just keep AVOIDING it. I have had enough! I have turned my academy into criminals and I WILL DO IT TO YOURS! Just you wait and see. I will get you. I WILL GET YOU!”

Sarah and Jane crawled into their parent’s arms, while Ashley and Teagan were huddling near.

“Revenge is something that I will do forever. And that includes now. You will suffer the consequences. I WILL HAVE REVENGE!” Matthew was practically pulling his hair out.

Sarah stopped recording because she could tell, he was not going to carry on. She knew the full story. They all did. Now all they had to do was escape and show everyone else. She fooled Matthew once, so she could do it again. But how? She was still thinking two hours later, after Matthew had left and everyone was napping. The most logical way to do it was to grab the key and unlock the door. Sarah looked in her bag she had brought with. She saw a net. It was a small one, that she had left in there from the time they had gone to the beach. She picked it up and walked towards the bars. She slipped it through. It caught the keys. She pulled them back and grabbed it. She woke everyone up and they snuck out.


“Looks like we have ourselves a crime.” Officer Walker said later that day.

They were at the police office and Sarah had just let the cops hear the conversation with Matthew on the recording machine.

“Hold on a sec.” The officer said. He picked up his phone.


“Yes, I want men surrounding No. Thirteen Apple Bush Street House.”

 “The code is two taps.”

“Bring her too.”

“Good day.”

“So, have they got them?” Jane asked.

“They are getting them.”


“And there is another girl called Bethany Parker who is in the crime. She was the spy.”

“Bethany Parker?”


Teagan and Jane explained all about Bethany. Everyone was amazed.

“I knew she was guilty.” Teagan said.


They all sat down and waited for something exciting to happen. Two hours later, a sulky looking Matthew came by. He was followed by Rodger, who was his brother. Matthew’s daughter, Bethany, was brought along too.

“This is the gang, sir.” A man in a uniform said to Officer Walker.

“Thank-you Officer Smith. Now, please take this you lady to her new home.” He paused. “It’s a place where naughty children like her go. Mrs Sharps Home For Children That Are A Nuisance.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” Officer Smith replied. He marched off and took Bethany by the shoulder, much to her disliking and was off.

Officer Walker now spoke to the other two officers who were holding the criminals.

“Pete, Tom, bring them here.”

The two officers walked forward with the captives in their grasp. Officer Walker was now talking to the family and Teagan.

“This is Officer Right.” He said, pointing to the police officer who was holding Matthew.

“Is the other one going to be Officer Left?” Teagan joked.

“No, Officer Wrong.”

Everyone laughed. Then Officer Walker spoke to Matthew and Rodger.

“I think there needs to be a little bit of explaining to be done.”

“Yes sir.”

He explained everything that Matthew had told them all. He added that he had asked his brother to help him. Bethany was supposed to be a spy. Matthews middle name was Stan. Rodger used that instead of Matthew in the note.

“Officer Right and Officer Wrong, please take these criminals to jail.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” They said in unison.

Once they left, Officer Walker spoke to the twins and the big kids.

“Thank-you so much kids. Without you, we would have never been able to stop them in time. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!”

“Your very welcome.” Sarah said.

“My pleasure.” Jane said.

“Anytime.” Ashley said.

“Don’t sweat it.” Teagan said.

“I would like to award you these.” Officer Walker said, handing them each gold medals and trophies. Each one said…






Where it said ‘AWARDED TO’ their names were embroided.  

“Thank you.” They all said.

“Your welcome.”

Everyone left the police station and headed home. They put their trophies on a shelf and packed a lunch. Then they headed to the beach and had a fabulous picnic. They played volleyball and made sandcastles and swam in the depts of the blue ocean. Jane even swam with a dolphin. It was the best happily ever after ever!

As they were leaving Jane said to Sarah…

“You still owe me thirty dollars.”

Sarah groaned and everyone laughed.






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    Brilliant, Caitlyn! You are a natural and excellent writer!

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    Adeen Ahmed

    Wonderful,Caitlyn! I loved it! BRAVO!

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    Oct 10, 2019 02:47 PM

    Adeen Ahmed

    Wonderful,Caitlyn! I loved it! BRAVO!

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