Nov 16, 2019

Plant invasion


hey dad -catch! John tossed the frisbee across the smooth green lawn. Johns dad made a face , squinting into the sun. The frisbee hit the ground and skipped a few times before landing under the hedge at the back of the house. Dad said : “not today son I’m busy. “ he went into the house and to the basement he kept a lab in the basement he experiments on plants. One day he got hurt really bad on his hand it bleeding well his blood was green. Then I put a plaster on his wound. He went back to sleep and I heard banging from the basement I opened the door and it is a look alike of my dad. I called the other one and I called the family and said one has green blood and one is red I cut both hands one was green and one red I killed the one with green blood and kept the other

the end

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award a golden quill

Sohan Dheopursad


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