Dec 14, 2019

the nasty boy.


It was night time.

The moon was shining.

The stars were over 400 in the sky.

In a town called exeter.

In a street called bramble haves.

In a house number 12.

Was a family a mum.

A dad.

A brother.

A sister.

The sister was polite and kind she was called cloe.

The brother was naughty and was a bad behaved person he was called Jake.

As it was night time Jake woke up.

He had a idea a nasty idea.

Jake went outside got 4 rats and put the rats into cloe's bed.

Cloe was fast asleep.

Cloe had a fear of rats.

Jake laughed a quiet mean laugh before going back to sleep.

When cloe woke up she shouted:

" Mum dad there are rats in my bed!"

Mum and dad as quick as possible ran to cloe's bed.

" Jake!" shouted dad .

Jake went to dad like he had no idea this happened to cloe.

" This is the 45678987654345678987654th time this week something awful happened to cloe"

Jake squeezed dad's nose and then Jake went down stairs as if he was death and did not heat what dad said.

Jake yawned and opened his arms out wide.

And sat down at the table ready for breakfast.

Really Jake was sitting on the table.

It was Sunday he had no school.

Dad went downstairs all red on his face.

Jake quickly got a bucket and put water into that bucket.

Jake put the bucket on dad's head.

When dad wanted to get the bucket off his head dad saw that the bucket was stuck to his head.

Jake laughed.

" Tricked ya" said Jake.

"It was glue not water in the bucket"

Jake laughed again.

Dad stomped upstairs.

The next day Jake woke up in his bed.

Then Jake saw there was rats in his bed.

Jake was surprised too see rats in his bed.

Then dad popped out of Jake's' bedroom door.

" Whatever you do to cloe it happens to you the day after" said dad.

Jake frowned.

Then cloe popped out of Jake's bed room door she was laughing at Jake.

And from that day on Jake was a well behaved child

The end.

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