Jan 11, 2020

Again the same game


It all started with my little brother. He wanted to play the game . He is called Boris he is 7 . I, Aaron am 8 . I’ve played it 100,000 times . The game is called payday . No, it is called playday . Boris loves it . We live right next to that door the door is called playday door . I really , really, really don’t like it. Really . I sended a letter to the playday creators . This is it ! Hahahahaha! What Aaron can I see? Oh no ! Boris! Nothing ? Okay, is it a picture? Yes . Okay phew that was a close one. Okay, the letter says: dear creators: please remove the playday door everyone says it to me thank you from Aaron. Time to do it ! The day after that the door was covered with planks!!! Yes my plan worked!!!! What ? Oh no! Boris ! Again! What the heck!! He should be in school! I’m sick. I’m going to playday . He will realize. It’s locked . I’m back!! It’s locked with planks !! Oh okay bad hee hee hee !! I did it. Ha! What ?? the movie I’m watching? Eeeeh yes ? Yeah it is funny. Close one . Wait he is playing playday on the TV ?!?! Nono ! Wanna play ? Nah my mother is back!! I heard it !! Play for once it is ssooooo nice ! Okay Boris is the worst . Tomorrow Boris is going to be 8 . He gets playday everything and everyone has to play playday with him . (Oh no!) . Boris birthday! No! No no no ! What do I do? Okay . It is only a game. Well it is going to be fun. Good. Well. Boris! Wake up ! It is your birthday! Gotta be nice , gotta be nice, gootttaa be nice ! Aaah hooo! Aaah! Choo! Birthday card check present check puppet show check TV on playday check! Okay! dad and mum is awake .okay .it is Boris birthday come down! 1 hour later . I showed him all the stuff only one we did not play on the TV yet . I ate yummy breakfast (pancakes) . okay guys, lunch. Yum . More pancakes. After lunch we will play right Boris? Of course !!!! Okay let’s play. Me against dad . KO . Tie . Me against mum . KO . Mum wins. Finally, you Aaron.KO. Boris wins. Best day ever! NOW THEY WERE REAL BROTHERS. I love Boris. Wow did you hear that honey? Yes! I wrote a letter to the playday creators. This is it! Look: dear ,creators don’t break the playday door. Remove the planks. Everyone told me. from Eve. I wrote Eve. Hee okay good . Look Boris the playday door is opened again. Yay! I wrote it as fast as I could. So they won’t break it THE END

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