Feb 16, 2020

The giant snake



Introduction : Do you want to see the heaviest snake what's its name,what it eats, how long it is, How much long it grows.Read my Story below.

Name of the Heavy creature is the Green Anaconda for short Anaconda. It is type of the Snakes.It doesn't use venom to kill it's Prey.It just swallow it up without using venom. Anaconda squeeze its prey than swallow it up as a whole its called constrictor.

What it eats :- It eats Pigs,Capybora, Caiman and more animals and birds. Their is a problem when it swallows its prey. When it open so wide it might be a trouble to breath the solution is wind pipe moves as a circle and help them to breath.

Anaconda Length:- Anaconda can grow up to 25 Feet long. As big as a school bus.

where it leaves :- It leaves in the Everglades and Swamps.It spends most of the time under water.

How much eggs they lay:- They lay 8-12 egg at a time.when they are little old they go off their own. Than the life cycle continues...

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