Mar 19, 2020

CORONA OUTBREAK: daily updates


So we all know that there is a virus going around and that its affecting the whole world for our karma for what we've done to the planet. destroying nature plants, seas and much more but what if i told you a very nice maybe not possible but real way of it going and all of us being free without a care of any virus.

So it was a very sunny but cold day i was sitting playing fortnight feeling depressed for what was happening to the world. schools had shut down i went out and everyone looked sad. so then i started thinking about the bright side .I mean every cloud has a silver lining , if you dont know what that means it means that every problem(cloud) has at least one hope or good side(silver lining).

so what i thought was that Wuhan , china has no fresh cases yet so what if in like 3 months we start to have that effect as yeah this was a waist of time but look out for more updates that i will be doing for corona every 3 days and also look out for some more stories. thnx!

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    Mar 19, 2020 06:54 PM

    Alaiyna Mian

    hi im kinda new this is my firs corona update page enjoy and stay safe!

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Alaiyna Mian


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  • Very nice story with a good concept. Focus on your grammar. Very nice explanation of the proverb and usage of proverb. Nice thought process.


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