Mar 22, 2020

The Leopard's Dream


Once upon a time there was a leopard, he likes to eat small animal like rabbit, wild cat, puppy, dog, and kitten.

One day the leopard was dreaming, in the dream the leopard was very hungry, he saw a clever rabbit, and the leopard doesn't know that the rabbit is clever. He wants to eat rabbit, but unfortunately it was the dream. In the dream the leopard puts the net on the tree and sits on the last branch to wait, when rabbit came, the leopard throws the net on him but the rabbit ran away.

Next day the leopard did the same thing, but the rabbit sat on the top branch of the tree. The rabbit was clever, he took net also. Leopard waits longer, but the rabbit did not come because he was sitting on the tree. At 6: 00 O’clock, the rabbit fall the net on leopard, the leopard shouts Help! Help! Help! Nobody was there to help him. Next day rabbit saw leopard dead, the rabbit did pray for him and went back to his home.

The leopard wakes up from dream and cries because he failed to catch rabbit in a dream, On the same day he go out to catch a rabbit actual and the same happened with him as he dreamed, but in the last when he shouted to help suddenly a mouse came and helps him by cutting the net. Leopard says thanks to mouse to save his life and he promised himself that he will not eat small animals never ever.

Moral of the story:

We should help each and other and don't underestimate any one.

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