Apr 10, 2020

🎇The golden arm🎇part 1


Hello! I am Alara khan the one who got a trophy in "The shooting star" my dad gave me a new account because, i did not remember my password, so... here i am!!! Plus, i really am believing that you can get a trophy🏆 too!!!

🎉✨ Regards, Alara khan. ✨🎉

Once there lived a girl named Elizabeth. She was a special child as she was born with half of her left arm. Sadly her family did not accept her and put her up for adoption immediately. Not a single family adopted her, just because she had half of her left arm!😨 and her family had no choice but to raise her. They detested her and acted as if she did not exist, this made Elizabeth very lonely. Even when she started to walk nobody was there, when she grew new teeth nobody was there, when it was her 5th birthday nobody was there. This made Elizabeth cry. As her tears fell down her cheek she thought what will happen in her future. She decided that she will prove to the world that her handicap will not stop her from becoming a successful person, so she put all her energy into studying become a very successful artist.


Elizabeth grew into a beautiful and wealthy woman, but she was still lonely. Although she had many friends she wanted someone special in her life. She was too shy to propose to some one and waited and waited for her charming prince to come and ask her for 💍engagement💍. She felt like her childhood, she was useless, done for and looked awful. One day a young man🤵came to her art gallery and walked over to her. Elizabeth's heart stopped when she saw him. He came to her and said, " My name is Esther and I am a huge fan of your paintings, I want to spend my life with you, will you please marry me😍. Elizabeth could not believe her ears and she said "YES!!!". Their engagement was like a fairy tale, there were Roses🌹, and Tulips🌷, cherry blossoms🌸and hibiscus🌺 everywhere!!! It was more beautiful than you can't imagine🤩. Instead of giving Elizabeth a gold ring Esther gave her a golden arm!!! "It's beautiful and fits me as well!!!😁"Elizabeth beamed.

Their life together was excellent they had a wonderful home 🏡. It had a dining table so long that 50 people could eat together, a bed so big a elephant🐘 could sleep on it!!! Amazing paintings🖼 of nature. It was a wonderful life for them. Many months passed like this, but one day something dreadful happened, Elizabeth fell incredibly sick🤢🤮. Elizabeth said in a low voice to Ester "If i die................... promise to bury my golden arm with me, " "Don't talk like this".😢" Esther wept.

A week later...

A week later Elizabeth died ... Esther buried Elizabeth's golden arm with her dead body, as he had promised. He was so heart broken that he spent his days locked in the bedroom thinking of her. All his business and money slowly went away and one day he was told to leave the house as he could not pay the bills. He was ppor and hungry and living on the streets. He was very desperate and then he got an idea, he went to Elizabeth's grave and dug up the golden arm and sold it. He had enough money to pay the bank and get back his house. He felt sad about what he did😡. When Esther sat on his bed he heard Elizabeth's voice through the walls saying his name.

One night when Ester was lying in the bed the bedroom door swung open and Elizabeth's ghost came in. Her eyes filled with tears and she looked very very angry.! Elizabeth said "ESTHER! WHERE IS MY GOLDEN ARM!"

Esther replied "I...I... borrowed it." " THEN GIVE IT TO ME!! Elizabeth shrieked. "It's... gone. I can make you a new one." Esther said. "I WANT MINE!!! Elizabeth said and grabbed Esther, Next morning when servant came to wake up Esther he went missing and nobody knew what happened and when it happened.................................


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    May 10, 2020 05:26 AM

    Alara Khan

    Did you like it?🙂😊🤗😁😉😛

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  • Author
    May 10, 2020 05:27 AM

    Alara Khan

    :) :)

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  • Author
    Jul 10, 2020 01:10 PM

    Gian Keagan Williams

    I liked it it's very cool will you read my stories and follow

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