May 04, 2020

Cake capture🎂🐒


hello ! my name is Alara khan the one who got a trophy in "the shooting star" The reason i got a new account is that I had to do so much school work i didn't have time to do little writer, i lost my account so... I forgot my password ...HERE I AM!!!

One night a group of campers went camping to celebrate🎉🎊🎇🎈 a little girl's👧🏽 birthday🎆.Her name was Julia. First they feasted on lovely,mushy and fluffy marshmallow's. The birthday girl was pleased 😁as she read 😃the good quality words in the lovely decorated✨🎀 cards, of course Julia opened the wonderful tied bows🎀 of the rainbow presents🎁she got some sweets 🍬🍫🍭and money from her aunt, Julia's uncle and cousin gave her a unique toy robot🤖it was totally black with a red line on it's head! Her mother gave her the birthday cake and her father gave her a a personal diary, as Julia cut the first slice it caught a monkey's eye, the monkey swung to the campsite and stole the whole cake! Julia said " GREEDY AND SELFISH MONKEY!" she shrieked so hard she lost her voice completely!!!


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award a golden quill

Alara Khan


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