May 05, 2020

There is a monster in my school(part 2)


l was so scared, all of a sudden there was shouting and my mind went blank. I woke up in the sick bay and saw Willam just beside me. l figured out that he fainted as well.

I could not remember why l fainted. That is when I heard the ghostly echo again saying "I will haunt you down. " l shivered with fear looking around . "Come out wherever you are!"l replied back still quite confident. Suddenly, the lights went off and a black shape was suddenly in my front of my bed. l screamed, the nurse ran in the room and the lights went on again. l pointed at the place where the black shape is. it happen all in seconds. the nurse said"did you get hurt?"

"l saw a ghost!!!"l replied back shaking all over.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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