May 07, 2020

All about me!!!👧🏻


hi i am Alara khan!!! I got a new account since I forgot my password so................HERE I AM!!!

My name is Alara khan but you can call me A*khan for short.

If you watched the whole movie series of "wolverine" i have the ears of him. you may have noticed that some of his hair looks like a wolves ears that happened to my hair, even when i comb it .....comes back and the rest of my hair looks like "Dora the explorer!" .

My days are not like any me, even if it sounds wicked to you....

it's not..........😐

For breakfast my mom gives me, my sister and my dad broccoli🥦, spinach and cauliflower ....

YUMMY!!😋🙂! It's my favorite!!! she also makes sphere shaped cookies made of spinach and broccoli🥦 filling for breakfast. Let's admit it... some of you might say that i am coo coo 💫but It's just because you think that you hate it but you don't know till

you try it so... DO IT!!!

And after dinner, it's time for desert!!! My mom gives us all a banana🍌, apple slices🍎🍏 and grapes🍇It's my mom's own fruit buffet!!! he he 😊.

thanks for reading!!!

_Lot's of virtual hugs🤣 from Alara 🤗

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Alara Khan


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