May 09, 2020

Robo Wars - Saving Robotia



Long, long ago, There was a robot called Verman Solo. He is the creator of Robotia, an Island with a palace so that Verman solo can live. Verman Solo has an assistant called 2PO. Robotia is in the middle of the galaxy called Utapau. Utapau was ruled by the evil empire, Asonal Lincolain. He has destroyed all the planets in Utapau. Now, the empire says he will destroy Robotia if they don’t surrender. Now Verman Solo has to face the empire.

Preparation for War

Verman Solo needs a ship to reach the planet Lothalin which is 10,000,000 miles away from Robotia. There was a tunnel of water which led them to a very small island about 300 meters. They knew there was the ship called The Star Master there. They had to get the ship to defeat the empire. Verman Solo and 2PO had rocket boosters which could take them to the Island.

   The next day, they prepared to go to the Island, Hand Solo wanted to come too but his training was incomplete, so he could not come. Verman Solo and 2PO blasted off with their rocket boosters.

   In the middle, they had an obstacle. Rings set with fire were all over the path. Verman Solo gave out a huge gust of air and a lot of water fell on the rings. The fire went out and Verman Solo and 2PO continued their journey. After 189 minutes they reached the island. They took the ship and zoomed towards robotia. They reached Robotia in 124 minutes and zoomed towards Lothalin. 


 They blasted of in light speed* for 158079 minutes and hid under Lothalin. They used the Star Master’s tip to spin at high speed and dig right through Lothalin. Now they and the ship were on camouflage mode. They sneaked in and wore the starblasters* suits.The helmet had a radio. They went in the air vents and heard all about the emperor’s plan to destroy Robotia. They were going to unleash their special weapon called the AVB (ATOMIC VIRUS BOMB) which can blast Robotia to pieces. They had to stop them.

Verman Solo and 2PO looked through the air vents with the X-RAY + VISOR + NIGHT VISION goggles and saw that they were right above the control room. There was a large section in the room called AVB. They knew that it had the controls to launch the AVB. There was also a room labeled AVB controllers. They hacked into the room and used the laser gun to shoot every single person in that room. They wore AVB controller’s suits which protects their metal if the AVB’s ATOM+VIRUS liquid tank bursts. 

They saw that they were about to unleash the AVB at 2045 days minutes from midnight. Now it was 2 minutes to midnight so they had to wait for 2 more minutes so they can remove all the chemicals from the AVB liquid. At 2045 days they went and destroyed the AVB liquid.

Just then they removed the helmets and starblasters came to check out the process. They were in trouble now. They put on the helmets and a chase started in the room. They had to get to the spaceship and fast. They used the suit’s rocket boosters and went to the spaceship. They removed camouflage and blasted off at light speed towards robotia.

EUS (EMPIRE’S ULTIMATE SPACESHIPS) fighters came after them. They blasted every single one of them and headed home to Robotia. They had won the war.

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