May 10, 2020

Robo Wars - The fall of the empire


Planning for War

The empire is very angry that he couldn't destroy Robotia. He is going to destroy Verman Solo and 2PO so that he can destroy robotia easily. Verman Solo and 2PO do not like the sound of that. They have a plan. They are going to challenge the empire to a war. Whoever wins can do whatever they want to do to Robotia. The very next hour, they sent a message to the empire's computers about the war. The empire accepted the war the very next minute. He wanted it to be on old exland. A world which was abandoned thousands of days ago.


Thae next hour, the empire and Robotia assembled so thst they can fight. 2567 minutes later, The emperor placed a bomb on Verman Solo and 2PO. the very next second, they blasted into three pieces, hed, body and legs. The empire laughed,"Ha ha ha!" All of robotia shouted,"Oh No! We are doomed!". But then, a strange thing happened, The pieces of Verman Solo and 2PO'S pieces started vibrating. Then Verman Solo's pieces rose into the sky and the most powerful piece, The Handom, which was hidden in a place in the center of Utapau, came flying in verman Solo's legs and body joined together with the handom placed above them, thenthe head was placed on top of the three parts. Verman Solo was transformed into... Hand Solo! Then the handless guns came in and was fixed in 2PO's arms, then he was fixed too and became.. 4PO! Now the emperor was really scared, Robotia brought him to Hand Solo and 4PO, Hand Solo threw him in a stream and he fell off the planet since Exland was flat. Now 4PO shot the empire and the empire's men blasted into pieces. The empire had collapsed. They headed home. Robotia had won the war again!

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