May 10, 2020

Look in my eyes if you dare...🧛🏼‍♀️ (part 2)


................................ As she turned she saw a bloom🌸glowing and whispering "Pick the bloom" it whistled like the wind, and it dragged her to it. She was hypnotized by it's radiation color and fell behind it into a majestic pond and she said shakily "Are those the snakes that only eat rock!!! It's a trick!!!" as she tried to stand up A red snake with blue eyes bit her. Another snake came to her, It flew and shined like the northern lights it came beside the red snake and instantly choked it with his tail. But it was to late she lied there motionless but the snake was pleased as he could heal anybody, even a dead human. It flew into the clouds and all the elements flew to him and they clumped together into a healing potion but it wouldn't be easy for her to heal. Medusa would turn into a human snake , THE STAGES ARE HORRIBLE, because of the red snake🐍 she will have snakes formed in her body as her hair ,Her nails will be sharp and poisonous like a snake's teeth , if she looks at someone in the eye that person will completely turn into stone .... she woke up dizzy😵😵😵 and thanked the snake "OH parents must be worried sick about me! I am a snake! I need some bloom🌸!" She panted. The snake went and carefully made some juice🥤 from the bloom and gave it in a wooden bowl 🥣to Medusa, she said to herself " How will my parents remember we are family? Will they get a heart attack😱?!?!' she thought...


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