May 12, 2020

「Africa’s true worth」


Usually, africa is seen as a poor country, dust, poverty and worthless.

But really- Africa is an amazing country full with beauty, dance, friendship, and love. Although there are people in poverty, If we help enough by donating even the tiniest amounts- africa can build its economy back up. soon enough you’ll stand proudly at the no longer deserts of africa, and to the ones who try to make them shameful.. this story will help you, though anyone can read it.

In 1910, South africa 🇿🇦 was an official independent country, it was new, people went and lived there. Soon, a new generation was born and that’s when africa supposedly went “into poverty” well atleast that’s what people saw on the internet and tv- sadly people believed it...

Yes! Burundi 🇧🇮 is the poorest country in the world, so is Niger 🇳🇪 and lots of other places involving africa, but really when you look into it, the people there are generous and amazing, look up africa hotel stories, they are the stories of some amazing creative people building hotels from scratch. Africa has quite a culture, and if you can, you’ll find on the internet that their is also hundreds of amazing pictures of there cultural dancing, clothing and much more! It’s also known for having great locations, not only deserts 🏜 amazed right? All you need to do is not believe everything you see on tv, you don’t need me to know this, the internet tells lies but it surely never lies about Africa's real world.

Have a good day, Orianna <3

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  • really good.Yes it is soo true that Africa is an awesome country.

  • really good.Yes it is soo true that Africa is an awesome country.


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