May 13, 2020

The small danger


She’s right you know said jake with red evil eyes” Joan and Addam watched in horror. It was done, they had  lost.

One Friday afternoon the 4 friends Pauline, Jake, Adam and Joan decided to meet up at the park at 5:00.  Pauline came first with Adam; and Jake and Joan came second. The friends decided to play hide and seek. It was Adam’s turn to seek. He looked behind each tree and bent behind each ledge but there was no one to be found. Suddenly as Adam was taking a last look he saw Joan’s fiery red hair. Joan ran and Adam went after her. He caught her at the other end of the park and as they were looking around they both saw something sparkling at the corner of the mulberry bush. Joan at once picked it up and saw that it was a rusty old key. She at once put it back when she realized something was carved on it. “ Beware they shall go, it will be your turn to seek them, put me in a hole and I’ll help them”. Joan wonders and calls the others who were hiding nearby, they all read it when.

Daphanie, an older girl, came up to them. She looked in the utmost horror to see what they were holding and as she opened her mouth a strong mist came and Daphnie was gone! Pauline looked at the key and saw that Daphne's name was written on the key. The gang agreed that this key was magical. As soon as Adam said “Magical” the name of a local bookshop was carved along the surface. Joan said that we should look into it tomorrow and the others couldn’t agree more. Pauline said that tomorrow at 8 am sharp all of us should meet here. Before they departed Jake said something disturbing. “ Remember what the key said. We have to seek them, maybe Daphne's inside the key and we have to help her out.” Joan said “ We have to find THEM” which means there will be more.

On Saturday all of them came to the park at 8 sharp. Joan got the key with her all smooth and shiny.  Jake said that we need to destroy that key before anyone else goes in it. Pauline looked at the key and saw 2 more names written. They were Daphanie’s best friends, Lisa and  Sara. The key then glistened around the name of the bookstore. They knew what they had to do. They went to the bookstore and saw that a librarian there was the only one with the same key printing on her t-shirt. Jake and Pauline went to talk to her while Adam and Joan hid behind a bookshelf to keep an eye on their friends. The librarian stared in horror but as she began to speak a mist came and took her inside the key too. It’s as if the key doesn’t want us to know all of them at once. Then Jake caught something, a keyhole! 

He grabbed the key and went there. The key smoothly went into the whole and unlocked itself easily. The others were already by him. He opened the door and saw a Diamond hammer.

He threw the key down and was about to smash the hammer when Pauline picked it up.  Her eyes RED she said “ We can trap whoever we want in here”. Jake snathched the key and said'' she's right you know”. Joan saw the key becoming red and put her scarf around it. Adam took the hammer while Joan distracted the others. Before anything could happen Adam smashed the hammer and Daphanie came out, but she spoke in Lisa’s Irish accent. Lisa came out and she spoke in Sara’s British accent. Sara came out and spoke in Daphanie’s american accent. THEY HAD SWITCHED SOULS! Jake and Pauline came back to their normal selves and couldn’t believe what they had said.

Suddenly The mist blew and the librarian came back too. She was so grateful to the 4. 

Then Joan hit the key with force. Jake did it next followed by Pauline. Daphine hit it next so did Sara and Lisa and the librarian. Much to everyone’s surprise the 3 friends switched their souls again and thanked the 4 for straight 5 minutes. The 4 were pleased and happy. They all went to Joan’s  home and ate a fantastic dinner and some tasty jelly. 

The next day they remembered they had just left the key like that. They went to the library to find that the key was gone. The T.V turned on. The president of the United States has gone missing. They looked at each other in horror. 

Uh ohh they all thought.

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