May 13, 2020

The unusual birthday


“Finally, it’s my birthday today” I exclaimed, “From instantly I can do whatever I want!” I shouted in my sleepy brother’s ear; he replied, “Yeah, Happy birthday Prapti! I was so excited, Samaira, you know who’s nickname is Sam, and Paalvi are coming over! I don't know but this thought keeps coming up in my head, I had an imagination that I wished all my friends would play big time with me! It was very amusing; in that dream…

I got prepared so shortly at dawn that our mom thought it was a world record, then my friends Paalvi and Sam arrived, I was very excited, first I showed Sam and Paalvi where to keep their things as they were staying for a sleepover, furthermore, I showed them around, we later ate breakfast, mom’s poha; Paalvi liked the poha. We then played Cluedo, then monopoly, then 3 of my friends from the society arrived at my house and after introductions, we played games, then we played with the cards, some games, showed each additional magic illusions and we played; then 2 of my society friends that to go to the restroom so I told them where it was, I went to check on them ‘cause they were there for more than 15 minutes, I found the door’s opened and they weren’t there! I thought they must have gone home so I didn’t bother to ask their mom by contacting. Then we took off to the stilt level in my society, where the running paths and playgrounds were, we were playing around running.

Then we went to the clubhouse to go get water, we were very dehydrated, then 2 of my other society friend’s Anoushka and Supriya didi, went to the restroom and we waited and waited but they never came out; I went in and checked, the same thing happened, they just disappeared! I thought it was ok because Anoushka would be ok with her didi; So me and my besties began playing, people joined and went home; then they needed to go to the restroom, I guessed it was odd but I went in with them, they came to wash their hands and I went in.

Then I found out they also disappeared, I found a note, it said, “I’m thirsty, can we drink water?”; Sam had said that when we wanted to go drink water, so I went to the cooler, I found another note, it said, “I stand safe where I sleep, I am in red sand, what am I?; I remembered that at my house we had shells in red sand! I went home telling my mom that they were waiting outside, they didn’t want to remove their shoes again; I searched the glass and found another note saying memories and rememberings fade by time, remember your old home?; I thought of our E-wing flat that my father had kept on rent, I asked my mom saying it was a question out of curiosity, was the E-wing flat on rent, she said no so I asked for the keys of the flat and ran out.

I reached the E wing flat, it was time to find all my friends and have fun! I went in with 6 very heavy and hard tennis balls, I kept my aim, and then someone put a big candy ball in my mouth, made me sit and tied me to a chair and shouted surprise! I screamed as I had never before, I was so scared and nervous, I didn’t know who was in the room, it was pitch black, then I recognized one of the voices, Paalvi said, You had fun didn’t you! I spat out the ball and shouted turn the lights on, I heard someone shriek softly, I was blinded by all of the colors and nice lights! All of my friends were there! I looked very surprised! They untied me and gave me another 1 of those balls; I asked what are these, they casually said you first had chewing gum, and this is bubble gum! I spat this one out too, I’m not allowed to have this type of chocolates and candy, then I heard the door open, it was my mom!

She said, “Yes you are from now, and you can watch whatever you want, but you ‘have to’ tell me! I got very excited! I asked them if we could watch Harry Potter and my mom said that was arranged, I got confused, then Samaira removed a laptop from her bag and my mom removed a projector from the bag! I got so excited, I rummaged through my mom's bag, her stuff, and popcorn! Yay! We all got fresh, and watched the movie, it was fun watching Harry Potter with my friends further than with my brother and dad.

After we finished the movie we talked and played for like 2 hours and then went to sleep, but I, Paalvi and Sam didn't. We watched for 1 hour more and finally slept! The next day we woke up at like lunchtime, everyone was getting ready. We all got up, refreshed, ate lunch, we then went to sit for sometime in the sun, then we ran around, played outdoors, we also did a mini-marathon, which was very fun! Then we went back home and Paalvi had to go. We did our bye-bye’s and Paalvi left. Then my society friends went home, and I and Samaira played some cards, watched t.v, ate snacks and then it was time for her to go too; I said bye! Then I wished my 2 cousins Happy Birthday! Who knows what their birthday story is?

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