May 15, 2020

My lifešŸ˜Š


Hi my name is Alisha, i'm 9 years old i came from Malaysia but then i move in Italy. I have a sister she is 4 years old her name is Leilani, she's good but sometimes she is naughty she doesn't tell mom that she has to go to toilet. I have also 2 pets, a black cat hes name is Foddy and a dog type corgi hes name is Rory, Foddy fight Rory but in hidden they leek together and they play. My cat always sleep on my bed but hes handsome too instead Rory is so energetic he likes to play ball and chase. I talk in Italian and in English, i have many friends but then when the Corona virus came i was sad and lonely but one of my friend lives in this house ( Apartment ) She has a brother and hes very naughty but i like him, I think i am done bye everyone! I am glad to see you all!ā¤

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Alisha Risecchi


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