Jun 04, 2020

How I Missed My Valuable Thing


 Hi to all readers who are reading this story. Everyone must have valuable things in their life. Sometimes, it can be missing or lost. So, today I’m going to tell to all readers about how I missed one of my valuable things in my life. This story is based on my experience.

 My valuable thing that I’m going to tell to all of you is my watch. Well, it’s actually my mother’s watch. She had bought it after my birth. Then, she gave it to me when I was 10 years old.

 Well, I can say that almost every time I wore that watch. Until one day, my school organized a trip to Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

 The trip was to release the tension after sitting the UPSR exam. For your information, the UPSR exam is taken by every standard six student in Malaysia.

 Anyway, back to the story, the trip was fun and exciting. But, that’s not the point that I want to tell you. The point is, after the trip was over, we were on our way home but before that, we stopped in Perak to fill our empty stomach.

 Then, we continued on our way home. On the way home, I just remembered something. I missed my watch in Perak when I noticed that my watch was gone.

 I was worried. I mean, I don’t know what to answer if my mother asked about the watch.

 I started texting on my phone to tell my mom about the watch when my heart was pounding to see my pocket. Then, I just noticed that the watch was in the pocket. Thank goodness.

 Well, my story doesn’t end here. Now, I’m going to tell the next story.

 When I was 13 years old, my family and I had to move. It was really sad to leave my friend.

 This story, it’s all started when my family went for an outing to the mall in town. I wore my watch when we went to the mall. This was how my watch went missing.

 The weird thing was, I don’t even realised that my watch missed when we were in the mall. I just noticed it when we got home. Since that day, I’ve never see that watch again.


                                      THE END

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