Jun 06, 2020

50 things to do when bored in quarantine


  1. Watch TV
  2. Play outdoor games
  3. Find out what you are passionate about( gardening , baking , drawing , etc)
  4. Do Khan Academy
  5. Do little Writer
  6. play Prodigy-the link to the game ishttps://sso.prodigygame.com/game/start?rid=1599d44a-977a-4789-9c83-5e6d0b21ae49
  7. clean your room
  8. spend time with family
  9. exercise
  10. pretend to go on vacation
  11. play with toys
  12. spend time with pets
  13. play make believe(still fun to me!!)
  14. wash your hands
  15. make a thank you sign to the COVID helpers
  16. watch youtube
  17. facetime your friends
  18. chat with your friends on Google Hangouts(make a gmail account and add your friends!)
  19. help your parents
  20. do crafts
  21. learn a new language
  22. make a schedule
  23. help out in the kitchen
  24. do a whole family project
  25. have a competition to dress up like random famous people

play board games

27.make your own snack

28.start a youtube channel

29.tie a swing in your backyard

30.do youtube challenges with things around the house

31.organize places

32.make a bucket list of things you want to do after quarantine is over

33.start journaling(future generations might want to know how you lived during the pandemic)

34.do research about somethings you like

35.have a water balloon fight

36.try to fix your things

37.try to learn typing

38.read some books over your level(Percy Jackson,Harry Potter,Magnus Chase,etc.)

39.try to learn new tricks

40.start a homemade vegetable/ fruit garden

40.make a story based on the quarantine

42.make your favorite drink by yourself

43.make jewlery

44.make your own stuffed animals or plushies

45.try learning a dance

46.make an obstacle course

47.do your own laundry

48.do online courses(i saw great ones on Outschool)

49.make a card for somebody in your family to show you appreciate them

50.Learn about a new countries tradition and try to do some of them

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