Jul 18, 2020

My Parrot is Funny!!!!!!!!!! (PART 2)



Chapter 1: Fluffy ball in the AC

I often take my parrot in the AC when its a sunny day, he starts to turn into a balloon and his feathers are not straight, they fluff up and soon he looked like a enormous cotton candy.

He stared at me as i showed him other African grey video's on my laptop, I gave him a nice Marie biscuit 🍪 and dipped in warm and plesent tea☕ but as always, he still puts it in his water bowl💦🤣. When he was cozy but still a cotton candy i read him a book called

"The adventures of Polly the parrot🦜." he loved the book📖. He started saying "Alara, yummy, hello!" When i gave him a few peanuts🥜 he snatched it from my hand in a flash! My parrot became a BIGGER cotton candy, he was SO cute! And once i turned the AC off he was fast asleep🦜💤.....

Chapter 2: Swinging like Tarzan!!!

While my mom was dusting she found a old but firm rope and gave it to me so i can use it for arts and crafts. But i couldn't think of a single craft to do with it, one day me and my family whatched "George of the Jungle" it was a very hilarious movie and yet i got an idea💡.

I hanged the rope on top of my parrot's cage and gave him a cold peice of melon and waited, when i closed my eyes i heard a funny sound. I opened my eyes and I saw my parrot hanging upside down on the rope and was making a groovy tune. He loved it!

More and more nephews.🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜

On my 7th Birthday my dad's friend got me 4 birds that are called finches, they were extremily little and had to be taken care of, I gave them food and water and their vitamen C stone, my mom told me when they grow up they change color! My ears widened when i heard this and asked myself that is spectacular! A few months later when i got my new parrot and all when i showed him to my Parrot he started dancing, but Pickachu just stared at him. Since Pickachu was a wild animal he was hard to train, but he got comfy with my other Parrot and till now their friendship will never break apart.

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