Aug 30, 2020

My 5th Birthday


A sunny morning, the sun was shining, the clouds were all puffy and the sky was glorious. "Breakfast!" mom called out in a cherry tune, I woke up in shock and cried out while jumping on my bed "It's my Birthday! It's my Birthday! It's my Birthday! Hooray!". "Try not to fall," Parisa called walking into the room smiling "Happy Birthday, sis." Parisa gave me a BIG hug, "The Plates can't walk you know." mom said laughing. Me and Parisa chuckled and galloped downstairs, there was my Birthday breakfast waiting for me at the table in the Lounge, I sat at the table and glanced at my food, It was an extraordinary cupcake and two banana sticks. I gobbled my breakfast and sat on the couch to watch TV since my party was at 4 PM night , it was 8 AM. I made a choice that I will have my party with my cousins and my family...

At 3:50 PM...

I was in my party dress and my mom did a gorgeous hairstyle for me, and i wore the most precious jewelry ever imaginable, I was so excited I got my hair messy again and again! It took hours to redo it again. I was screaming in joy "I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!". My parrot was even excited, he was swinging on his swing upside down! I sat down on the couch beside my sister, I was smiling so enormous my checks were hurting, *DING DONG* I ran to the door but it was just the parrot, after a few minutes the door bell ringed, I raced to the door in my long and fluffy birthday gown but it was about to get dirty so my dad opened the door, Everybody came inside and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY so loud in joy my parrot fell of his swing! The presents were left on the couch, so many they couldn't all go on the couch. Me and my sister greeted our cousins and we started to play, we first played " Say safety", In that game the tagger has to choose a category for eg. movies, its normal tag but for safety we have to say a word according to the category like, Small "Shrek 2" and put you legs and arms on the ground, after the game we started to make funny puns, we went to the table to eat, there were a huge amount of options; Samosay, nuggets and fries for the kids and Samosay, jalebi and kabab for the grownups. Me and my cousins gobbled everything up and we couldn't wait for the cake, it was a chocolate cake with kit kat on top and vanilla ice cream inside the cake, YUMMY! I galloped to the presents and opened each one, i opened all the presents and was to excited to see what my sister, mother and father gave me, IT WAS A HATCHIMAL! A hatchimal is a toy in a plastic egg, it cracks the egg and out plops a mysterious animal, some are unicorn penguins or dragon ones, when it comes out its sings a Happy Birthday song, and according to its eyes we had to take care of it, for eg. green: sick. On the TV "Tangled" was going on, everybody started watching it, but i was showing everybody how the egg is hatching, when it hatched, it was a purple and turquoise penguin dragon! It was adorable, I cuddled it and started watching Tangled, when the party was over and everybody left my mother and sister gave me three more presents, in one of them it was a play doh pizza place and in the other two were a pack of play doh, It was the most memorable day ever!

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