Sep 03, 2020

If I was a fashion designer…


If I was a fashion designer ..... I would design beautiful and stylish dresses for fashion shows and more events . The designing may be difficult , but I won't stop trying !

I would be part of all competitions that include designing . I would collect a number of medals and trophies ..... My parents would be proud of my effort and experience ! Frocks , suits , dresses , tops , gowns , t-shirts , shirts , lagengs , pants & jeans . All type of fancy and stylish fashion would be my hobby ! I won't cheat the once who helped and also taught me . I would take interest in my work , I won't learn designing in a hurry getting bored .

I would be the owner of hundreds of awards , trophies and medals ......

Finally one day I will become a true fashion designer !!

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award a golden quill

Tiara Tokas


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