Oct 11, 2020

Adventure Stories: Episode 2 "Everything-Free"


"This is impossible! Digging out from a hole in the desert? And then ending up in the jungle? How could I believe this? This has to be a dream." Jake thought. "Back to what I was supposed to be doing." Jake knew there was water somewhere because this was a jungle. One of Jake's worst fears are snakes. Just like he saw back in the desert. "I remember the rattlesnake chasing me like it was yesterday. But that was yesterday." Jake said. Jake was thinking back to the time when he saw the rattlesnake fighting the coyote. "RATTLESNAKE!" he said in his mind. "I need to stop thinking about rattlesnakes and focus on the mission - getting back to the plane," Jake said. "Wait, what is that wooden thing over there? Could it be an old cabin? Let me go check it out!" There were bushes around the cabin. He just remembered - snakes live in bushes! "I need to find a stick to open the door with so I don't have to touch the bushes." Jake said. Jake was searching for a stick for 2 minutess but didn't find a single stick! "Why are there no sticks in a jungle? This is too strange." Jake said. GROWL! "I forgot! A jungle means jaguars! I need to find mud to hide my scent!" Jake squealed. No mud either! "I need water! Mud! And especially a stick!" Jake cried. Jake just had a good idea. Before the jaguar comes, he can break a branch off a tree and use it like a stick! So he climbed up the tree. He saw an orangutan eating leaves off the tree branch that he planned to use as a stick! Before Jake could take the branch the jaguar arrived. The tree was 12 metres long. Jake knew that jaguars can climb 15 metres maximum. Jake had to get off because he was endangering an orangutan! And orangutans are already endangered! He jumped to the roof of the old cabin. The jaguar slightly missed the jump. He knew the jaguar couldn't get up. He broke a hole in the roof to get inside. Jake was awfully tired. He went to bed. During his sleep the jaguar found a way on the roof. He sneakily got inside. There was howling. Wolves were coming. Jake woke up and SCREAMED.

Wolves were at the door and eventually they broke the door open. Jake hid under the bedsheets but made a tiny hole to breathe and see what was happening. He knew the jaguar would win. But the wolves won. The jaguar ended up in a pond. Jake was asleep. To be continued in Adventure Stories episode 3.

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