Jan 28, 2021

The Prehistoric Man


It was a modern day according to you, but to someone,it wasn't.The prehistoric man's ice had just melted on a normal street, as of now,you will probably be asking yourself, who is this prehistoric man I am talking about ? I'll tell you now.

The prehistoric man's story goes like this...during the ancient times when men and women were evolving into modern humans, they were much stronger, for example prehistoric humans could live between the scariest animals, twice the size of the tallest human. This prehistoric man was frozen during the extinction of the now-extinct dinosaurs.

 All prehistoric humans were as strong as a dinosaur ,so it would make sense that he had herculean,extreme,immeasurable,scary strength.You might probably frightened,and,you should be.This prehistoric man was now in the middle of the streets.He was as tall as your modern,everyday, huge room, and he was naked except for an animal skin-like underwear,he had scary eyes,a big,large mouth,and pretty long hair.In one sentence I would say he is one of the embodiments  of someone you totally don't want to mess with.

His personality was-wild,violent,insane,reckless,cruel,tough,brainless,animal-like(for all us humans,or weirdos as the prehistoric man would call them.).This prehistoric man was now feeling very uncomfortable.Things were a little too weird for him.Imagine going 4000 years to the future and discovering that humans now travel in flying cars,roads are made in the sky,humans are living with aliens and more garbage like that.It was exactly like that to him.

He thought “Where am I.....?”  He was in a flyover...the cars stopped when they saw the prehistoric man thinking he was an alien giant hybrid who suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.  “What are these things ...?”he was staring at the tall buildings “What am I doing here”  out of frustration?

He smashed a car violently,killing the unlucky people inside it.Everyone in the streets  panicked,looking like him as if he were an alien giant,“who is this guy?”Suddenly,the prehistoric man just got hit by an enormous truck and barely survived.Everyone who was there,on that street gathered to see the extraordinary sight of a wild,human-like killing monster,when they saw he was injured,they took him to the hospital.This prehistoric man was now all over the internet,news,and tv channels.He was taken to the hospital and there they watched,the beast who had killed hundreds(if not thousands) of people.

The prehistoric man woke up in the nick of time because he was about to be stung by an injection,he had mistaken an injection for a bee sting, he used to fear bees because their poison used to harm him a lot during when he was a child.He found himself in a weird place which we all know as a hospital.

Then ,the son of the doctor came with his driver ,everybody gazed him as if he were a the most important human in the world.Then,Carlos(The doctor’s son) tried to walk to the prehistoric man but his father stopped him,Carlos tried to rush but the staff didn’t allow him. “But even I am educated!” “son,you are not educated enough for now.”they had a long talk,finally the doctor allowed his son to come in.he told his son “the government’s officers will inject an injection which will knock him unconscious and he will be taken up by them for further investigation”,then the boy said “ How can they be so cruel to him!gosh!this is truly unacceptable,why don’t you help him out dad  to find his family!”  The doctor replied in frustration “forget about his family.....I don’t even know him.I am feeling like a coward to be not being able to help him.” Carlos said “Dad,can we take him with us?” “How?are you out of your mind?There are hundreds  of security guards and police outside of this hospital keeping an eye on him,watching even the littlest movement we do.How do we get out of there? But I really want to help him.. Dad .He thought a bit and said Carlos,I remember,the number of times I find no-one on the exit.If that is the case,we can escape through there!” “Oh!that’s a great idea!”Carlos exclaimed in excitement.

Now they had a great escape plan,they took the giant to their guest house..Nobody knew about it,and so,they went to their “secret” guest house and put the prehistoric man on their extremely large bed while he was unconscious,it was so comfy that even a person who just drank coffee would doze off in a matter of seconds.The police were  on a chase of finding the doctor Carlos and the prehistoric man and put them in jail.The police were putting posters for the suspects in all the streets and they were stopping cars and other vehicles and checking in them,but somehow The doctor and Carlos used a secret route to sneak away.

When they were at home,they did some research about the prehistoric man and found out he was one of the prehistoric men,they showed him a couple of slides to tell the prehistoric man about the human evolution,the prehistoric man understood everything.Carlos came to hug him,the prehistoric man felt affection for carlos and let Carlos come near him,even though he disliked the modern humans.The prehistoric man now tried to understand everything,he had done time travel in a rather funny and weird way.He was frustrated and a bit sad, because his kind had evolved into this.....a place where technology is dominating in all over the whole wide world.But the doctor’s son told him not to be sad as he promised to take a pledge to teach the prehistoric man everything related to  the modern world.

 Carlos named the prehistoric man Kartikeya,he gave him the name of the Indian god of war because he didn’t know why he did,but he did,like indian mythology and the prehistoric man was excellent at war.Kartikeya used to take language lessons and eventually learnt how to speak.He also now wore clothes,however,he couldn't find any clothes in the beginning because there was no man as tall as him,so Carlos assigned a secret tailor who knew the best stitching and stitched the finest clothes for Kartikeya.But there was still something missing in him,he didn’t have shoes,so they went all over the world to find a shoemaker who would make a shoe of Kartikeya’s size, after they were at home Carlos knew that Kartikeya wasn’t able to utilize an electronic device yet,so he will teach  him to manage every electronic device,still,the prehistoric man hadn’t evolved,it was just his nature of being like an animal,it just used to go one ear and out the other.They were struggling to find ways to teach and train him.Only Carlos’s effort to make him comfortable during this tough period.After a lot of months, they were pretty confident that if they go to police with all the proof and evidences about Kartikeya…..Kartikeya will be taken care by the government. 

But something was yet to happen,in the morning they found Kartikeya was not in the house...they searched everywhere but could not find him.Carlos was very depressed and helpless,he was still not able to believe that they have lost his dear friend who he treated like a 2nd father.When Carlos was sitting under the tree in his backyard ,he saw someone was cheering someone  ,he went to that side and what he found that Kartikeya was watching a cartoon movie on Carlos’s ipad. “Oh you are here!….where were you whole day? We got disheartened because we could not find you” “ Dad ... look who is here!It is Kartikeya!”

 Kartikeya was happy because he had been separated from his family-friends for a while. Carlos knew that even though Kartikeya was fully modernized,he still had some of the personality of his past.Kartikeya still had the memories of his past which made him sad but Carlos and his family gave him so much love that he finally accepted them as a family.He wanted to share his experiences to everyone,he started to read a lot and eventually he started to write,the police stopped the chase,and good things started to happen,then the doctor and Carlos sent a message to the government that Kartikeya finally became modern,civilised and he was no longer a threat to the community and he wanted to earn his living.He finally became a writer and published a book of his transition from a prehistoric,uncivilized threat to a completely modern human with the name of another author.Now,you will be asking yourself,what is his book?...........It’s right here,you’ve just finished reading it.

Message-It’s just a small act of humanity, the two different species,although the same,but we are the future,this small act of humanity of caring and supporting others….humanity is what makes  humans different from other species and you can save millions of lives with it. Humanity should live forever and ever.

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  • Author
    Feb 13, 2021 07:26 PM

    Alice Ait

    wow you have a lot of imagination. I really liked your ending!

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  • Author
    Feb 14, 2021 04:00 PM

    Atharv Srivastava

    Thank you so much!

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  • Author
    Feb 14, 2021 04:23 PM

    Atharv Srivastava

    And also, be on the lookout, I am publishing a new story which is SPOILER: The Secret Life Of a Spy.

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