Jan 28, 2021

Talking With The All Mighty Animals


It was a sunday early morning, me and my family were going on a jungle safari, to watch the mighty elephants, courageous Lions, and the other animals, we were in a zooming jeep that let us explore the wildlife, as I came near a Zebra, it said “ Hey kiddo, yeah I know this is ridiculous,me talking to you, we almighty animals thought of giving some children like you the ability to talk with us, and here you are, for some people, this might be sounding as high-pitched barking, but you can hear me clearly, OH-WAIT!TALK TO THE NEXT ANIMAL!”  ok, time to talk with the next animal, next came up the elephant, he said “ hey kid, thank god the zebra told you about this, ok so I’m giving you a mission: you have to help every struggling animal you find and don’t worry, because they will not trouble you, as you are in the group of talking with animals.” and  after exploring the courageous lions and the mighty elephants and the entertaining zebras, I went to help animals, and I kept on helping, then I established  T.I.O.A.T (The Institute Of Animal Talkers).  

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    Mar 05, 2021 02:23 PM

    Jaelyn Few

    Aw so cute

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Atharv Srivastava


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