Jan 30, 2021



chapter 1

The pencil was made in 1979 and it was brought to the factory to put the lid and it was sold in 2008 and selling it in the shop called"popluar" in 2018. And this is when the story begins. . . . .

My name is Mr Pencil and a boy called Ethan bought me in popular, Ethan wanted to go to school like every other boy so he bought me. My life was very complicated by all the writing . I wanted to find my destiny to survive longer.

It was the first day of school , and Ethan was very brave so he did not even cried. The asked Ethan and the rest to go to the classroom to do some activities. After school he said that school was very fun and he like it very much.

Few weeks later he got some homework about "idioms" and when he was doing his homework, he accidentally dropped me on the floor and I cried out in pain and my mind gone blank. . . . . . TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!

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    Jan 30, 2021 03:05 AM

    Ethan Tan

    hope you like it, there will be a second story too

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award a golden quill

Ethan Tan


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