Jan 30, 2021

MR PENCIL:) episode 2


Chapter 2

I woke up with a start, I was in the famous pencil operation hospital! A doctor came and said " We found you in the kid's bedrooms floor." "I need to go back!" I pleaded, "only if you help us make money for the hospital." replied the doctor. And I agreed. few weeks later, I help the doctor with the money and now it was his turn to pay back.

I was grinning from ear to ear when walking to the doctor, I said" Can you bring me back now?" he smiled suspiciously and said "Too Bad, what a fool" He replied evily, I cannot believe my ears, he was a betrayer! I was so furious. And the doctor said "Guards, bring him to the pencil jail!, Ha Ha Ha!" he laughed menacingly. The guards came out of nowhere and surrounded me . I punched one of the guard's face hardly and took the chance to run away. Two of the guards ran after me. I took one of the hospital knife and plunged it into the guards stomach, he cried out in pain and fell down, motionless. The other guards kicked me on my leg and punched me on the face, I fell down unconscious!

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . ..

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    Feb 05, 2021 09:09 AM

    Ethan Tan

    hey I am ethan uhh, I am going to write the third story here because I only can write two stories

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    Feb 05, 2021 09:12 AM

    Ethan Tan

    MR PENCIL:) episode 3 Chapter 3 I woke up dizzily and found myself in jail, then the doctor came with a evil smile on his face. I felt like hitting this madpen but I have no more energy. He said" You won't be able to go back, but you will see what will happen to the world, Ha Ha Ha!" I have no idea what he meant so I asked weakly "What will you be doing?" And the doc replied "I will put a nuclear bomb at the real world and the pencils will take over the world!" I can't believe this doctor! "I will stop you!" I said And he replied" You will be dead by the time I release the nuclear bomb!" "I need to find a way to get out of here because they are going to kill me and I need to stop the bomb." I thought I was handcuffed to the ground and guards were guarding me, one move and I will be dead. The doctor planned my death "I can take off your lead and I can sell it to make a lot of money and cut you in half" the doctor said gleefully and smiled at me menacingly. At noon, I went to eat lunch that is actually small wood pieces and that was my chance. In the middle of lunchtime, I quickly ran and kicked one of the guards as he was blocking me. The other guards ran and fired bolts at me! I took one of the trays to use it as a shield, they did not want to waste their bullets so they stopped firing. I surprised the guards that was guarding the outside of the prison by hitting them with the shield and I found out that it was a island. I used the tray as a float on the surface of the water and paddled away with my hands.

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