Feb 08, 2021

The Witch I Met (Part 1)


I was calmly drawing near the window, suddenly I hear a bang, I rush outside my house to see what it was, I rushed and rushed, when i got there I saw something that i didn’t even know existed, Something everyone thought was fake until now. It was a girl, not just any girl, a girl who was wearing a hat, not just any hat, It was a witch! she looked like she was in pain, although i am guessing that she had just crashed because her broom was broken, yes that’s right her broom! She was flying, then she finally looked up to me and said “don’t worry, I am not going hurt you”. I was scared and I didn’t know what to say, she looked nice but she was a witch you know someone who tries to kill and murder children. I thought let’s just give it a try and I said back to her “How did you get here, why are you here?” the witch said “If you help me fix my broom I will help you”. I was thinking and thinking and then i thought maybe I should give it a try maybe she isn’t that bad so I said “okay”. And she got up and she looked better, As soon as she got up she took out something from her coat, it was a wand she said some spell, It sounded like Get me and that girl out of here, I was scared but then after that in a second we were in thin air, and I heard a big bang!! I woke up in my bed thinking was that a dream? well guess it was not because right next to me on my bedside table I saw a note........

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    Feb 08, 2021 09:37 AM

    Oliva Quinn

    Thank you! I will be writting a part 2

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