Feb 09, 2021

The Witch I Met (Part 2)


2 days had past since I had seen that witch, I didn’t know what to do!! I was scared so I said the spell that she had said right before I landed back in my bed, Apart of me was telling me that it was a dream, but there was a note so it couldn’t have been a dream, anyways I was scared and worried, like what would happen if I say that Get me and that girl out of here! Oh no I disappeared into a castle And I saw that witch, I saw her, I really did! I ran up to her and said what happened?? Then she said “ Look if you can see me that means you are a witch because no one in the world can see a witch or wizard! I was shocked! Just imagine you just found out that you are a witch! I finally asked her “Where are we?” She said at the witches castle, Yup thats right I was surrounded by witches! I was scared and exited, She the witch seemed nice and I was exited to see what this place is, She said that humans will never find us it would take them more than 1000 years to find us. I said “Woah!” “Come lets go to the witch master” Said the witch. When we reached there the witches master said “Welcome Victoria who may you have here?” Victoria was here name, Not a bad name To be honest. I said “Hello my name is Leah and I have no idea what is going on except for the fact I just found out that I am a witch. “Hmm” Said the witch master, “This is where all the witches and wizards stay, but to stay here you will need to train and go to the witches school and learn how to fly, make potions, and magic theory, You also need to master chanting. After you have learned all these things you come to the witches place and perfect 1 skill Which may be anything you enjoy the most and you do that. “Cool” I said.

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award a golden quill

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