Feb 13, 2021

The revenge of Wonderland (part 1)


Chapter 1

It was a very sunny morning, when the Queen of Hearts woke up.

She had a terrible dream about that nasty, little girl called Alice.

Meanwhile Alice was in her kitchen preparing breakfast to her child

She had: the big red window on the left, the big wood  table on the front and the oven at the back.

"Who's ready for some pancakes?!" Asked the mother,"l am!" Answered the child: Holly.

While this was happening, in Wonderland the Queen was having a meeting with the cityzens.

"Who wants to have revenge on the only human that knows our existence?" "We are!" Everyone answered. "Then let's do it!" The Queen approved.

Their plan was to activate the Obam,the only machine that was able to enter children's dreams.Once inside Alice's dream they would get her inside Wonderland and  make her have the worst time of her life. Just like last time, when the White 

Rabbit accidentally activated the machine that entered into Alice's dream.

In Alice's house there was a party going on. It was Holly's birthday, now she had seven years , and nobody wanted to miss it.

People continued to arrive: the more time passed , the more the room was full.

When the cake arrived all of Holly's friends were hugging and kissing her , and finally singing Happy Birthday To You. Everyone was excited about the presents, especially Holly. 

When the time came Alice gave Holly the first present, it was from Elisa and Jacob, her best friends; the second was from Maggie; the third was from Anna…

After all the kids were gone Alice decided to give Holly her last present: it was a secret diary all for her! "Mum, thanks!" Said Holly excitedly "You are the best!"

The day after, Felì , the technologist of Wonderland, was looking at Alice's file at her computer ; then she discovered that Alice was a mother! And the Obam could only enter children's dreams. So she asked for a meeting with the Queen of Hearts to make another plan.

"What's up my dear Felì?" Asked the Queen , the answer was  " Really, l wanted to tell you that … well… Alice is a mother!!!" "What! , " said the Queen "Ok then we enter her child's dream and leave her trapped in Wonderland forever ".

Chapter 2 

It was action day in Wonderland. Everything was ready to go.

Felì had the honor to activate the Obam , and so started the Operation Revenge (it is the name for the plan). Everyone was in place, motivated by the Queen that didn't stop shouting: "Revenge , Revenge!".

The technologist switched the level… blue sparks were coming out of the machine ; everyone stepped away even the queen and then... KADABABOOMBOOMBOOM ! They were inside the dream.

Alice heard a strange noise coming from upstairs, it was Holly talking she said:" l knew you were real! But my mum never told me!” What a strange dream, thought Alice as she walked down the stairs. 

Meanwhile Wonderland was having a laugh. Everything was like last time, the White Rabbit was making Holly follow him, the twins were slowing her down and the Mad Hatter was putting the magic candies all over the places where Holly would go. 

The cards were planting the white roses and the servants were helping the Queen to memorize what to do in the l WILL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF!! scene.

Meanwhile Holly was following the White Rabbit, like predicted. She had already entered the gallery of flouting things, but she did not float like her mother because she had her pajamas on. Everything was going well until Holly saw the first magic candy. She remembered what her mum used to tell her before going to sleep when she was four, she said to never eat candies that you found. That was when things got messed up.The 

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