Feb 20, 2021

Save The Aliens


One boy named Arahan was a scientist, and he was an astronaut also. He loved space. One day he created an invention. It was named as Alker. It could talk to aliens. After an hour, the Alker started saying " Xyrox the alien wants to talk to you. " Arahan said "WOW." Xyrox said " Please help me! My world Titan does not have a single drop of water. Please help me! " Arahan took a water hose and flew to planet Titan with his rocket. He filled the water with his Ruper device which always produced water. Xyrox and his friends thanked Arahan. And Arahan flew away.

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  • Author
    Feb 21, 2021 09:32 AM

    Arahan Teotia

    This is a story based on kids for about 0-6 years old about aliens.

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  • Author
    Feb 22, 2021 12:52 PM

    Paige Bull

    ik where you got the lamp from I have that moon lamp! LOL

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award a golden quill

Arahan Teotia


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