Mar 01, 2021

The Seven Boys with A 14 Years Old Girl


Stella is a fourteen-year-old girl. She grew up in a single-parent family. She is a little playful and naughty. Until he met seven boys, the BTS, these seven men have changed her life very much. , She has been completely changed by those seven men, only because of their stories and talents. Stella is fascinated by them. But there are people around her who oppose what she did, thinking that she is an idiot, she used to be forced to read, but she doesn’t like to read. That's why the family was angry at what she had done, thinking that she was unnecessary. Before meeting them, her life was black and white, she became more cheerful and lively after meeting them.

Until one day she was completely crazy, because someone was criticizing her boys, she felt very angry, why would a friend criticize someone his friend liked? That friend had already said a lot of bad things behind her back. She knew that she was also sad, but she tolerated it, but that friend completely stepped on the girl's bottom line this time. The girl vented everything on social media, then the girl's friend came out to clarify everything. She said that girls are selfish, that girls’ single-parent families lack a sense of security, and that they use boys as their sense of security. Stella cried because those boys did give her a lot of security, but Stella never used boys as a tool. Since friends said that.

Other friends of Stella also scolded her on social media. The girl got angry and left a message under that friend's social media. If I show you something, you will definitely change your mind. After speaking, the girl sent two pictures to the friend in a private message. The friend was stunned that the picture turned out to be the girl's friend who spoke badly about the girl. The friend couldn't change her mind and was still in a daze. She seemed to be unable to believe that a good friend would say bad things about a good friend. She still didn't understand the situation at all. The girl was like that friend who explained what happened.

The incident spread to ten, ten to hundred, spread to all the friends around the girl, friends all came to care about the girl, and asked what happened to the girl, the girl also explained to other friends, all friends promised to help the girl get justice, Ask that good friend to apologize to the girl. However, another friend posted on social media that the girl was crazy. The girl did not explain to her what happened in order not to waste her saliva, because the friend of that good friend was the one who said the girl was still crazy. The girl has understood some truths, but she can't tell her secrets to her good friends, because good friends also have good friends.

The girl completely broke down. In order to soothe her mood, she went to see her boys, listened to the boys' songs, watched the boys' dance steps, she seemed to have found what she wanted to do. She wants to dance and sing like boys, yes, she also wanna to be K-pop idol. But it is hard for her, because she wanna be a foreign trainee, and she also don't know how to dance, but she will sing, she have learned to dance in two month. She keep trying and she change her life, she become a foreign trainee.

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