Mar 17, 2021

The Kitty Surprise


7:46 A.M- "BEEP BEEP" The alarm rang. Laurei woke up, knowing how special this day would be for her. Laurei jumped out of bed, and without brushing her teeth, she went straight to the kitchen. She stood right infront of the kitchen, freezing in shock. "Mom. Mom. Where's the cake? You know it's my special day! Where are the decorations..?!" Laurei said in sadness. "Sweetie.. me and dad have something better than just cake and decoratio-" "No, no mom. It's fine." Laurei interrupted. I'll just go back to sleep, it's already 7:48 in the morning. "Whatever you'd like sweetheart." Said Laurei's mom.

9:25 A.M- "BEEP BEEP" The alarm rang, again. Laurei woke up lazily. "Eh..? Huh? Where am I.." Laurei said in confusion. "HUH?!! IT'S 11:25?" She forgot that her clock was set 2 hours ahead. She heard faint footsteps inside her room. Laurei quickly wrapped her blanket around her, shaking in fear of to what's inside her room.

Laurei's little brother, Edward tickled her toes whch were left uncovered. "Ed, I know that's you!" Laurei said with laughter. Edward whispered to mom, "She knows it's us mommy! What do we do?" "Shhh sweetie! Quick Edward, go to the kitchen and get Laurei's present! It's the big one!!" Mom whispered.

9:29 A.M- Edward brings in a pretty red striped glittery box with holes in it. "It's too girly!" Edward whispered. "It's just the box! Just, get him out of there sweetie." Mom said in a gentle voice. Edward placed the glittery box on Laurei's bed, close to Laurei. Laurei saw the box, and when she put her hand on the holes of the box, she felt something fluffy. "Oh. my. kitty. IS THIS WHAT I THINK HE IS?" Laurei said in glee. "What do I know? Open the box up!!" Edward said

9:32 A.M- "OH MOTHER CAT!!!! IT'S A GLORIOUS KITTEN! Laurei said in happiness. "Mom said I get to name him." Edward said. "Well I wanna name him Milky." Edward said in a happy way. "I wanna name him Fluff!!" Laurei said in jubilation. "Let's name him.. Flumky. It's kinda mixed with Fluff and Milky." Said mom. "Yes! Yes! Perfection! Cutest name!!" Said Edward. It all ended with a kitten. oh my, oh my will Laurei never forget her 11th birthday.

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